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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Cookie on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:05 pm

Aight so apparently HTML is off meaning there won't be any kinda color shenanigans going on and now for more important things: The rules of this Role Play.

Now I've previously explained how this may look or go, but just to keep it here as a reminder the rules go as such:

1. You must first write your character description in an order.
2. Speaking of orders, we will all take a turn and go full circle from there.
ex. Fiora posts her character description -> Kata posts hers after -> Lulu posts hers last -> Fiora starts off the first move with her character -> Kata follows up by adding what her character does. -> Lulu finishes off the first cycle with hers and now Fiora has to go again.
3. Interactions are allowed. You may copy a section of someone else's part and add it into yours if it's relevant to your character's position.
ex. Fiora and Lulu were standing in the same area. Fiora posts a dialog with Lulu that Lulu's character never had. -> Kata does her own things. -> Lulu copies the entire conversation from Fiora to add into her character's part and advance the story from there.
4. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO IMPROVISE. You can speak with each other in private if needed about those changes in dialog or scenes between characters, discussions to be kept out of the topic tho as in...just go in chat or something guys.
5. Pick a color for your character's text and have fun. :3

Now...I'll start this off with my character. I'll add the details and information about her and then I'll also add pictures for ref. to her looks or special items. You can freely do the same just to give others an idea of what your character may appear as.

1. Basics:
1. Basics
-Full name: Dazairi Zmejroff
-Nickname: Dragon Priestess
-Age: 22
-Gender: Female
-Date of Birth: 29/03/1315
*Note* Current year is 1337. There are only 4 months with 90 days per 1.
-Place of Birth: Idk a city name, Pandora
-Occupation: Guild member
-One Sentence Description: She's got enough weapons on her side to scorch,freeze,melt and blow you away.

2. Appearance:
2. Appearance
-Height: 1.73m
-Weight: 57kg
-Skin tone: Pale
-Facial shape: Oval
-Eye color: Blue
-Distinguishing feature: Her tattoos
-Other features: Nothing really
-Hair Style: Long and properly cared for
-Hair Color: Crimson Red
-Body type: Curvy but skinny
-Posture: Good and proper
-Clothes: Long leggings, tank top, large black cloak, boots, several belts that hold her grimmoire, potions and other essentials, belts on her leggings holding some throwing knives and ofc the cloak has a hood that covers over to her forehead covering her face completely
-Something always carried: Grimmoire, ancient amulet said to protect from witch curses, she also has a stash of lockpicks
-Accessories: The Amulet, one ring with a red gemstone in it on her right hand
-Other Physical Appearance: Isn't a shape shifter so...she's got none

3. Life:
3. Life
-Skills: negotiations, cooking, magic use, accurate aim, kidnap or killing without being seen, riding a fucking dragon duh
-Incompetence: Can't hold a very casual conversation, drinking, sword fighting, blocking attacks, riding horses, writing
-Strength/Talent: Summoning 3 dragons, great at dodging attacks, hiding
-Weakness: Gloating, taunting, no armor, chant time
-Hobbies: Baking something sweet, organizing her storage room in her guild room, ease dropping on conversations involving political stability in countries(Since she's currently in Azura, Azurian politics)
-Habits: Staring at people far too long, picking fights even when she shouldn't, flirting, acting like a dragon herself, summoning Satryn to just chat with her for no real reasons
-Pets: Mini Setryn
-Area of Residence: Her guild resides in Pandora, their guild house as well there, but she travels quite often and usually likes staying in a shady tavern and not really a great place to rest in
-Home description: Her guild house is fairly dark, but her room is lit up to the max, she loves her room being brightly lit and always keeps it neatly organized
-Neighborhood: Doesn't exactly know much about it...again guild house and all
-Organization involved: Dark Fang, a guild that does all sorts of work, corrupt, legal, helpful anything you ask may be taken up if you pay enough
-Income: Depends on the job she takes up, but usually takes something with high pay.
-Job satisfaction: Doesn't really care much, but enjoys jobs that give her travel
-Health: Perfectly healthy

4. Attitude:
4. Attitude
-Personality: she's rather direct and can come off a bit of an overconfident asshole sometimes or a very flirtatious beauty with her aggressive stance and approach, but she's rather sweet and childish once that first meet breaks through.

-Moral: She lives in a world where killing isn't quite bad when it's done to those who deserve it, she doesn't believe scum should live, but also gets very angry if the poor or orphans are being abused in front of her, her past experience with orphanages cause her to feel strongly towards those issues sometimes too much...

-Self control: She can have great self control at times of combat, but sometimes she can completely lose it when it comes to things that she personally hates seeing. Hearing them can cause a bit of anger, but not enough to make her lose her focus

-Motivation: Setryn's constant encouragement that she will become a great dragon priestess as her ancestor and the constant progression in her quest

-Discouragement: The dangers that they have to constantly be in, the time it takes to get the hints towards the right path

-Intelligence level: She's very smart

-Confidence level: A bit too high

-Philosophy: A constant mindset of "If you can't do it a first time, try again and again until you get it right!"

-Greatest fear: Losing her dragons, her only family at this point.

5. Past:
5. Past
TL;DR OF THE BACKSTORY: She was raised in an abusive orphanage, she usually protected the smaller children and stole from the thieving bad kids, one day she gets locked into the cellar for causing too much trouble with the bad kids and finds a hidden cave entrance and there she finds a library and in it a dragon and his book, she learns his name and then they leave, he teaches and raises her outside, but she still goes back to the city to do jobs and starts gaining more and more books and soon learns to create her own grimoire and becomes more knowledgeable and gets to learn where her heritage comes from and goes to Azura to gain more information, but in the process of gaining a new dragon she also becomes a wanted criminal for being a Pandorian in enemy territory so she proceeds with caution now. (Will add this full version in a separate Topic under this Forum.)
-Important past event: Meeting Setryn
-Best Accomplishment: Taming a nameless dragon
-Other accomplishments: Managed to collect 8 dragons, learned how to bake a cake that's to die for, found several key clues to her family
-Worst moment: Having to kill Azurian guards to get free and earn herself a wanted poster
-Failure: Saving the Azurians that captured her in the first place from dying
-Secret: Her heritage
-Best memories: Every single dragon meeting she had, spending her nights laughing with them and learning all sorts of recipes for her dragons and one of her favorite memories is cooking a large enough bread with meat inside for Setryn and him saying it was the best
-Worst memories: The life she had in the orphanage, all the scars and bruises she earned due to that place

6. Story:
6. Story
-Alignment: Chaotic good, doesn't fight for any country, fights for her own causes
-Short term goal: Finding the right ruins
-Long term goal: Learning the entirety of her past
-Plot involvement: She's basically the one that will reveal the history of the world with her past so, pretty big involvement with the plot
-Conflict: with the Azurians currently only.
-Relationship with other characters: Doesn't know many, but since she's in Azurian lands she's heard of Aedyrn and feels like he wouldn't be much of a competition

And well now for some picture refs. In order because I'm lazy:
a) Elder dragon size
b) Setryn in tiny form size
c) Nameless dragon size (Normal dragon size is somewhere between Elder and Nameless)
d) My character look
e) Grimoire cover

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Spyduck on Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:02 am

I guess I'll get Bhohb in here then.

Name: Bhohb
-Titles - The earl of Verkon’s Island, Caretaker of the 8 treasures of HOXOH, 7th time winner of the trans-dimensional demon-limbo championship, Queller of the Cho’Ja rebellion, Patriarch of the 5th plane of hell’s brood pits, First artificer of the Trakorian empire, Scourge of dimension D37x, et.c.
-Age - 137
-Age of birth - Year 977 at the 77 of third month
-Place of birth - Pandora
-Occupation - No real one, only Hobbies.
Summary: Wielder of dark magics, master artificer of the cursed and curious, collector of magical artifacts, aiming for world domination, likes ice cream.

Physical traits:
Physical traits:
-Height - 1.33m
-Weight - 40kg
-Skin tone - Pale
-Hair - Grey and unkempt. Ear length, slightly wavy.
-Eyes - A spell cast on his mask causes his eyes to appear completely white.
-Body shape - Thin and sinewy.
-Apparel - A mottled purple shoulder cape with its hood pulled up.  Dark green pants and a black shirt. Thick, purple overcoat. His belt holds several pouches and a few small glass bottles. The upper part of his face is covered in a white mask, which has occult symbols carved in to it. The material resembles bone.
-Accessories - The only thing he caries regularly is a bronze scepter shaped like a demonic fist extending its index finger.

-Skills - See above. Add to that: Chuckling, a bit of alchemy, Acrobatics and summoning of lesser demons.
-Incompetence - Social interactions, charm, anything strength based, self preservation.
-Strengths - Magic, chaos, agility, resourcefulness, randomness.
-Weaknesses - Rigorous physical activity, Social interaction, Holy powers (not light, just holy), Formal gatherings.
-Hobbies - Demon Limbo, finding artifacts, traveling through dimensions, scaring children, eating ice cream, exploring dungeons, selling cursed items to people, conquering planes of existence, chuckling, running several trans-dimensional businesses, et.c.
-Pets - Summons a certain breed of Imps from the brood pits of the 5th plane of hell. See “Thrilling intent, Imps” for physical reference. These imps are quite weak but can act as catalysts for magic spells and knows different (depending on the imp) skills on a novice to intermediate level. No combat prowess what so ever.
-Area of residence - No specific one. He has three magical havens (see: “Jerro’s Haven” for examples) in different dimensions. A summer home in the eldritch plane of Hawa‘ii. Standing invitations to many different demonic hosts and Noble families in on different worlds, such as at Kelewan, Ereb and The shrouded isles. Also has his own pocket dimension.
-Home description - Maybe an other time Wink
-Organizations - Affiliated with many, loyal to none.
-Income - Has no need for money.
-Job satisfaction - Top marks!
-Health - Great! and horrible......

-Personality - Childish, savage, grandiose.
-Moral - He  is nice to people but has no regard for the value of life or morals.
-Self control - Lol! no
-Motivation - Power, knowledge and FUN.
-Discouragement - Rules, order, boredom.
-Intelligence level - Super smart and knowledgeable but he is also CRAZY.
-Confidence level - Total megalomaniac.
-Philosophy - Hakuna matata
-Greatest fear - That one day the world would be completely coloured in shades of blue-

See backstory

-Alignment - Chaotic neutral
-Relationships with other characters - See Turtles backstory.

Backstory a la limerick:
There once was a shack in the hills
far away from the city thrills
there lived a family
that’s never seen tragedy
And joy their everyday fills

then one day some bandits came hither
Around the shack they did slither
They slaughtered and pillaged
and then went to the village
Leaving a baby in its crib to shiver

He grew up on the streets of a town
And the other street boys beat him down
He got stabbed in the spleen
with a knife quite unclean
And got thrown in a well to drown

A wizened old man saved his life
Showed a place that was free of strife
A wizard highschool
that was really cool
But his safety soon took a dive

Some bullies they cut up his face
to win in some weird social race
The boy got quite sad
He got cut quite bad
and murdered them all with no trace

He soon got expelled from his home
He only got a single tome
Now he wears a weird mask
to succeed on his task
To freely and happily roam

Short story:
Flavour text a la short story:
The lazy sun spread its radiance over the small hamlet, the rays reflecting in the pleasant villagers faces. The sound of wheels bumping along the cobbled marketplace woke the still sleeping soul of the baker as he tended to the morning bread. Outside his window the tall, wicker fenced wagon passed by with its hay bound for the local caravansery. A shadow slipping off the back of the wagon caught the bakers eye, but as he searched for this distraction it was nowhere to be found. Flowing through the  gaps between the houses, still cast in darkness by the low morning sun, the shadow closed the distance between him and his prey.
Like a trail of black mist he flowed past the doors of the building. Unseen hands grabbed two mugs of ale from a counter and in the blink of an eye and the shadow was gone. In its place a man sat down next to the only other living thing in the room.
   “I see you honoured our agreement, dear barkeep.” the newcomer said, his voice dripping with the light and joyful sound of murderous intent.
The barkeep winced at the sight of the anticipated but dreaded visitor.
  “Even though you’re creepy as fuck Bhohb, you did help me out with those mage brigands. I’ll honor your request, not only because you scare the living shit out of me.”
Bhohb pulled back the hood of his cape showing a wolfish grin which unsettled the barkeep even more as the smile didn’t reach his eyes. Before him sat a short man clad in dark clothes and a mottled brown shoulder cape. His air was gray and wavy and the upper half of his face was cover in a white mask engraved with occult symbols and made from an unsettling, fibrous material. Bhohb turned his head and gave the barkeep a face of an insulted maiden, “Why, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I know myself to be uncommonly handsome.”
The barkeep’s gaze shifted to the short man’s eyes but he quickly found himself looking into the weathered wood of the table. The short man’s eyes were completely white giving the impression that he was looking everywhere and nowhere all at once.
A silent minute passed just like a piece of paper that also was passed between the two men.
The baker’s  shop was filled with the sweet smell of warm, honey covered pastries and freshly baked bread. As he was lining up the loaves in the window display the doorbell rang softly and he heard the door close behind him. He spun around but found nothing to be there. As he turned back to his work the bell rang again and as he turned once more he found that a box of pastries was missing from the counter. He drew several holy symbols over his body, locked the door and went back to his work.
The rhythmic sound of an axe chopping wood echoed through the forest clearing. A small, round cottage sat in the middle of it, like a stout mushroom, growing out of the forest floor. The lumberjack stood by his chopping block, his bare chest glistening with sweat and the light filtering through the surrounding trees. The heavy scent of pine laid like a soporific miasma over the forest. The lumberjack put down is heavy splitting axe and wiped his brow with a rag. Suddenly a shiver went down his spine, the birds had gone quiet, only the ominous moaning of the tall trees could be heard. He spun slowly spun around, scanning the edge of the clearing for any visitors. Seeing no one he turned back to his work, only to have his heart stop for a second. On the chopping block a small man clad in dark clothes sat with the axe in his lap. The strange man let out a high pitched chuckle.
  “Oh, surprised to see me?”  the man said. “I understand why I was sent on this job, your axe is horribly dull.”
The lumberjack took a few steps away, frantically searching for a way to escape this situation.
  “Don’t leave, dear lumberjack. I have already been paid for this by our mutual “friends” and it’s past due time for you to get what you deserve.” Bhohb said with a smile, rising to his feet. Bhohb started to swing the axe around his body, flipping it into the air a couple of times and with a flourish he caught it by the head with the haft pointing at the lumberjack. The man, quite shaken by the performance grabbed the handle and raised the axe. Something felt wrong he thought. Looking down at his tool more closely he could see that this wasn’t his old dull axe with its rough and stained handle. This axe had a smooth handle made from a dark red-tinted wood and its head had a dull blue colour and was adorned with large rune on its flat. With his eyes glued to the quite beautiful piece of craftsmanship it took almost half a minute before he remembered his situation. As he looked up from his hands, the man was gone.
The baker was feeling quite absent-minded this day, he’d had no customers and strange things had been happening during his morning. The bakery’s door was still locked so he was content with pacing back and forth in the front room, contemplating on his experiences.
With the speed of a striking cobra the baker grabbed a long baguette and lunged at the door! Yet, there was no one to taste his yeasty wrath. The baker checked the door. It was locked.  He put the bread down on the counter but was stupefied by what he saw. The loaf had been cut in half.

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Tucker789 on Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:23 am

Bristiandie Fordelva’al
Bristie/ Beast woman/ Woods Shaman
28 yrs
Born in the Forest sanctuary of Panovia, Azura
occupation- Healer and protector of the wilds
friend to people and beasts alike, granted they respect nature and all of natures creations.
Physical Traits:
height- 2.12m
weight- 76kg
skin tone- dark blue, alsome grey, but has a greenish tint around her extremities
eye color- bright green
facial shape- oval
distinguishing features- strange body paint extending down her arms, back, and legs. also a green color, creates a sort of camouflage with general underbrush.
other features- exceptionally long Elven ears- allows for more sensitive hearing among other things.
hair style/color- Long tied-back and free flowing (one group of hair is tied while the rest fall across her shoulders freely) brown hair
body time- physically fit and quite muscular, but not overly so. (not Zarya muscular)
posture- laid back but still quite presentable
clothes- dark, brown, hardened leather garments with a Elven-style breastplate. quiver on her back big enough to rest her bow on and a long brown hooded cloak with holes for her ears. mask covering her mouth and nose, and a silver circlet  with the crest of a great tree made of emeralds peaking out from under her hair.
always carries- spear, bow/arrows, pouches of herbs each with different purposes, a book with simple spells, circlet.
acessories- Circlet, vine necklace (that is still somehow alive) with a crimson flower decorating it.
other physical appearances- Large Eagle, Owl, Fox, Wolf, Bear, Panther, Boar... really any generic woodland animal you can think of. no special monsters or mythical beasts... yet. can learn more forms by communing with beasts and understanding their natures. CAN speak with animals.
skills- animal communication, healing, simple spells. easily hides in underbrush, light feel, exceptional skill with the spear and bow.
incompetences- poor people skills, prefers the company of animals and nature, knows next to nothing of the real world. distrustful of things she does not understand.
strengths/talents- can coerce animals into assisting her. great hunter/tracker. sneaks through the underbrush with relative invisibility. her skill with the spear and bow in unquestionable, but not perfect. if her weapons fail her, she can shift into the form of any animal she has communed with.
weakness- naive with people, easily swayed (though not forever. she can tell if you’re trying to trick her.)
Hobbies- playing with animals (she has an almost childlike nature), wood carvings (of animals and trees) has a fascination with her new discovery of ‘chocolate’
habits- disappearing from populated areas into the closest forest, will frequently skinny-dips (animals don’t need clothes, and she prefers the freedom of it to clothes, she finds nothing wrong with it either, does not understand why other women don’t do it as well)
pets- literally any animal she comes across she will try to befriend
Area of residence- the Sanctuary is a great tree Monastery in northern Azura, located in a temperate forest relatively untouched by society. many people live in the Monastery in peace with nature- to reflect on life and its meaning (think Buddhists) and warriors like Bristiandie protect it from those who would seek to do the Sanctuary harm.
home description- the only bit of ‘society’ she has had any experience with, built into the largest tree is a large lodge. the lodge houses all the people of the Sanctuary. she lives a spartan life, her belongings being what clothes she has, some spares, tools to craft and repair her weapons, and what doodads she has accumulated from poachers wandering into her territory.
neighborhood- Monastery consists of the lodge, and in front of it is a large pond. the roots of the tree cover the area, leaving only three gaps for entering or exiting. serene and calm setting,
organizations- Sanctuary guard, huntress of the woods.
income- what?
Job satisfaction- she loves it.
health- you’ve never seen a person look better.
personality- to intruders, shes remorseless. if you threaten her woods, she will pursue you till you are either dead or long gone. anyone else, she’s distrustful of. if you manage to break through to her true self, she is extremely  cheerful and charismatic- always ready to play, fight, or just talk.
Morals- if you respect nature, she has no quarrel with you, lest you disrespect her. she has no problem with death, she kills animals almost daily, even if she had once been friends with them. she will kill to protect herself or the sanctity of nature , but understands that life works in a cycle of life and death, and if you don’t kill, you run the risk of getting yourself killed. but despite this, she tries her best to help those in need, preserving life when she can. she is in no way a pacifist, but nor is she a bloodthirsty killer. one thing she will NOT abide however is the desecration of life. dark arts- such as necromancy or demon worshiping, or even the simple disregard for life (needless killing, genocide, etc) she views as abhorrent, and will persecute any who follow this path to the death.
self control- has it in spades. in most regards shes slow to anger, sometimes people think she can’t possibly be made angry- unless you harm the wilds or participate in dark arts, among other things.
Motivation- protection of life, ensuring the Sanctuary is safe.
discouragement- after meeting a group of adventurers, she began feeling a bit lonely. longing for companionship but not knowing how to go about it has dampened her spirits.
intelligence- relatively smart. bit naive, but a good problem-solver, picks up on things quite quickly.
confidence- when she’s doing something she is familiar with, she has the utmost confidence. that confidence dissipates when she encounters unfamiliar territory however, leaving her a bit timid.
philosophy- all life is sacred, but where the blight of darkness creeps in, it should be removed immediately.
Important past event/greatest accomplishment: through a difficult process of meditation, which she learned from the monks she protects, Bristiandie has been able to commune with the 'spirits' of the animals that dwell in the forest. her achievement of this has always brought her great pride and joy, and is a feat non e of the other hunters have accomplished.
other accomplishments: Bristiandie has also mastered the art of close quarters combat through use of a spear, daggers, or simply hand-to-hand. she is also quite adept with the bow, having a unique and acute sense of aim piggybacking off her heightened Elven senses.
worst moment: being forced to recall the death of her parents during a raid by either bandits or some army- in an effort for her to achieve a higher level of meditation. (think: release your innermost burdens)
Failure: as far as she is concerned, to the best of her knowledge, Bristiandie has not yet encountered any massive failures. her tenacity and determination to achive her goals has led her to success thus far. if anything, her failure is the failure to understand how the world outside her forest works. she knows surprisingly little of the world, and knows less about social situations.
Secret: though she has not yet come to terms with it, she has an attraction to a boy she rescued. she passes it off as friendship, but Brenneth is more than just a friend to her.
best memories: communing with the spirits of the forest, taking on the forms of the animals she has communed with
worst memories: having to watch her parents die in front of her eyes, unable to help them in any way- as she was a prisoner in her adolescent body as she relived her forgotten past.
Alignment: Chaotic good.
STG: live life.
LTG: meet some new bloody animals! perhaps even... a dragon?
plot involvement: her desire and determination to learn how to commune with dragons makes her a constant companion of Dazairi- AKA Isabella AKA dragon lady
Conflict: with anyone who would seek to harm nature, or those too weak to protect themselves. she has no interest in the quarrells of nations or regimes, to her that is not her problem.
relationship with characters: constant 'shadow' of Dazairir.. or more to be exact, Setryn.

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Balthazar

Post by Shogun Hidora on Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:10 pm

Full name: Balthazar Arthurson
Nickname: The Dark Blade
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 13/1/1313
Place of Birth: Palaheim, Dark Empire
Occupation: Mercenary
One Sentence Description: An expert swordsman, seeking revenge on his family’s murderer

Height: 1.95 m
Weight: 95 kg
Skin tone: Pale
Facial shape: Oval
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Distinguishing feature: Black mask worn while in combat
Other features: Nothing really
Hair Style: Short, scruffy
Hair Colour: Black
Body type: Lean, slightly muscled
Posture: Upright in combat, slouches while relaxed
Clothes: Long black coat/cloak, black boots, black pants, black shirt, black fingerless gloves, black scabbards
Something always carried: Throwing knives, hidden in his cloak
Accessories: Black longswords

Incompetence: None
Strength/Talent: Expert swordsman, quick reflexes, heightened senses, brilliant tactician
Weakness: Aggressive in combat, which can lead to lack of defence or unnecessary killing
Hobbies: Practicing his combat skills, drinking coffee, eavesdropping, chess
Habits: Tends to order the same food, gives money or food to any poor people he comes across, locks his doors while sleeping
Pets: None
Area of Residence: Taverns/inns in whatever city he’s currently in
Organization involved: None
Income: High
Job satisfaction: Doesn’t really have feelings either way about the work
Health: Perfectly healthy

Personality: Quiet; distant; cares about others, but doesn’t want to form any relationships, for their safety
Moral: Believes strongly that there is a wrong and right
Self control: Usually good, but can get carried away in the heat of battle
Motivation: Vengeance, to be the very best
Discouragement: Nothing really, setbacks only encourage him to work harder to overcome them
Intelligence level: Very intelligent
Confidence level: Just right – not overconfident, not underconfident
Philosophy: Seek justice, even at personal cost
Greatest fear: That he’ll die before he can bring his family’s killer to justice, or that someone else will do it instead of him

Important past event: Family’s murders
Best Accomplishment: Defeated an entire army single-handedly
Other accomplishments: Many victories in battle, including against superior odds; mastering wielding swords, including dual wielding; becoming the chess world champion
Worst moment: Family’s murders
Failure: Failing to save his sisters from being killed, nearly dying in his next encounter with the assassin
Secret: How he feels about others
Best memories: Times with his family, chess games
Worst memories: Family’s murder, encounters with the assassin

Alignment: Lawful neutral, mercenary
Short term goal: Become stronger, bring his family’s murderer to justice
Long term goal: Find out what he really wants to do, since he’s been solely focussed on his family’s killer up to this point
Plot involvement: His family’s murderer is actually the current emperor of the Dark Empire, although he doesn’t know that yet…
Conflict: His family’s assassin
Relationship with other characters: Has encountered some others briefly before, although no lasting relationships were formed

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Seamoose on Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:26 pm


-Full name: Zack (No last name)
-Nickname: Scarlet Blade
-Age: 21
-Gender: Male
-Date of Birth:  Unknown
-Place of Birth: Dark Kingdom
-Occupation: Assassin
-One Sentence Description:

2. Appearance:

-Height: 184cm
-Weight: 69kg
-Skin tone: Pale
-Facial shape: Oval
-Eye color: Sapphire
-Distinguishing feature: None
-Other features: None
-Hair Style:
-Hair Color: black
-Body type: Slender
-Posture: Slightly hunched
-Clothes: A black cloak,black pants, and a dark red shirt underneath(possibly bloodstained),lot's of belts to hold random daggers, poisons and lock picks(the simple bare necessities)
-Something always carried: a packet of sunflower seeds
-Accessories: a belt pouch on his right hand
-Other Physical Appearance:

3. Life:

-Skills: Stealth, Insight, knows how to make a mean stew, Assassination, Sleight of Hand
-Incompetence: Conversations, Common sense, doesn't understand the concept of love
-Strength/Talent: Murder, very very stealthy
-Weakness: Overestimates his own abilities, prefers to work alone
-Hobbies: sharpening his knives, taking care of his pet rat
-Habits: Kleptomaniac
-Pets:pure white rat
-Area of Residence: random shanty hotels
-Home description: random shanty hotel
-Organization involved: Freelancer
-Income: whatever the job pays
-Job satisfaction:none
-Health:sometimes forgets to eat which is why he's so skinny, otherwise pretty healthy

4. Attitude:

-Personality: doesn't like picking fight he can't win, but is confident enough to win most, will not stop until he avenges his master and will cut down anyone who gets in his way be it friend or foe
-Moral: no moral compass
-Self control:knows when to back down
-Motivation: sweet sweet revenge
-Discouragement: afraid that all the bloodshed will get to him, the misguidance of getting nowhere
-Intelligence level: no education, but sharp
-Confidence level: above average
-Philosophy: no means can be too difficult, no price can be too high to do whatever is required to realize the ultimate goal
-Greatest fear:cannot avenge his master

5. Past:

-Important past event: meeting and death of his master
-Best Accomplishment: his first assassination task
-Other accomplishments: unlocking the mysterious box that was left by his master
-Worst moment: the news of his master's death
-Failure: Work in progress
-Secret: His childhood
-Best memories: Getting to know his master
-Worst memories:


-Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
-Short term goal: Finding the next clue
-Long term goal: Finding the body and the killer of his master
-Plot involvement:
-Relationship with other characters:knows no one, cares about no one

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by SergeantTurtle on Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:34 am

-Full name: Talia Ferenar
-Titles: The Bladed Shield
-Age: 22
-Gender: Female
-Date of Birth: 29/03/1315
-Place of Birth: Unknown ,The Dark Empire?
-Occupation: Traveler
-One Sentence Description: Protector of the weak and executioner of the hateful.

-Height: 1.78m
-Weight: 63kg
-Skin tone: Light
-Eye color: Blue
-Distinguishing feature: Tatoos on her back written in dragon language and some mysterious dark markings on her nose.
-Other features: Scars on her lower arms and hands.
-Hair Style: Long and scruffy
-Hair Color: Black/midnight blue
-Body type: Slim and muscular
-Posture: Both slouchy and sloppy, and Royal and intimidating, depending on the situation.
-Clothes: Black longsleeve turtleneck, one sleeve with scalemail. Leggings and boots
-Armor: Full plate armor, one shoulderpad, occasional helmet
-Something always carried: Her bastard sword Malric and her heater shield Gallus
-Other Physical Appearance: None, I believe?

-Skills: Swordmastery, shieldmastery, playing the flute
-Incompetence: Magic, alchemy and everything related.
-Strengths: Strength, durable, can easily persuade others either through intimidation or royal finesse.
-Weakness: Not very agile, fear of dense forests, has trust issues but relies alot on relations.
-Hobbies: Training, mountain climbing, playing music
-Habits: Tends to start bar fights, usually during happy hour...and when they aren't selling drinks at all. Talking to herself when no one is listening.
-Pets: Sorodona, a small storm dragon
-Area of Residence: Formerly, the royal palace of the Dark Empire. None, is constantly on the move, tends to join Bhohb when he is in this dimension, whatever that means. He always have a strange way of always finding her.
-Organization involved: None.
-Income: Doesn't have an income, but helps people she encounters and loots the bodies of her enemies.
-Job satisfaction: She feels like she need something more.
-Health: Healthy, but heavily bruised, both physically and mentally.

-Personality - Some say she's up-tight, cold-hearted and brutal, while others say she's the embodiment of a guardian angel.
-Moral - Even though she believes in all life preciously, her morals are shattered when anger takes hold, and she gets to choose who lives and who dies.
-Self control - High in most situations, low in others.
-Motivation - Finding a purpose
-Discouragement - The rampages.
-Intelligence level - Has not much knowledge about magic and the world as a whole, but she does believe in her own wisdom.
-Confidence level - Is confident in her ability to fight, but does not boast about it.
-Philosophy - Believe in yourself to do the right thing.
-Greatest fear - Letting someone she loves die.

-Important past event: Knowing of the Dark Empire's twisted intentions.
-Best Accomplishment: Saving a village from raiders.
-Other accomplishments: Stopped a running thief by throwing her shield from a 100 meters.
-Worst moment: Losing her brother and father.
-Failure: Killing innocents in her rampages.
-Secret: Her heritage
-Best memories: All the times she helped people, finding Sorodona, the adventures with her brother.

-Alignment: Neutral Good
-Short term goal: Figuring out what her dragon tatoos mean.
-Long term goal: Finding a purpose
-Plot involvement: Has been part of the Royal Guards of the Dark Empire and has inside information.
-Conflict: Wanted in the Dark Empire
-Relationship with other characters: Tends to join up with Bhohb once in a while, they met the day her family was killed.

Full Story:
Brought up by her father alongside her brother, Talia believed the Empire to be a symbol of peace and hope for the future. Wanting to be part of this revolutionary system, she soon found herself in the training grounds for the royal guard. She wanted to prove that even a low-class child can become something of great value and help her family in any way she could.
After being stationed in the royal castle for years without much of a hassle besides the occasional thief, Talia wanted to see what went on outside of the empire walls. And so she was given a scouting mission leading to a nearby village, accompanied by a sergeant and a group of soldiers. As they arrived at the village, they split up and talked to the villagers about the situation that had been unfolding lately. Some of the villagers went into their houses while others stared at us with a frightened gaze.                                                                          "Why are they scared?" Talia asked the sergeant.                                                                        "They know what's coming to them." he said as his face changed from a serious look to a sinister grin, pointing at one of the soldiers. She looked up to see the frightened, teary eyes of the villager looking straight at her as he fell lifeless to the ground. The sergeant waved his hand in a certain motion, hinting the soldiers to start burning the houses.                          "What are you doing!?" she screamed, walking up to the sergeant and grabbing him by the collar.                                                                                                                                                        "Are you crazy!? I have orders from the king and I will see them through!" he replied and pushed her back.                                                                                                                                   "The king?" she said with a confused expression. All of a sudden, all the pieces seemed to fit, though she didn't want to believe it. All the uproar, hate speeches, the increased amount of recruits. Something had changed and the Empire was not the golden sanctuary she once believed in, but the very scum that corrupt this world. She ran up to the soldiers that was slaughtering the fleeing villagers and knocked the soldiers down to the ground and kicked them into some of the stalls, saving some of the villagers. Though after calming down, she saw the entire village on fire and people panicking. She was in shock and paralyzed, she barely noticed the retreating soldiers and the sergeant yelling "You'll regret interfering with our jobs, traitor!" All that could be heard was screams and the roaring fires, then the rain started falling down. Slowly and surely, the fires began to calm down.
As Talia came back to her senses, she realized the mistake she had done and the consequences that would follow. Her heart raised as she remembered her father and brother, calmly sewing away on their shoes to later sell to happy customers. She started sprinting back to the city as fast as her legs could carry her, but without a horse she wouldn't be able to keep up with the guardsmen. She could barely see the fortress over the trees, but she knew she was almost there. As Talia got closer to the gate, a mass of soldiers were patrolling the outside region. She quickly came to the conclusion that she had to find a different way inside and she knew exactly how. In their childhood days, Talia and her brother used to sneak out of the city to explore and adventure. There's a way in from the side of the wall which had crumbled during one of the wars. Fortunately, it had not been rebuilt. The rain was now pouring down and it had made the rocks slippery, making her lose her grip and fall into the alley. After a brief second of recovery, she started running towards her family's residence.
She arrived at the street at which the house stood and witnessed the commotion outside. Soldiers grouped up around the entrance of the house, streets filled blood being spread out and washed away by the rain. Time stopped, as she saw the corpses of the only family she had left. Empty, nothing, everything was greyed out. The only thing that could be distinguished was a certain, sinister grin. He turned around and started shouting so everyone could hear, as if setting an example; "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO TRAITORS!" looking at Talia, he started walking towards her. He raised his bloodied sword to strike, Talia instinctively drew her sword and parried the blow. She stumbled, dropped her sword and fell to the ground. All emotions started filling her thoughts, sadness, confusion, disgust. Rage. With a swift motion, she unsheathed her shield and brought the sergeant down to his knees with a strike to his legs. She slammed the shield in his face, knocking him down.
"This is what happens...TO MONSTERS!" she slammed the king's puppet, over and over again. And again... and again. Talia threw down the shield as the soldiers ran towards her with drawn blades.  She picked up her sword in both hands, furiously decapitating every single one of the men. Only to realize the massacre that had ensued, the street drowned in blood, piled up corpses and a plated meat pile formerly known as the sergeant.
Silence. People had scattered and fled. Down the street she could see an army of guardsmen rushing towards the scene. Still tunnel-visioned by rage, she readied her sword for another slaughter when she was interfered by a voice from the alley.
“Oh, my. Seems like you’ve made quite the mess, my dear” a sickly sweet voice said from the shadows. “You know I’m quite sure you could massacre that army coming towards you as well but if, just if, you want to get out of here right now then you should bring me one of those bodies over there. Hihihi.”
Talia was ready to fight to the death, but a small thought of survival flickered in her mind. Reacting as fast as she could she flung the closest corpse towards the alleyway and got into a battle stance to intercept the first wave of soldiers.
“No, no! Get over here!” the voice barked at Talia.
Somehow she was convinced, despite her warrior instinct, to listen to the voice and lept towards the shadowy alley as the soldiers came ever nearer.  She fumbled forth as a shadowy figure swooshed past her and as she looked back, a red, chubby, strange looking man, not larger than a duck, stood in the streets, illuminated by a nearby streetlamp.  The soldiers were seconds from overrunning the area, but just as Talia could see their eyes the small red man opened his mouth and let out the most ear piercing sound she had ever heard. The sound was like that of a hundred angry cats, twenty crying babies, the deep flatulens of a cloud giant and 33 fat men singing an aria in mismatched base. Talia slapped her hands over her ears, closed her eyes and fell to the ground in pain just as a small, cold hand grabbed her by the nose and with a sharp cracking noise, the horrible cacophony stopped. As she opened her eyes she found herself in a tree, the sun shining, with a small, masked, hooded man holding her nose with very bloody hands.

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Cookie on Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:40 am

49/02/1337 10:48

"Boring...dull...this is boring! I suppose I'll take a walk, it wouldn't be too much trouble. This tavern room is bound to take my sanity at this rate..." she thought to herself as she was pacing through the room uneasy.
-And where are you trying to storm off?
-Setryn...Can I please leave? Pleaaaseeee? I'll even buy you something nice to eat. You'd like that, right? many times must I tell you...being a wanted criminal is not going to lead you to a luxurious life.
-You can't exactly blame me for that now, can you? I'm not the one who started a war. Besides...I have you to protect me if someone sees me. Now...what kind of meat would you like? I'm thinking of pig's meat for today. Maybe even a feast! Make this dull room a bit more lively or would you prefer going in the woods for a nice feast with the others?

She went on and on about her little adventure plan and Setryn knew he couldn't stop this. He simply disappeared for now, leaving her to get ready to go out. As she pulled her hood over her head she took the less casual way out, through the window. It led into an alleyway and it was prefect for walking out into a crowded street without bringing too much notice onto her. It was a busy Jupiday as always in Azura, mostly here in the capital city. Despite Setryn's warnings, Dazairi didn't get stopped from searching for what she's been longing to find, mostly not now when she's so close and what better place to search than the capital city, there's bound to be some kind of ruins or books lurking about.
But half her morning went by without a single clue to where she needs to head towards and hunger kicked in so she decided to finally go get something to eat. She had a lot of currency to spend and with good reason. She mostly spent it on small shady taverns and unbearably disgusting meals for the longest time to avoid getting attention onto herself and to keep low after her break out from the Azurian prison.
Without saying a single word she pointed at the hanging meat at the stall and the stall owner simply pulled it down, gave her a price, she paid and the exchange was complete without many words being said. But something wasn't right about what just happened there. Dazairi felt a bit of an off putting feeling, but decided to stay cautious and continue forward.
With just a single call to her dragon and a turn into an alleyway, her dragon appeared in his miniature form

-Something wrong?
-Yes. I get this uneasy feeling that we're being watched...even now. Something isn't right.
-Best proceed with caution. I suggest sticking to crowded areas for now. You could lose your hunter faster.
-Hunter? I'd say more of a...unwanted admirer.
Jokingly she pushed Setryn under her cloak and continued through the crowded streets. But the feeling only grew stronger when finally the feeling or danger crept up to her. A soft whisper passing by warned her to step away and turn around right now. At that moment Dazairi simply froze in place and noticed a hooded figure next to her walking in the opposite direction of which she was turned. She glanced at the figure to notice the hood was a distinct black with golden stripes and a large emblem on the back of it indicating it belonged to some sort of organization that wasn't afraid to flaunt their power. Breathing a sigh of relief Dazairi simply continued walking forward.
-Game has begun, right?

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Spyduck on Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:04 pm

In a lush field somewhere in the Pandoran countryside there was a lone sheep, grazing happily in the summer sun. She didn't think much of it's own life or about the world around her, she was content with a careless existence. Suddenly the ground was humming with magical power and large red markings covered the grass beneath the sheep. The sheep opened its mouth, wider and wider, its jaw made elastic by some strange powers. A hand sprung out of its open mouth, grabbing hold of the sheep's chin. After a couple of seconds Bhohb had emerged from the sheep and was trying to calm the animal, now paralyzed from shock.
After quite some time of not succeeding to wake the animal from its fear-coma, Bhohb produced a piece of parchment from his satchel and studied it closely. His creepy grin widened and a chuckle started to bounce in his throat. With a snap of his fingers a small, red, pudgy Imp with a bowler hat appeared.
  -Give this to "her", Bhohb said to  the Imp and handed him a slip of paper.
And with a audible "poof" the Imp disappeared. Bhohb Pulled a long stick out of his satchel and let it rest in his hand. After a couple of seconds the stick spun around and pointed in a specific direction. Bhohb put the stick back in his satchel and then suddenly he was gone.

That afternoon a farmer tending his fields thought he saw a black cloud of smoke racing over the fields in the distance.

Several leagues away, an Imp landed in someones soup bowl.

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Tucker789 on Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:23 am

Deep in the forest of Panovia, in the southern region of Azura, there was a great tree- much larger than any of the others. under this tree rested a compound- three buildings surrounding a pond.
The largest building was a great lodge- known as the Watchers Lodge to those who knew of its existence, and very few knew of it to begin with. those who knew were mostly the ones who resided in it, save a few others living in the outside world. among its inhabitants was Bristiandie. Bristiandie was spending the rest of her day crafting a new bow. her old one, while still usable, was wearing out from use. she hummed to herself as she sat in the corner of the lodge, whittling away at a great piece of wood she had carved from a tree. her former mentor had shown her full and well which were the best cuts for a bow- a lesson Bristiandie had many times since revisited.
her work ceased when the doors opened, and a group of men clad in brown robes walked in. they were chatting amongst themselves, but one glanced over to Bristiandie and smiled, giving her a nod of approval. She returned the gesture, and the man returned to his conversation.

"I heard strang things from those pilgrims. kidnappings, dragons, all manner of sorceries permeating the lands. evil omens if you ask me!"
"Yes, the world is getting quite, uh... wonderous again! Daaark times ahead, I fear for Azura. War may be in her future if these things keep spiraling out of control."
"It matters not to us, these are all troubles in lands that are not ours. So long as we have brave warriors like Bristie here to defend us, we will be okay."
The man who nodded to Bristiandie was he who spoke last. the men turned their gaze to the silent elf in the corner, and a murmur of agreement sounded between them. Bristiandie stopped her work once again at the sound of her name being said, and her eyes looked over to the group, a slight blushing feeling arose in her face, and she turned to hide it. she reacted this way to compliments- which she had received many of recently, especially from this man.
"Ah, Brenneth, you're making her turn all red. Be nice to the lady."
The man was joking, and they all laughed. Bristiandie stood up and walked over to them.
"What did you say about dragons?" she asked. she had always been so curious about them, but they did not live in her forest- and her knowledge of the world was limited beyond the borders of her forest.

"Ah, there's stories of a girl who can call upon dragons. rubbish, I tell you. its probably a trick- an apparition! there are no dragons, not anymore."
Bristiandie looked disappointed, her head bowed and her inquisitive look faded. she gave out a sign and walked away, retreating back to her corner.
"One day..." she said to herself, "One day I will see a dragon!" and she returned to her bow.

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Shogun Hidora on Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:45 pm

47/2/1337, 18:30

The bartender looked out over the counter into the room. Even for this time of year, the tavern was unusually empty. Just a couple of people here and there, most of them too busy eating to speak. Except for that one figure in the corner, hood lowered over his face, just sitting there. Why was he here? What did he want?

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a chair being pulled out along the ground. He looked over, and saw a man taking a seat at the other end of the counter. He was wearing a long black coat, and had a pair of swords at his back. The bartender walked over to him, and asked, "What would you like?"
"The usual," he replied, before reaching in his pocket.
"Of course. Don't even know why I bother asking anymore. You always get the same thing."
"Is that a problem?"
"No. Just odd is all. See, most people, if they're at a tavern, would drink something alcoholic, and yet you just keep ordering coffee."
At this, the man looked up at the bartender, a disapproving look on his face.
"But hey, that's none of my business," the bartender said. "As long as I get paid, you'll get what you want, even if it is what you always have..."

The bartender returned a few minutes later, and set the mug of coffee down on the counter. The man then took the cup, and began to drink his coffee.
"So, what do you have for me today?" he asked, once he'd finished the coffee.
"Well, let's see," the bartender replied. "There's an old woman who has a grudge against her neighbour. Rich too, so the pay should be quite good."
"No thanks," he replied.
"Well, there's also a baker, who's looking for security in his shop. Keeps getting his bread stolen whenever he turns his back, even if there's no-one in the store."
"Anything else?"
"That's it. Not many people looking for that sort of service anymore. Guess they figure there'll be enough fighting in the days to come without adding any of their own."
"Not very helpful for me though..."
"Well, nothing I can really do about it. Sorry."
At this the man just shrugged, and began looking around the room.
"Who's that in the corner?" he asked, looking over his shoulder at the hooded figure.
"Not sure. He never said anything. Just left a note on the counter, then walked over into the corner there. He's been there for a good four or five hours now."
"Well, what did it say?"
"I never read it. Got distracted by another customer, and forgot all about it."
"Well, are you going to read it now?"
"Alright. Just let me find it," said the bartender, as he began searching under the counter for the note.
"Found it!" he called out a few seconds later, holding the note up.
"Well, what does it say then?"
"I'm getting to it!" replied the bartender, as he unfolded the note. "Let's see. 'Dark Blade. Outside in 5 minutes. A.' A? What's that supposed to mean?"
"Guess there's only one way to find out..."
"You're not seriously thinking of it, are you?"
"Why not?"
"Well, what if it's him?"
"I think we both know, even in here, it's too open for him."
"I guess..."

Just then, the hooded figure rose from his seat, and began moving towards the door.
"Time to go I suppose," the Dark Blade said, before rising out of his chair. He pulled a coin from his pocket, and left it on the counter.
"Just be careful, okay," the bartender said, as he began to leave. "I'd hate to lose one of my most loyal customers."
"Always about the money..."
"Only with those who can afford it," the bartender said, grinning.

The Dark Blade walked outside, and turned around, going down into the dark alley running alongside the tavern. There, he saw the hooded figure, leaning against the wall. He approached him, and asked, "Who are you?"
"My name is not important," he replied. "You can call me Astral."
"Well, I'm Balthazar, but you can call me the Dark Blade."
"Very well, Dark Blade."
"So, why are you all the way up here? Surely you know your kind aren't welcome..."
"I was sent by my master, to find you."
At this, Astral began to reach into his cloak. Quick as lightning, Balthazar reached into his own cloak, and threw a throwing knife, pinning the edge of Astral's cloak to the wall. He then breathed a sigh of relief, noticing that Astral was holding a note, and not a dagger as he had suspected.
"Relax," said Astral, pulling the knife from his cloak. "I was not sent here to kill you, but to seek your help. After these past few months, my master has become quite desperate."
"You want me to find the princess."
"Very good. Quite perceptive, for a human."
At this, Astral noticed a slight look of annoyance on Balthazar's face, which quickly passed.
"So, elf, what's in it for me?"
"Find the princess, and my king will reward you with anything your heart desires."
"What my heart desires, no-one can give me."
"Don't be so sure, human. The Astral king has vast rooms filled with treasure, beyond the comprehension of mere humans such as yourself. I assure you, he can give you what you want. But first you must find the princess."
"Very well, elf. I accept."
"Good," replied Astral, rubbing his hands together. "My king will be most pleased to hear that."

Suddenly, Astral looked out towards the other end of the alley, as if he had sensed something.
"I've stayed here too long," he said hurriedly, and began conjuring up a fireball in his hands. Then, he cried out, and fell to the ground, the fire disappearing as he did. Balthazar looked, and saw a dagger embedded in his chest, a white rose on the hilt. He then looked up, and saw a black hooded figure at the end of the alley, his glowing red eyes staring through his white skull mask at Astral's corpse.
"You!" yelled out Balthazar, and threw two knives at the assassin, who deflected them with two of his own. The assassin then turned, and began to flee down a side alley. Balthazar then began to chase after him. He turned the corner, and threw another knife, which was again deflected by the assassin's own thrown knife. Balthazar then drew one of his swords, and began to run faster, trying to catch up to the assassin. The assassin turned, and threw two move knives, which Balthazar deflected with his sword. The assassin then turned another corner, followed shortly after by Balthazar. Ahead of them, the alley emerged into a square, with a large crowd walking through it. The assassin reached the end, and walked out to the left. Balthazar then emerged, and looked towards the left, but the assassin was gone. He then looked around the square, and saw no sign of him.
"Damn it!" Balthazar said to himself, punching the wall. He then turned around, sheathed his sword, and made his way back down the alley.

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Seamoose on Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:54 pm

48/2/1337 8:37
After awaking from his long slumber Zack began to begrudgingly think about the events that would happen during this day. He would get out of bed, do his morning routine and then go to the White Rose’s main hall. There he would accept a task, the kind that would be given to a newbie and he would accomplish this task with little to no effort, truly a boring job. Why would Zack keep working this kind of job you ask, well of course it’s because he wants to gain trust. He wants to gain the trust of this organization so he can find out something, some kind of clue that would eventually lead him to his master. This was of course, the organization that his master worked for, so there must be some kind of clue hidden here. Zack knew that in order to gain the full trust of this organization he would not only need to perform his tasks with perfection but he would also need to befriend many of his colleagues. Though there was one particular colleague he was happy to befriend. His name was Zero. He was the type of person who’d know the answer to any question especially if it was concerning people. He knew everything that was going on in the White Rose, well, almost everything.
As Zack arrived at the doorstep of the main hall, he noticed a few of his colleagues chatting about an elf. This caught Zack’s attention, so he decided to listen in on their conversation, quietly of course.

“You heard about that one guy who killed that elf, he’s been bragging about it all day. Saying how he quickly got rid of him without anyone noticing.”
“Ain’t he the one that’s always telling lies, he always tends to overemphasize his accomplishments, I mean wasn’t he sent to do that job in the busy part o’ town."
“Maybe, it did kind of look like he was missin’ a few daggers. Well, let’s that hope he doesn’t  bring us too much trouble.”
Realizing that this conversation was of little importance, Zack wandered off and after a moment noticed his friend Zero and sat next to him. They began having their usual conversation about what’s been happening recently. Zero, suddenly remembered something and began looking through his pockets, revealing an envelope.
”Ah, I almost forgot to give this to you”
“What is it his time?” Zack said as he let out a silent sigh.
“Dunno, haven’t opened it yet.”
Zack took the letter from Zero’s hands and began reading it slowly and thoroughly.
“Another boring job again.”

“Hmm, what is it?”
“Just another infiltrate this place, get that list, and come back. When are they going to give me a real job for once.”
“Well, you did join like 5 weeks ago, it’s to be expected.”
“Hmm, Charles, Damien and Drake, who’re those guys, never heard of them before.”
“Oh, those guys, uhm, you’re gonna have a bit of trouble on this mission.”
“Why?” said Zack with an annoyed look on his face.
“Well, you see, they’re kind of bossy, especially around newbies like you, try not to make them angry. Although, knowing you that’s gonna happen whether you want it to or not. Just try not to kill them, alright?”
“Whatever, I better get going then, this looks like it’s gonna be a long mission”
“Good luck.”
“Yeah, sure, I think I’ll need it.”
And so, Zack quickly left the main hall, and began his preparations for the trip.
48/2/1337 11:05

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Post by SergeantTurtle on Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:30 pm

In the small Pandoran village of Relhan, people were outside enjoying the midday sun. Salesmen and hunters portraying their wares to a big audience and kids running around playing with eachother. As Talia first entered the village through the southern gate with her backpack and coinpouch, she felt more hopeful than she had in a while. Hungry and tired from the journey she had just endured in the hot sun, she dediced to find the nearest inn. Going through the village she recieved some stares and smiles from the townsfolk, wondering if they recognized the worn-down Dark Imperial armor pieces that she had yet to replace. She finally found an inn, but was stopped by a excited young boy on her way there.
"Are you an adventurer?" He said with a shimmer in his eyes.
"I-uh... I wouldn't really call myself an advent-"
"I wanna be one too when I grow up! Do you think I can be a hero like you?"
"Hero?" Talia said with a puzzled look on her face. The boy was still looking at her in awe.
A voice called out from behind her, answering her question.
"Yes a hero, we have heard of your tales from Harkan Village, how you saved them from a bandit raid. Words travel quickly in these lands."
"Seems so." She said, turning her head towards the boy and smiled.

After entering the inn she saw several happy people singing songs, eating and talking to eachother.
"Hello, miss. What can I help you with today?" the innkeeper said when Talia arrived at the counter.
"Do you perhaps have a room available? I'm just staying over this night."
"Hmm.. I think we might have one left, actually. Quite the hefty price. But for you, I'll take the same as I would a normal room. I would give it to you for free to help you on your journey, but I need to feed my family too."
"Thank you, I really appreciate it." She said as he showed her to the room.
The instant she came into the room and shut the door, she took of her steaming hot plate armor and laid down on the bed. After a couple of minutes of rest and a refreshing bath, she went back down to the main dining area. She went to sit down at one of the tables, with a window that was overlooking the lake.
"Did you find the room to your liking?" the innkeeper smiled.
"It was more than I could have asked for, thank you again."
After ordering the house's special soup, she started looking out the window and thought about all the past events. All the terrible things she had done would never diminish, no matter how many good deeds she performs. The things that all of these people don't know about her, the "hero".
"Here you go, miss." the innkeeper interrupted her pondering with a nice, hot bowl of soup.
"O-oh... thanks." she nodded her head towards the man.
She had been waiting for a nice meal for a long time, so she started gulping down the warm soup. Halfway through she started feeling a warm, aching sensation on her nose. Figuring she had soup on her face, she took the napkin and wiped her face but the feeling never went away. Thinking no more of it, she went in for another spoonful, she only had a split second glimpse of the imp apprearing out of thin air and landing in the bowl, splashing soup all over her face and table.
The entire room filled with laughter and she blindly reached for the napkin once again. After wiping her eyes, she saw the imp of a certain hobbit sitting in her bowl.
"Thank you for ruining my hero status, you old, smelly, washed out midget." she thought as she could feel the embarrasment and fury build up. After wiping off all the soup from her face, she noticed the scroll that the imp had with him and calmed shortly down. She opened the scroll and started reading.
"Hello there furiosa. Hope I didn't ruin anything, hehe."
"You never cease to amaze me with ruining things." she thought and kept going.
"I have returned to this dimension with some information about the dragon culture that I think you might find interesting. If I'm not already there, I'll meet you at your current position. Love life, yours truly, Bhohb"
"Is he really going to help me find out what these tatoos mean?"
"PS: I also need some services from you." was written in a smaller text at the very edge of the parchment.
"Of course." she thought, rolling her eyes.
The positive atmosphere was broken when a man stormed through the door, panting and scared.
"D-dark...i-imperials on the road just o-outside the village." he tried to convey the message as best he could.
"What are they doing all the way out here?" you could hear someone say in the room.
Talia stood up from her chair and walked outside, followed by some of the men from the inn. People had moved from the streets and hid inside their houses.
At the southern gate, she saw the Dark Imperial patrol squad moving towards them.
"Sorodona, bring me Gallus."

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Cookie on Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:31 pm

49/02/1337 13:36

-Avoid the crowded streets.
From under her hood Setryn began warning Dazairi of all sorts of dangers and areas she should stay away from, but paying no mind to him, she simply started walking forward.
-Let's go pay them a visit.
With a cheerful grin on her face Dazairi continued walking forward and decided to search for information on this organization that was trying to scare her off. She stopped by several shops and stalls, but none of them seemed to have any idea or simply refused to speak. With little to no luck, Dazairi gathered up the things she had bought for her feast with her dragons and decided to go into the dense woods. She walked and walked, until she finally thought it was far enough for no one to notice them.  (20:24)
-This should be fine.
With that said, she began chanting and one after another summoned her lovely dragons. Given her limitations in power, she didn't want to over exhaust herself attempting to summon more so she simply stayed at her current cap of 3.

-Food! I've always loved your world's delicious creatures!
-Now...don't be greedy again, Vulcanus. I need to save some for the others!
-Ah...I thought you were going to repay me for the time you forgot about my birthday.
-Didn't I tell you already? I'd give you twice as more on your birthday! But that's not in another month so please!
-Make it triple!
-You spoil the child too much, Dazairi.
-He's funny. I can't help it.
-We will need more lessons on control later.
-Are you saying I can't control you, Set?
While saying that she started swinging around the large piece of freshly cooked meat around and tossed it at Vulcanus instead of Setryn leaving him with a disappointed look on his face. Looking at Setryn's sad face she laughed and simply tossed him a piece.
Without any hesitation Setryn let out his head and caught the piece of meat flying towards him.
-Good boy!

-This proves nothing.
While enjoying their laughs, Dazairi started summoning the last dragon she was going to let join them, one she hasn't summoned in a long while and wanted to talk to for the longest of time, her second eldest, Ishryn.
-That scent...It has been such a long time since I've sensed it.
-What? Really? Have I never given pork to you? Now I just feel bad...
-It's quite alright, child, I never truly enjoyed the taste of those animals. it's bad that I called you out for a dinner serving strictly that?
-If served by you, I'll enjoy it enough to call it decent.
The night sky was clear and beautiful as the fire burnt away and the four of them enjoying their time, but it was quickly interrupted by a certain organization that wanted to tackle Dazairi for a while now. Staying in the shadows they tried firing an arrow directly at her, but it only took a single tail whip from Setryn to scare the spineless archer away. Left in an awkward and ruined mood, Dazairi felt a bit angry.
-I say it's about time we had a little talk with these bastards. Vulcanus...go fetch boy.

-With pleasure.
Within a few moments Vulcanus was in the air and dove right down into the woods and along with the sound of trees being crushed and breaking apart, the muffled screaming of a person could be heard causing a laughing reaction between the three. Waiting and listening to the footsteps of Vulcanus coming back, Dazairi simply sat down with her two elder dragons behind her as Vulcanus finally came back. He lowered his head and spat out a frightened man wearing the same cloak as the person before. Looking at him closely under the light of the fire, Dazairi noticed a piece of paper sticking out from his pocket. Walking closer to him she decided to toy with the man and started reaching for his pocket when she simply let out a blow of air at him. The man in panic started screaming and curled up completely and Dazairi was left with a sour feeling.
-It's no fun if you're this might actually make me feel bad for you. Might. But you did attempt to assassinate me so...I suppose this is fair payback.

Looking at the man she knew he was only being used, but didn't feel as bad as she should have.
-Yes, it's an easy suicide mission indeed. Bringing a letter over. Great work, go get your pay before I change my mind.
The man got up tripping over his own feet as they felt too heavy to walk on and simply crawled away from the scenery.

"Dragon Priestess,
Fair maiden, beauty unmatched in the elven lands, such as your powers, we the Dusk Knights of Azura wish to ask for your presence at our ball. The ball is to be held on the 50th day of Summer, a fine full moon lit Lunday. The ball will begin at 20:00 and we hope to see you there, it would be our greatest honor."

Dazairi felt irritated half way through the long essay of an invitation she received from the pretentious Dusk Knights and smirked.
-Do we get to burn something yet?
-Is that any way of asking what a message could be? Forgive him, master.
-What does it say, Dazairi?
-I received an invite to a ball. Set, let's go back to the tavern, I have shopping to do tomorrow. After must crash a party in style, don't you think?
-This won't end well...
-I knew it! We're going to burn things!
-Simmer down, youngster!
Dazairi desummoned her dragons and summoned Set in his small form and began walking through the forest thinking about the night to come. (23:45)

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Post by Spyduck on Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:00 pm

Bhohb was streaking past the countryside in mist form with  his eyes set on a village laying in shallow valley before him. A contingency of dark horsemen was approaching it from the south, a cloud of dust trailing behind them. Bhohb re-materialized on a hill overlooking the village just as the horsemen entered the village square.
 "Yeeees, yees, excellent!" Bhohb whispered to himself as he pulled his bronze scepter out of his satchel. "I think We'll go with HOLE today >=D"
Bhohb sank in  to the ground, leaving no trace behind him. 

In the village the soldiers had rounded up the few villagers who hadn't managed to escape in to their houses. On the street two parties had formed, the soldiers with the villagers taken as hostages and a lone woman in simple clothing holding a finely wrought heater shield.
"Stand aside traitor!" the sergeant of the cavalerists shouted. "Our greatest scryers and oracles have seen an artifact of great power in this village passing through today, and we won't hesitate to kill these peasants or you to acquire it!"
"You lay a single finger on these people and I'll grind you to paste, swine!"
Talia was shaking with anger and adrenaline, these people were part of the Dark Emperors special forces. They were tasked with high value missions, just like the one she had had to kill in her past.

"Ha! You think you are the only one who's ever been called slaughterer in the Imperial army?" the sergeant whistled and from their ranks a giant man rose to his feet towering over his fellow soldiers.
As the man stepped in front of his squadron Talia could see him wield a solid metal rod, as long as a normal man is high.
"Oh, poop" she sighed as the brute charged her.
The rod swooped down towards her, whistling through the air. With a small sidestep she deflected the rod which hit the ground, splitting the cobblestones of the main road. Despite deflecting the strike properly Talia could still feel the blow numbing her arm. Just as she was to retaliate the boy who'd talked to her before struck the man with a shovel. The large man simply kicked out towards the boy, catching him in the chest and sending him flying. The boy struck the ground several meters away, instantly knocked unconscious. Within Talia a fire started to rage. The tattoos on her back burned with righteous wrath, sending her into a berserker's rage. With inhuman strength she leapt of the ground, driving the edge of her shield in to the mouth of her opponent. The shield crushed his teeth, ripped through his cheeks and snapped his neck. Like a huge tree the man fell down with loud thump, Talia's shield still attached to his face. She looked up at the other men with a hateful gaze. But just as she was about to retrieve her shield to engage the soldiers, the ground started to rumble.

Bhohb bored through the earth, rising towards the surface and the village. With his mask he could see the red, glowing energy of the soldiers above him. One after the other he grabbed them by their ankles and pulled them in to the ground. From above it simply looked like the earth had swallowed them whole. Bhohb popped up through the ground with a grin.
  "I always loved gardening!" he said to the awestruck Talia. Suddenly Talia threw her shield past Bhohb's head. The last soldier was fleeing down the road but Talia's shield struck him in the back of the head, knocking him out. Talia smiled smugly at Bhohb but then she realized that he hadn't turned around at all, and her smirk turned in to a frown.
From his satchel Bhohb pulled a large scroll, which he rolled up.
"Here s-sweety, take a look at this" he told Talia who leaned in closer. In a second all that was left in the street was the bowler hatted imp, holding a scroll in his small hands.

Talia and Bhohb was standing in an endless, white room. There wasn't really walls or a floor or a roof, but it still felt like a huge room. Around them there were different coloured lines going everywhere tangled together or disappearing in to the distance.
"Nice place, eh?" Bhohb said and elbowed the girl in the thigh. "Found this when I was exploring time ruptures in the conflux, there was this dragon there who traded me it for a jar of mustard."

"What the fudge, dude" Talia was both angry and amazed at the same time.
"Follow me, I wanna show what I found about those dragons" Bhohb started to flow away through the white void.
"Here" he pointed at a bunch of the lines converging at a single point, but instead of being a tangled mess like some other places they had passed, there was nothing. The ends of the lines simply stopped a couple of centimeters from each other.
"This is an event of grand proportions, you see" Bhohb said, his white eyes glinting with excitement. "Most events are already concluded or the strings are way to far away from each other to even be bothered with, but this, this is coming soon!!! And that's not even the best part" he continued, giddy with anticipation. "This one is in your world!"

Talia had no idea about what was going on, sure she had been in a few other dimensions before, thanks to that creepy nutter she called friend, but they had always been corporeal and ordered. She remembered Bhohb saying, "You have to learn how to cook before you can pet the legwhale" as he himself left her behind in their own world to go somewhere.
"What in the nine hells are you talking about" she asked him. "Strings? Events? What is coming soon?!" She was beginning to feel quite annoyed by this whole ordeal, especially since she was dragged in to it without being asked. But before she could start to argue Bhohb grabbed her hand and made her touch a bright red line. Sudden flashes of feelings and memories came to her and suddenly she realized that she was looking at herself as a teenager. She pulled away from the memory and  was met with the sight of Bhohb pointing at the same string, but further away from the convergence point. There was a fork in it. Talia reached for it slowly and as her fingers crossed the line she saw flashes of mighty dragons and a girl, but as she tried to focus on the pictures she saw they suddenly went blurred. She let go of the line and looked at Bhohb.
"Do you know where to go?" she said with determination in her voice.

Bhohb simply responded with a wide grin.

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Tucker789 on Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:59 am

Bristiandie walked among the woods now, the day was getting late and she was in a sulk about the dragons. while never being much of a people-person, Bristie was very friendly with nature- because nature wasn't selfish or evil- nature was just nature.
as if on queue of the thought, a squirrel ran up to Bristie, jumped up her leg and crawled up to her shoulder, where it chittered in her ear.
"Sorry Harris, I'm not in the mood right now. perhaps tomorrow?" she pet the small animal on the head, but it pulled away. Chittering with disappointment and annoyance, it jumped to the nearest tree and dashed up it. Bristie sighed, but continued her trek. Her keen hearing picked up chatter of nearby wildlife, she could picture what they were doing, whether it was talking among themselves or searching for food. Then, suddenly, the chatter changed. Talks of a skirmish in the woods, some poor lone man was being assaulted. Forgetting her annoyance, she fell on all fours, taking on the form of a large black cat with green markings across its body, and made her way Northeast to the forests edge.
Mere moments later she heard the yelling- some man was being beaten relentlessly. The ones beating him were also yelling and laughing about it- and Bristie knew those voices well. Several times, she had encountered them poaching wildlife for nothing but their furs, and every time she had scared them off- never pursuing them for once they left the forests edge, they were beyond her jurisdiction. this time though, this time she was not letting them escape.

"Please, I don't have anymore! I haven't picked up the bounty yet! let me go, I beg you!!"
"Yah 'ear that lads? he says we shoul' let 'im go! Dah man ain't payed 'is toll yet!"
The beating had stopped, as the bandits laughed among themselves. The lone man tried to crawl away, but was grabbed by the foot and dragged back into the group.
"We gon' have a bit of fun with this one 'ere lads, 'for we cut his throat and leave 'im for tah aminals!"
Hearing this, Bristie could take no more. Having taken on the form of a great brown bear with green markings, she charged out of the woods- catching the two closest to her off guard. She bit into the leg of the first man, breaking the bone with her powerful jaws, and then second she felled with one swing of her claws, leaving streaks of crimson down the back of his head down towards his back. Her roar met their screams, and the last three fled towards the woods, hoping to find cover. The man sat still, shaking in fear, but otherwise unmoving, and watched as the bear finished off the crippled man, then turned away to pursue the others. bodily waste ran freely, but he did not care- his only though was that if he didn't move, perhaps the bear wouldn't see him.
In the trees, two archers had taken up spots in some trees, having climbed high enough where they deemed the bear couldn't reach them, they watched for their foe- but to no avail. One was too busy looking for a large, shaggy mass of fur, he didn't notice the  slithering mass wrapping its way around the tree. Bristie positioned herself above him, then reached down around his arm, then tightened. the man screamed and tried to pry the massive snake off, but soon found his throat was being coiled around. his left hand went for a knife, but then found that hand wrapped up as well, and in one motion, Bristie tightened her body, strangling the man.
his partner was not aware of this, for he was communicating with the last man, who had grabbed a large spear and shield. they were in the midsts of forming a plan, when the lifeless body of their comrade fell to the forest floor.
Bristie had had enough of this, returning to her true form, she unslung her bow. the man still in the tree had begun to change positions, dashing between the trees as fast as he could, disappearing here and reappearing there- a normal archer would have a hard time following him, but this was Bristie's home, and archery was her skill. catching a glimpse of him for only a second, she knocked an arrow, drew, and released. the man reappeared from behind a tree, turned to see what had become of his partner, and caught an arrow in the eye- and his body disappeared into the underbrush.

"WHERE ARE YEH!?!"The last man screamed, shield and spear raised. He turned in place, eyeing the forest, not realizing that his quarry could move right before his eyes and not be seen- thus was her skill. she stood behind him, turning with his as he turned, she waited till he loosened his grip of the spear for just a second- and then pulled it from him.
Completely taken off-guard by this, the man spun around with the intention to strike at her, but was stuck straight through and as quickly as Bristie had appeared, she disappeared again.
just outside the forest, the man had held position, hearing the sounds of a clearly one-sided fight, but no roars of a bear, only the screams of men. then, it went all quiet. for several moments, the man did nothing. his breathing calmed, and he summoned the bravery to get to his knees- then it appeared. A doe, emerging from where the bear went in. it was dark brown, green markings across it. The doe strode up to the man, and lowered its head.

"N-nice deer, good deer..." he stammered.Bristie was offended, and took on her true form. the man reeled back in shock, and Bristie stomped her foot "Its called a DOE you blithering idiot! this is what I get for saving you, insults?" the man muttered apologies, but Bristie waved them away, and held out your hand. "let us go, before more of those men show up looking for their friends." but the man whimpered, and motioned to his leg. Bristie examined it, and saw what looked like rags from the man's clothes, tied together like a makeshift bandage. she untied it, and pulled it away- which caused the man to cry out in pain.
"Do not worry, I know some healing spells I can use to mend this, and I always carry herbs and salves on me."

"T-Thank you, my lady!" he stammered, still letting out tears of joy and pain.
Bristie muttered words in ancient Azurian, calling forth the power of the nature to mend the man's wounds. there were several moments of nothing, then suddenly a warm glow began emitting from her hands, which were positioned over his wounds. a crackling sound began to grow, and the man wimpered.
"Hush now, your bones were cracked, they are now mending again. what ever caused this?"

"Some dumb bitch lady with her dumb dragons! Evil as the devil, I tell you! only dark magic can summon those beasts!" and he stopped, his body tensing up in pain, and then relaxed as the pain subsided, and was filled instead with an ecstatic warm feeling.
Bristie had been shocked by his words, but was preoccupied with the spell to ask. her head raced with questions. "This wound was definitely not made by some illusionary dragon, which means that it had to be real! the story about the dragon lady was true!" and her heart raced with excitement. as soon as the spell was finished, she pulled out a salve and opened it, then proceeded to rub it on the mans scarred leg and bruises from the beating.
"What became of this... lady?" she asked, intent of finding her and her dragons.

"She went to this ball... in the capitol city! I can take you there, if you want to teach that demon-worshipper a lesson!"
Bristie was conflicted. she had been raised to hunt down anything related to demons, but her attraction to the dragon- or possibility of dragons made her hesitant on deciding whether to hunt her to meet her or hunt her to kill her.
"yes, okay, that will do. allow me to gather my things, and we shall embark!" and she stood up to leave.

"no, wait! don't leave me alone out here!"
"your leg is mended, stand up and walk with me you fool." but rather than walking with him, she turned into a panther, and dashed into the wilderness.
"I guess i'll... wait here..."the man said, slowly climbing to his feet, then surveying his surroundings. though it was now dark, he felt no unease. in fact, he had never felt safer.

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Shogun Hidora on Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:20 pm

49/2/1337, 09:30

Balthazar returned to his room, having just finished breakfast. He locked the door, then took the note that the elf had been holding from his pocket. Unfortunately, the elf's dark blood had obscured parts of it, but most of it was legible.
'Suspect identified:' -blood- 'Purple hair, red eyes. Currently' -blood- 'years old. Unknown whether he had received orders from' -blood- ', or was acting on his own accord. Nevertheless, preparations have begun for possible' -blood- '. In the mean time, search continues for suspect. Here follows a list of potential witnesses:'
After that was a list of several names, most of which had been crossed out. Most of them were typical elvish names, but there was one that stood out to him. Thessalia. He'd had dealings with her before. She was currently in the same city as him, so finding her shouldn't be a problem.


Balthazar looked down, and saw the figure lying on the ground, empty wine bottles littered around her. He reached down, and shook her awake.
"Who is it?!" Thessalia yelled as she sat up. "Can't you see I'm busy here?!"
"Don't worry. This won't take long."
"You!" she yelled, as she finally saw who was standing before her. "You ruined me!!"
With that, she picked up a bottle and threw it. It hit the wall a metre or so to the left of Balthazar, shattering, sending wine showering onto the ground.
"Damn it!! That one still had some left!!"
"I see your aim is as good as ever."
"Ha ha ha. Very funny. What do you want?! Come to gloat? Or perhaps you feel like the gutter isn't low enough for me?"
"I'm sorry about what happened earlier."
"Yeah, well sorry doesn't get me my job back, now does it?"
"I doubt anything would at this stage. Anyway, I'm here to ask you a few questions."
"What do you want?!"
"This list," Balthazar stated, as he pulled it from his pocket. "I want to know why you're on it. What did you see?"
"Why don't you ask that filthy elf, since he was the one who gave it to you?"
"I can't. He's dead."
"Well, can't say I'm sorry. Stuck-up prick that he was. Then again, that goes for most of these elves. What, with their fancy parties, and crystal palaces and all. Why, a good arrow or two into that palace and the whole thing would shatter!! And they say they're better than us. Ha!! Not likely!!"
"Focus. The list. Start talking."
"Well, I was in Osallia a few days ago. Or was it months? Maybe weeks? Anyway, I saw what looked like the princess, being taken into the sewer by some hooded guy. It wasn't you, was it? Anyway, I walked over to the entrance, but found no sign of them, so I went back over to the tavern, and ordered a few more drinks. They have the best service there. You really should try it sometime."
"Maybe another day."
"Suit yourself."
"Wait. You said that the elf had already asked you about this, yes?"
"Yes. Told him what I told you. Of course, he made quite a good bribe to get it," she said, pointing to the wine bottles strewn around her.
"Well why haven't you been crossed off the list then?"
"Let me see that!" she said, snatching it from him. "That is weird. Wait. That's it!!"
"Those names crossed off, they're not ones who've been asked. They're ones who have died! Poor Aralon. Found him in an alley in Pandora, choked with his own fingers. Disgusting."
"Right. Well, thanks for the help."
"Wait. You have to do something for me now!"
"Really? What's that?"
"Drink with me! Chat! Go back to your room and-"
"I think you've had quite enough drink already. Farewell." With that, Balthazar turned and began walking away.
"You can't keep to yourself forever you know!" Thessalia called after him. "Sooner or later, someone's going to get close to you!"
"Not if I can help it," Balthazar thought, as he turned the corner into the next street. "It's safer for them that way."

Balthazar had walked a few steps, when he noticed something else in his pocket besides the list. Quickly, he grabbed hold of the arm, then turned and looked at the pickpocket. It was a woman, clothed completely in black, with a red mask covering her face. He let go of her, sending her falling into a merchant's stall. Quickly, she recovered, and began to run away from Balthazar.
"Thought they could rob me," he said to himself, reaching into his pocket. The list was gone.
"Damn it!", he said, chasing after her. Seeing him following, she began to run faster, but so did Balthazar. She reached the end of the street, where it intersected another, and began climbing a pile of crates onto the rooftops, Balthazar following close behind. He threw a knife at her, but she drew a dagger and deflected it. Then, hearing a faint noise on his right, Balthazar drew his sword, and blocked the two daggers coming at him, noticing two black-robed figures. He then turned and saw another on his left, before looking back at the woman in front of him. The three others leaped across, and all four then stood in front of Balthazar, drawing swords.
"Go," the one on the left said to the woman. "Make sure they get the list. We'll keep this one busy."
"Very well," replied Balthazar, drawing his other sword. Noticing this, the other two stepped back, and gasped in fear. "Is that..."
"You seriously believe in those fairy tales?! Dark Blade! Ha! A simple tale for scaring children. Cowards!" the leader yelled. He then charged at Balthazar, sword raised, ready to strike. Quick as a flash, Balthazar brought his left sword swinging up, cutting off the attackers hand. He cried in pain, as his sword fell to the ground. Balthazar then kicked him away, and picked up his sword, throwing it towards the fleeing woman. It pierced her leg, and pinned her to the rooftop as she cried out in pain. At this, the other two took another, step back, frightened.
"Cowards!" yelled the leader. "Get in there and fight!"
At this, they both charged at Balthazar simultaneously, swords held up. Balthazar brought both swords up to block, before pushing them out, sending the others reeling back. He then quickly brought his swords forward, plunging them into their stomachs. They dropped their swords, and Balthazar pushed his upwards, cleaving them in half.
By this time, however, the leader had staggered back to his feet, drawing a dagger with his remaining left hand. He then charged at Balthazar, who brought his left sword up, cutting off his hand, before stabbing him with the right, and then slicing through his neck with the left. He then pulled his right sword out, letting the body fall as the head rolled away.

While the others had been fighting, the woman had been trying to remove the sword from her leg. She looked over, and saw Balthazar approaching, and the corpses of the other three behind him. She managed to remove the sword, but by this time Balthazar had reached her, and had grabbed hold of the list. She pulled away, hearing the list tear, and ran over to the edge of the roof, leaping down to the streets below. Balthazar then reached the edge and looked over, but there was no sign of her. Turning around, he walked over to the bodies, and began to survey them. All were dressed similarly to the woman, one with a blue mask, one green, and one yellow. Their daggers bore that now all too familiar emblem - the white rose. Balthazar then looked down at the fragment he had torn from the list. Two names. Brandahar and Taranduin. Both had been crossed off.
"Damn it."

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Post by Seamoose on Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:52 pm

48/2/1337 20:00
Zack began his preparations for his mission, not forgetting the essentials required for an infiltration mission and continued to repeat the words of Zero in his mind
“Try not to kill anyone.” Confident that he’d make it there before the arranged time, Zack set out. But his confidence slowly plummeted as he got lost, with delay in his arrival he was actually caught by surprised as there was no one in the area. He knew he had to meet the three under a large tree right next to the building, but it was clear. Thoughts ran through his mind, such as maybe they were ambushed or even taken out and his feeling of unease grew as he felt he was being watched. As one of his teammates dropped down from the tree, Zack almost implanted his dagger in their neck, but it was quickly repelled and a tragic end was avoided. “Nice reflexes, rookie.” . Looking at him closely he remembered Zero’s descriptions of them. This was Damien, supposedly his captain for today and the strongest of them here by rank at least.

Zack wasn’t very talkative, nor did he want to attempt talking to them as they scolded him and only put him down, he knew he should try to hold out and keep his anger back, but they made it far too difficult as they took far too long. After a few minutes of harassment, they lost words and Damien decided to finally give Zack his job.
“Your job is simple, rookie. You go in; you snatch the list with names of dukes and very rich folk and bring it back. We’ll be here waiting.” . Zack felt a bit of confusion rise in him as he wanted to ask what they’ll be doing, but he soon realized they would simply slack and that made him angry. He didn’t want to waste time and energy on them in particular anymore, he preferred working alone than in groups of uncooperative teammates.

With that mindset Zack went up on the roof of the building. An easy climb as the building was perfect for such infiltration, almost too perfect. Suspicion aside Zack continued forward as he entered the building. Getting little to no information of importance from his “teammates” he was glad he spoke to Zero beforehand and learned the layout and area he had to get to. As he slowly and stealthily made it to the library, he was confused as Zero never gave him more information than that. Feeling a bit of excitement from this puzzle challenge, Zack finally let his little friend, Weiss; do some digging as he simply kept watch. With little to no effort, the small rat found the switch required to open one of the bookshelves. Going through the passage, he was taken to a room filled with all sorts of documents. He lit up a candle and began reading through them as he had no choice. Looking through many of the files he noticed some files and documents varying from each other. “Hm…these are crossed over, yet these aren’t. Wonder what that means.” Continuing the reading he noticed one particular pile of files with names all crossed out, except for one particular name: Balthazar Arthurson. The names of his parents, Zack assumed, were crossed out, his sister’s as well, but his was still unchecked and he was the last one in the entire pile that wasn’t. Looking at these files with a sense of curiosity Zack began writing down names of interest, along with the names he had to gather for his job. Writing them on two separate lists, he copied the one for the mission along with other point of interests to him and then the list he actually needed.

With a satisfied grin on his face, Zack left the building and was going to go back to the meeting place right away, when he noticed the three men lounging about and doing nothing. “Weiss, I believe it’s time for a bit of justice.” With a mischievous grin on his face, Zack snuck around and approached them. None of them noticed him as two were sleeping and the other was far too distracted by his carving that once Zack popped up right behind him he was startled to an exaggeratedly large amount that it awoke the other two. Feeling flustered from embarrassment, Damien began being bossy.

“What took you so long, rookie?! And you two, I know it took long, but who told you you could sleep on the job?”
“But you said we could do whatever we wanted…”

“Ahhh shut it. He got the list, let’s go.”

Damien demanded the list from Zack and while still pulling it out from his pocket, Damien snatched it from Zack and told him he deserves a nice long rest and they’ll deliver this for him. Catching onto their scheme a bit early in, but not wanting to cause trouble, Zack decided to agree and sat around under the tree feeding and playing with his little friend.  After a bit had passed, Zack finally got up and once he got back he received a very “warm” welcome from his friends at the doors to the main hall.

“Hey, rookie, here’s yer pay. Oh wait, you get none, since you never completed the mission.” said Drake while flaunting the coin purse that he had in his hands.

With a bit of annoyance in his eyes, Zack decided he’d get revenge another time, right now he had to go look for more work as this was a waste of time for him, not a complete waste of time, but he needed money. Going to the bar he asked the bartender if any more jobs were left.

“Ah, there was a job that the bosses wanted taken care of, but ya can’t go in there yet. Wouldn’t recommend it.”

The bartender turned around and walked away from Zack leaving him confused, but curiosity struck Zack as he casually started walking towards the room where jobs were handed out, but all he heard was yelling. He then moved into the shadows staying hidden and overhearing the rest of the conversation.

“Blast that child! And you! How dare you come back with only half of the list?!”

“I’m very sorry…The Dark Blade intervened, we were never told he’d be there!”

“That’s of no importance to me, scum! You were sent in a 4 man squad, the most elite units I have! And you bring me nothing but dead bodies and half a list?!”

Zack’s mind began processing the information, his interested in The Dark Blade peeked as he heard of what had happened to this team, but was also curious of something else.

“The list.” Behind Zack, Zero had snuck his way and was standing there the entire time overhearing the entire conversation.

Zack was caught off guard as he wanted to say something to Zero, but he was quickly pulled away and led back to the bar in a casual manner as the woman walked out. Her leg was bleeding and badly patched up as there were bruises on her face and tears rolling down them. Zack still hadn’t heard of the punishments, but he knew many who were punished either never came back or were simply changed as a whole person.

“You’re such a bad spy.” Zero snapped him back into the moment with a teasing reaction to what had happened earlier.

“Well if you didn’t surprise me all of a sudden I would have moved away in time.” Zack tried defending himself, but it only led to Zero laughing at him even more.

“Su-u-re” said Zero with a big smile on his face. “Now, how about we go get the info on that list?”

“Yeah, but how are we gonna get it exactly?”

“You’re Mr. Sticky fingers, you should be able to snatch it from whomever I’ll be distracting.”

“What will they do if they find out its missing?”

“Sigh…dummy. We’re not going to just steal it, we’re simply going to make a copy of it. Borrow it for a few moments, ya know?”

“So you’re telling me I have to steal the list, make a copy and return it while you’re distracting whomever.”



“Oh and I’ll need to borrow Weiss for this to work.”

“Fine, but if even a single hair is gone…”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll face your wrath, have we not gone through this far too many times already?”

The plan worried Zack a bit, but surprisingly it went very smoothly. First Zero approached the person and Zack, as if passing by just happened to bump into them the moment when they stopped to talk. As he bumped into the person he carefully took the list and immediately went around the corner and quickly began to copy all the names on his own list of paper. In the meantime Weiss was sent put to distract he man by climbing up his trousers and tickling him in the process. This gave Zack just enough time to copy the last of the names onto the paper and he quickly returned back to the direction where he came from towards Zero, sneakily passing the paper onto Zero’s hands. As the man finished his discussion with Zero, he turned to go back to his job, but before he could Zero stopped him.

“Oh, I believe you dropped this, seems very important.” The man looked to his pockets and stuck his hand into them to see if that was truly the document he had just been carrying with him. And indeed it was, it was not in his pockets but in the hands of Zero, the man took the list and thanked Zero and continued ahead. Coming back to Zack, Zero seemed like a person he should never mess with as his mind was a wonder all to itself.

“So what’s on this list?” Zero asked curiously.

“Hold on. I’m looking…hm…these are crossed out names and several descriptions, except this one right here. Purple hair and red eyes…”

“The prince.” Zero spoke out catching the attention of Zack.

“The prince? What do you mean the prince?”

“Don’t you know? The prince is a rare breed. His family was said to be a descendent from the founders of the empire. They were powerful mages and one mage in particular had a distinct purple hair color than no one else could possibly dream of having.”

“So you think this is the prince? What’s the list supposed to be for anyway…and why was it in the possession of the Dark Blade?”

“That’s something we need to go figure out, partner, but the Dark Blade is not someone we should tangle with for too long. He’s a dangerous man.”

“How dangerous?” Zack asked with excitement building up in him.

“I know that look…but alright since we’ll need to confront him regardless.  He’s said to be a myth among the crowd; he’s a very shady guy who’s hard to approach in general. He wields two black swords and is very skilled as an assassin. Taking care of our organization alone, he could definitely accomplish.”

“Sounds like someone worth my time. But you’re the brains here, what do we do first?”

“Hehe…I’m glad you asked.”
49/2/1337 2:16

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by SergeantTurtle on Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:56 pm

45/02/1337 23:31

"BHOHB get your damned imps out of my BED!" Talia hissed at the old hobbit that was lying down on the floor, fast asleep.
"They just want some company." he mumbled and started snoring again.
"I don't care, send them back to where they came from or I'll-.. why aren't they just sleeping on the floor with you?" she asked with a confused look.
"Apparently they like your smell better."
"They're imps, am I supposed to take that as a compliment?."
"I dunno, are you?" he replied with a smirk.
A long silence ensued, as Talia looked at Bhohb with a straight face.
"Just get them out of here."
And with a snap of his finger, the imps poofed away.
"Thanks." She said with an irritated voice and laid her head back down on the pillow.
After a long day of events, her heavy eyelids closed and she fell asleep within seconds.

All of a sudden she was awakened by strange whispers.
"Bhohb?" she said quietly without moving.
She then sat upright in bed and noticed that Bhohb was no longer on the floor.
"Where did he-.." her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden whispers again.
Not being able to locate the source of the whispering, she went out of bed and started walking around the room. She then decided to enter the hallway, only to find it pitch-black with an eerie purple glow emanating from the candles on the wall. She decided to walk down the hallway to find Bhohb, believing he was the source of this phenomenon. Hearing the whispers coming from one of the doors, she could feel a freezing cold running down her spine as she approached it. She had never been afraid of anything, this was something different. As she put her hand on the doorhandle, it immediately froze in place and she couldn't move it away. It slowly started opening and the whispering turned to screams, louder and louder as she unwillingly continued to push down the doorhandle.
The deafening screams of people, the sounds of a surging wave and her rushing heartbeat drowning out her thoughts.

Silence. The door was unlocked. She was paralyzed with fear, but somehow she slowly began to open the door. As she opened it more and more, she could hear a loud, drawn out sigh. The room was empty and black as night. In the middle of the room she could see a thick and vivid purple mist spread out. As it started to cover the entire room, she started to see the form of a misformed dragon/human amalgamate. Seeing the creature slowly turning it supposed "head" towards Talia, she tried to walk backwards into the door but found it no longer to be there. Her heart raised as she saw the monster growing in size and she was pushed up against the wall with nowhere to go. All of a sudden everything stopped and turned quiet.
The beast then rushed towards Talia with it's eyes wide open and mouth screaming,

Talia opened her eyes, hands shaking and heart rushing. Sitting upright in her bed, she saw Bhohb in front of her, holding his hand up towards her.
"Seems I got you out in time." he said with a smirk on his face.
"I-I've had these d-dreams alot, but n-never like this." she said, voice shaking.
She started telling Bhohb the exact details of the dream, and the creature that haunts her.
"It appears that whatever it is that wants hold of your powers is getting closer to its goal. I still don't know what dimension it's from, I've never heard anything like it." he said, with an interested look on his face.
Talia looked out the window with a worried feeling in her guts as the sun began to rise. 46/02/1337 05:13

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Cookie on Sun Mar 26, 2017 4:34 am

50/02/1337 09:32

Waking up back in her room, Dazairi felt a bit of excitement rush through her as she knew today she would be facing off against those Knights. Getting up, she heard a knock at her door. Feeling confused and a bit caught off guard she went to get dressed as she generally didn't like sleeping in a shirt when it was this warm.
-Just a moment! - she called out, but the door almost as if it was about to get knocked off got opened by a large man as three others were following him inside.

-Pandoran are under arrest. Please don't make this any harder on yourself and come along quietly.
Staying still for a moment as she analyzed her surroundings, Dazairi realized she couldn't summon her dragons here as it was a far too small room for it, but she could manage to grab her things and run.
-Sorry boys...I've got a date tonight, wouldn't want to disappoint. - Taunting the guards, she summoned Setryn in his smaller form and he jumped onto one of the guards.
-He's poisonous by the way! Be careful~ - Deceiving the guards once again she watched as they panicked over the small dragon wrapping around one of their arms and biting onto him. With enough time bought Dazairi managed to collect her things, call him back to her and jump through the window into the alley.

She ran through the alleys and finally stopped and paced normally while being in the crowded plaza. Realizing she was safe now as they couldn't tell who she was, she decided to start planning out her day and wondered what she could possibly do. Thinking it would be best to find a dress early in the morning, she decided to "kidnap" a shop. She started pacing across the city looking for a good tailor and finally after an hour, she found her match. She walked inside and noticed there weren't many customers this early in the morning and after the last one left, she walked over to the elven woman who was the owner and gestured her to be silent as Set crawled up onto her. The woman was being very cooperative and that made things easier for Dazairi. She decided to close the door, lock it and then pull the curtains on the windows to avoid being seen.
-Now...tell me your name.

-V-Vera...My name is Vera...
Noticing the woman was still trembling in fear, Dazairi wanted to really make her loosen up and called Set back to her and simply paced around and waited until Vera was a bit less tense.
-Lovely name, don't you think so, Set?

-I suppose it is a more modern elven name. I have yet to hear it.
-Hear that? You were praised by a dragon! Don't worry tho, he's not that mean, I promise.
Vera seemed to feel a bit less aggression from them and cracked a very forced smile as she felt like a hostage in the situation and that wasn't Dazairi's full intention.
-I'm sorry. I really am...but you see, it's kinda hard being a wanted criminal and needing a tailor. Now, I'm not going to hurt nor rob you, I'm only here for a dress. I'm going to a ball tonight and I needed something more of elven culture so I don't fully insult the ones hosting the party...even tho I would very much like to.

-Ball? You don't perhaps mean the Dusk Knights?
-Do you perhaps know something about them, Vera?
-Yeah, do you? I'm rather clueless on their entire existence and here they are knowing my every single move and location.
-They think of themselves as the saviors of Azura...often times laddering over others and looking down onto other elves of smaller villages or towns even. They often host these royal balls that you mentioned and it's usually of the highest quality...not something just anyone could attend...
Feeling a rush of disgust at the explanation she received, Dazairi felt as if she should go before the party even began and destroy them,'d be more of a crushing blow if she arrived at the party.
-All the more reason I need a great tailor such as yourself to dress me up properly for tonight and watch their jaws drop.
Vera felt a bit flushed by the sudden compliment Dazairi tossed out and the unease she felt before was completely gone. With a bit more small talk and details on the knights, Dazairi felt it was time to actually look for a dress.
-So...I assume we're on good terms now? No fear?...

-Slight...but nothing a good tailor wouldn't shake for the sake of a customer.
Dazairi's face lit up with happiness as she went up to her and simply hugged her. Vera felt a little uncomfortable by the gesture, but seemed like it was more friendly than fear now.

They began looking through all sorts of fabrics and designs until finally Dazairi's gaze locked onto one.
-This one. - she pointed towards a lovely
dark green silk dress. The back of the dress was open with the edges almost like leaves decorating the design. The front of the dress was a plunged opening right until the chest area where a small silver ring was keeping the parts connected leaving only the chest and neck area more exposed almost like a V shape, then all of it simply connected together at the back of the neck. The waist area of the dress was divided into three lairs of silk. The one above the rest, the third one, was the longest as it slightly dragged itself off the floor. The second lair was shorter and the right height so it covers the feet of the mannequin, but doesn't drag itself across the floor like the third. And the last part was more so it's not see-through and added more dark coloring to the dress. The dress also came with a black shawl.

Noticing Dazairi's awestruck gaze at the dress, Vera began to laugh catching the attention of both her and Set.

-I know that look. That is the look of a customer that will not settle for anything else anymore. Come, I'll take your measurements now and we can decide when you can come pick it up as I doubt the one on the display will fit you.
-Was that...implying I'm small?...
-That was implying the truth.
With her head held down Dazairi listened to Set and Vera's laughing at her disappointment and sadness.

After finally finishing off the measurements and feeling like everything is set and in order, Dazairi felt it was time to reopen shop for Vera and head on to her room.
-When should I come pick up my dress?

-I'd say at around 5 it should be done. You can stop by anytime until the part begins.
-Great! Now I'll go take a nap...
-Are you forgetting something? Your room was just now attacked by guards, we cannot go back there.
With a disappointed look on her face, Dazairi started thinking of where she could go to pass the time.
-Okay. I give up. I don't know where we should go. I'm also rather hungry...and I need a shower...Vera! - the elven woman was rather lost in thought when Dazairi abruptly called out to her and got her attention. - Do you by chance know any good places that aren't very crowded I could rest at?

-I do not...I'm sorry... - Vera noticed the sad look Set was displaying and felt the need to help. - can have the keys to my home. It's rather small and no one visits as I live alone it should be's fairly far, but it's nothing impossible to reach.
Dazairi's face lit up with happiness once more as she felt the need to hug Vera once more.
-Thank you! I'm paying you double for! Set, we need to call the guild master for a job already, I'm running low on gold. As for our escape...I have a grand plan...


-Help! Dragon Priestess is here! Help!
Vera began screaming for help as the plan was intended when Dazairi bolted out of the store as fast as she could catching the attention of many people and pulling attention away from the store as she felt Vera might get in trouble for helping a wanted criminal as she did. She began running down a very crowded street when she noticed a fairly different dressed elf staring at her along with a man she somewhat felt like she knew.
-It seems the man from yesterday is here as well today.
Set slightly popped out of her hood jogging her memory and making her laugh.
-I suppose his pay wasn't sufficient enough the way it was.
After finally turning a corner and unlocking the door to Vera's home, Dazairi was off the streets. She heard rampant footsteps right outside the door as they stopped.

-Darn it! We almost caught up before they did!
-We'll find her, I'm sure of it. She couldn't be far.
-What if she leaves?
-I doubt she will. The bitch still needs to go to that fancy party tonight and those knights were sure she would go.
Feeling a bit of anger rush through her as she heard her name being insulted as it was, she wanted to get up and go outside as she was sitting at the door trying to control her breathing and felt Set bump her cheek as a sign to calm down. Feeling the anger turn into a salty feeling in her mouth, she simply cursed him out in her head and made it priority to hang him upside from a tree the first chance she gets with Vulcanus.

Having nothing to do during the entire day, Dazairi simply decided to take that bath and have a nice meal until the time she had to go pick up her dress, but her bath was abruptly interrupted by the sighting of an imp in the tub. She restrained herself from screaming but she instinctively jumped out of the tub as the imp simply followed her out, bowed its head and ran outside where it was met by Set who simply growled at it scaring it into the next room. Finishing her bath faster than expected Dazairi grabbed a towel and covered herself walking over to the room where the imp was and looked at it confused as Set was very angry with its presence.
-Set, calm down a bit...

-Imp's are never a good sign...never. They're atrocious creatures.
Noticing Set had no intention of calming down, Dazairi simply desummoned him and decided to deal with the imp herself.
-Sorry, Set...but that wasn't going to help at, you little guy...why are you here?
The imp began speaking to her and it seemed like it was very fluent as well surprising her. It was here to fulfill a simple task for her of her choice.
-Well...I was in need of either jewelry or my hair being fixed up for a ball. Think you can help me with either one of those?
Dazairi was met with an approving reaction as the imp simply began combing her hair. Feeling a bit spoiled she simply sat there and let the imp do its work.


The imp had finished styling her hair as he made it into a let down slightly curly look giving out a more free feeling to it. Dazairi simply thanked the small imp as it vanished as soon as she thanked him.
-What a cute little creature. Alright Set...come back here.
As she summoned Setryn again, he noticed her hair was completely changed and it was very beautiful.

-You look rather beautiful, but that doesn't mean I dislike those imps any less due to this...
-They're the least concerning thing right now...what I'm more concerned about is food...let's see what Vera has here...
Dazairi began wasting time as she slowly raided Vera's storage and ate away overlooking the fact that she was lacking in jewelry. After a long and peaceful meal, Dazairi finally remembered she needed jewelry and went out to shop once more, this time without minor blackmail to the shop owner. She was lucky enough to have found a shop near by that was sufficient enough and bought a head piece, necklace and earrings in a set. They were golden chained necklace and head piece that had transparent crystals on them. The earrings were small crystals as well, but they were more so too small to even notice as they were simply round circles that were on the ears. Feeling complete, Dazairi noticed the sun was beginning to set and realized she should go finish up her look by getting her make up ready.


With her make up finally finished she put her hood on carefully once again and walked over to Vera's shop once again realizing that walking instead of running was far longer than it should've been. With a bit of concern of being late, she picked up her pace and made it there in time. Vera looked at her and complimented her look and her hair and Dazairi felt embarrassed a bit, but Vera was trying to keep her chin up saying she needs more confidence if she wants to show those knights who's boss. Feeling as if she made a friend finally, Dazairi was dressed up by Vera and looked at herself in the mirror feeling like a completely different person.
-Thank you...honestly...
Dazairi felt a rush of emotions build up in her and she forced herself not to shed a tear as it might ruin her make up that she worked hard to get ready.

-Go show them just who you are for me as well.
-There's no way they'd insult this beautiful design. I'm sure they'll believe it's of the highest class.
-If they dare to insult your work we will bring you back their ashes.
Surprised by Set's sudden reaction, Dazairi felt happy as the environment turned even him slightly friendly, but it was time to go as the sky was lit up with a show of magical fireworks displaying the start of the ball. Leaving her a large amount of gold on the table with a simple goodbye, Dazairi was given a larger black cloak by Vera as a gift that completely covered her dress and was very spacious and wasn't going to ruin anything. As she paced over to the front of the large mansion painted white with gold lining and a long blue carpet starting from all the way down the street, Dazairi felt a bit of disgust build up in her as she finally stepped onto the stairs leading to the main door and the guards standing on each side all the way to the top of the staircase began bowing down as her sudden disgust grew bigger, but excitement also built up as she was basically being invited to a brawl.
-Well, Set...this is it.

-Shall we show them how you Pandoran like to deal with riches such as these?
-I'd say...let's show them just what dragons can do to gold. 20:13

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Post by Spyduck on Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:14 am

46th of summer - 1337 13:00

It was just after noon and the heavy clouds above them bore the worries that they themselves harboured in their hearts. Like the tears of a god in deepest sorrow the rain fell upon the land without prejudice. Travelers wrapped themselves in heavy cloaks or covered themselves with tarps upon their carriages but still the ceaseless drumming of the downpour entered their minds and souls; a constant reminder of their cold, wet and monotonous lives.

On the road to Azura however, Bhohb and Talia enjoyed complete dryness.
“Quite ingenious when you understand the balance of it” Bhohb explained with a jolly tone in his voice. “So many things here in this realm seem constant….. and they are. You just gotta bend the rules! You see, on the cosmic scale the world wants it to rain upon those that it was meant to rain on BUT who it really rains on is arbitrary as long as it meets the expected result of ruthlessly wettening the people. Sooooo long story short, I don’t have to expend any power to move the rain away from our heads since I gave the planar constant two other people to rain upon.”

Talia normally didn’t listen to the ramblings of the crazed ol’ mage as he normally didn’t make any sense anyways, but at least today she had another excuse. The night’s events were gnawing at her mind and her thoughts wandered away from the road ahead. What was it that was after her power, why did it look like it did and what power was it even looking for? These were only some of the questions that filled her mind this day and the hobbit who was refusing to answer her questions didn’t help her mood.

“And that is why Kamchak the red and Jack both deserve some rain today.” Bhohb finished his lesson proudly.
Talia rolled the charm she had received from her companion last night, in her hands.
“Why don’t you just tell me what you know!” The words burst out of Talia’s mouth with more anger than she’d have liked and the charm started to grow cold, stealing the warmth from her skin. “You always speak of nonsense and planes and devils and I DON’T KNOW WHAT! Is there nothing more you have to say than “It’s getting closer to its goal”? No crazy theories about higher beings or ultra-violet ninja watermelons or something!?”

Bhohb struggled to retain his smirk but you could tell by his voice that he wasn’t as calm as he normally was.
“I….. have many theories about it, but nothing substantial.” He said, his voice going down in pitch and volume. “The form that we see the creature in is probably the result of what caused the large gap in draconic history in this, and frankly, many other realms. But I know one thing for sure, that thing is not human nor dragon.”
Bhohb suddenly switched back to his sickly sweet and high pitched voice.
“It’s probably just some kind of ancient essence eater that was born from a cataclysmic event that has now attached itself to half of your soul by tracking you through your dreams and even your fate that will eventually take control over you until it can absorb your essence so that it doesn’t have to be crippled both physically and magically anymore. After that it’ll probably try to eat the planet, but hey what do I know, it might just want a friend.”

Talia could feel a thread of despair pierce her heart and shivered and as the sun showed its last rays of light and warmth, the day drew to its end. In the distance they could see the mountains separating Pandora and Azura. Beyond it, answers.

47th of summer - 1337

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Tucker789 on Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:33 am

Bristie had gathered her belongings, everyone was asleep at this point, except a few watchers- but they were used to Bristie's comings and goings at night. As well, she did not care if they knew- she only wished he would not be awake to stop her.
Her trek back was longer, not taking on the form of a cat to travel through the woods. for reasons she could not explain, when she transformed some of her belongings formed with her, and when she would retake human form, they would return. This was not applicable to all the belongings she carried now, but she thought if she gave some to the man to carry, she could transform once again.
Bristie emerged from the woods, and after a bit of searching in the dark, she tracked the man to a tree with large, low-hanging branches, and the man was nestled there asleep."Pssst, hey man!" she shook the poor man, who let out a scream and fell from the branches. Bristie looked down in pity, watching him get back on his feet and try to pry twigs and leaves out of his clothing.

"Aight lassie, it ain't nice to make a man near shit himself like that!"he was very disgruntled, muttering under his breath, but Bristie did not care, she simply handed him a bag and asked him to lead the way.
The two had been traveling a long while, not much saying a word. Bristie was excited, and the man was nervous. never having been out in this world, Bristie was taking in the sights. the thick dense foliage of the forest had gone away, and was replaced by picturesque rolling hills and vast farmlands. this was the bread basket of Azura, nestled safely within her borders- the only threats this far in were the few brigands and maybe wolves.
Now that was a creature Bristie had not yet communed with. There was a pack in the forest once, but Bristie was young, had not yet learned her skill. Bristie had been with a group of Watchers who had to chase the pack out of the forest, for they were hunting all the wildlife away and in a few attempts, tried to attack the sanctuary. Azurian wolves were not normal wolves- they were bigger and meaner, roughly the size of a smaller bear, and less massive- but none less potent.

"So, lass. If you don' mind me asking... how does yah do that thing? The thing where you can turn intah aminals and stuff? mPretty impressive I say. I'd be a bear, keep those nasty bullies of me right quick!" The man began scoffing and guffawing at his little joke, but Bristie was disgusted.
"Can you not fight for yourself? do they not teach you the ways of war where you're from?"
At this, the man stopped, and held out his arms and looked down at himself.

"Does I looks like a man who can fight real well? had me an accident a few years back, my back don't work too good no more, and you don' wanna see me tryna lift a sword. plus, I'm short! the only thing a man like me is good for nowadays is deliverin' stuffs, like that letter. Sure, I mighta tried to stab that demon lady with the dragons, but I didn't really MEAN tah, they offered me extra for it!"
Bristie was confused by what he said, but shook her head and continued walking. There was a while of silence, then she broke it.
"I learned of a gift, from the monks in the Sanctuary. through meditation, I was able to commune with the spirits of the animals who dwell in that forest. once I learned about them- why they did what they did, how they act, and so on, I could become like them. it took a while, some forms I can't hold very long, and others are hard to take on in general, but I did it. Apparently, no one else could do it. I'm not sure why I can, I just can."
the man scoffed again, walking close to her and looking up at her and motioning for her to lean closer to him. Perplexed, Bristie stooped to his height and pulled the hood and hair away from her ears- just to show she was listening.

"Yah must be one of dem special peoples. Hear's bout them a lot. They gets special care and stuffs! Real special, that lot!" And with that, the man chuckled himself to a fit, to the point he started coughing and choking. Bristie mentioned they should stop and take a breather, the man only nodded and coughed in reply.
"Special... I like the sound of that!"
The man had almost stopped coughing before she said that, and upon hearing it, was sent into another fit.

Bristie and the man had come to a great city. Bristie was awestruck, her wide eyes gazing at everything, trying to take it all in. on several occasions, she had simply bowled people over as she strode among them. Several people scrambled away, fearing she was a bounty hunter or other brigand there to rob them, but Bristie did not yet even understand the definition of robbery. In fact, she had almost forgotten why she was even in the city in the first place!
As they passed through the outer walls, Bristie was constantly pestering the man, asking "What's this?" or "What's that?" giving him no break. After a while, he no longer cared for jokes, and solemnly told her what she was looking at- whether it be a stack of hay or a tapestry store. to anyone else, it would be obvious that they had wandered into the fancier richer part of the market district, but Bristie had no idea what any of that even meant.

Aight lassie, we need to settle down. There's a time and place for sightseeing-"
"Is this not the place for sightseeing? I AM seeing such wonderous sights!"
"No. Teh best place in on teh island, thats where teh parteh'll be at! you'll see much better stuffs there oim sure. What we needs is a way to get in to teh parteh. I know some guis' who'll gets us in an-"Then the man was cut off by screams from a store not too far away from them.
"Help! Dragon Priestess is here! Help!
"Yer kidden me, she's delivered right to us? quick, look for some gal with that red hair!" Bristie began to look, and watched as a woman took of down the street. Bristies eyes met hers- and then she saw it, but only for a second.
"Dragon..." She had heard enough descriptions to make it out, as the tiny creature popped its head out from under the hood of the running woman. She attempted to pursue the woman, but a surge of people caught her off guard and she was knocked to the ground. standing back up, she lookied around, but saw no sight of her quarry. A crowd ran down the street, several people in armor and weapons at the lead. Bristie recalled being told that the Azurian guards wanted her, the man had mentioned that on the road.
"Damn it! We almost had her before they did!"

"We'll find 'er, oim sure of it. she couldn't have gotten far!"
"What if she leaves? She might know we're onto her!"
"Don' worry lass! Dat bitch'll gon' be at that parteh, 'member? Those crazy knight guys told me she wouldn't miss it for teh world! Arrogant lil bitch thinks she can get away with just about anything nowadays."
Bristie suddenly had an idea. dropping her bags and extra gear at the man's feet, she folded in her arms. morphing into a raven, she spread her what were now wings and took off. scanning the streets, she saw the guards, but they were standing around scratching their heads. making several swoops of the area, she landed back at the feet of the man and returned to her true form.
"Guess I'll HAVE to go to that party..." and she began to pick her things back up. The man was about to assist her, when they both heard a group of footsteps running towards them.

"YOU! why are you here? And why aren't you dead?"A man, who was clearly the leader of the group, spoke down to the small timid man. Judging by the way he was dressed, and the emblem on his chest piece, this man was part of the Knights the small man had told Bristie about.
"I- I'm sorry sir! I delivered the message, and meant to kill her, but those dragons!" He was quivering in fear now. "she attacked me with them, left me for dead! this Elf here saved me, said she'd help kill the evil dragon lady!" Bristie was confused about why the man's accent had disappeared, but she never got the chance to ask before the knight grabbed her by the shoulder. not harshly, but just to get her attention.
"You said you'd assist us? Good, we could use more. Damn bitch has given us the slip too many times, couple extra elven eyes are always good- and you seem to be someone who can handle themself! Though, I can't say the same for our shrimpy friend here." And with that, the Knight spat on the cowering small man. Bristie took pity on him, and stepped in between the two.
"I am quite adept in several forms of combat arts, and my aim with a bow is unmatched! if theres anyone who can get the drop on you demon dragon lady, its me! but my... friend here has been kind to me, I would like him to remain with me for the time being. he may be of some use" Bristie was frantically thinking up an excuse to protect the man, and looked down at him, for some sort of sign. All she got was a teary-eyed little man shaking in fear looking back up at her.

"Assistance?!? Man can barely hold a sword, what good will he do?"
"He uhhhh..." she stammered, and the Knights brow furrowed. "She's seen him before! If she sees him again at the ball, she might reveal herself to him, just for fun- maybe to finish him off? And THAT is when we strike!"
The knight turned to his companions, murmuring to each other in a foreign language, nodding occasionally, and then he turned back to Bristie.

"I have to say, elf, THAT is a very good plan! Welcome aboard!"
"Aboard what?"
"Aboard our... you know, our crew? Never mind. please, come with us. if you want to attend the ball, you'll have to look the part. come now, we'll get you some clothing that you might find better than... whatever THAT is." And with that, Bristie took his hand. leading her down the street like a real gentleman, he began pointing out the shops and people of the city.
behind them, two of the other knights heaved the small man to his feet, gave him a couple quick jabs to the stomach when they thought Bristie was far enough away to not hear it, then shoved him forward and motioned for him to move along.

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Shogun Hidora on Thu Mar 30, 2017 5:46 pm

50/2/1337 11:00

Zack and Zero had finally reached the position, with little time to spare. Zero walked confidently across the alleyway, Zack following cautiously behind, stopping when they reached the other side. Zack felt a bit of unease regarding this plan. It was far too dependent on others, and wasn’t something he was used to.
“Are you sure this is going to work?” Zack poked at Zero, who was simply leaning against the wall and seemed very at ease.
“What do you mean? Do you doubt my plans?” Zero simply answered with questions in attempt to push away the pestering Zack that had been worrying the entire way here.
“Not really…it’s just…how reliable are these contacts of yours?”
“They’re the most reliable when it comes to repaying a debt.”
“Sometimes I wonder what you’ve done before we met…yet sometimes I don’t.”
“Which one is it now?” Zero smirked at Zack’s confused face.
“The latter…” Zack simply shrugged off the goosebumps that built up from the low voice in which Zero answered and simply returned to waiting for their target to appear.

At that moment, perfectly timed with the end of their discussion, a man dressed in full black came walking towards them, and in the tight alleyway bumped directly into them. As he did, Zero dropped the paper he had been holding in his hand, and signaled Zack to try to slow him down. Zack responded simply by catching the chain he was carrying for this mission on the man's cloak, in such a way so as to make it look like an accident.
“Excuse me, sir. I believe you dropped this.” Zero called out while the man was distracted. He simply gestured at the piece of paper on the ground, neither bending down nor revealing his face.

Balthazar felt a bit of unease in this situation. It seemed like a repeat of what had happened before, and that had not ended well. However, he chose to listen to the boy behind him for the time being. He saw the boy gesturing at the paper on the ground, and he could have sworn that the writing on it was the elf’s handwriting. It even appeared to be the same type of paper. He bent down to pick it up, but was quickly stopped.
“Ah, my bad, I seem to have thought it was yours when it was my own. Haha, apologies stranger.” Zero quickly picked up the piece of paper after showing it briefly to the man and chose to continue with a question. “Say, can you possibly help me out? I was looking for a friend of mine, but he’s not well acquainted with these parts of the world, and might have gotten lost. Tell me, by chance have you seen an elf walk by?”

At the mention of an elf Balthazar felt a shiver down his spine. The boy's voice sounded like it was very warm and friendly, but underneath he could sense that he had suspicious ulterior motives. He decided that he would simply try to identify the person without raising too much suspicion, or any kind of direct confrontation.
“And if I did, what would you say?”
“Ah, forgive me; I must’ve been very vague with my intentions. You see…he was supposed to deliver a letter to someone and I simply wanted to ensure that he did so, but the reaction you let out leads me to believe he might not have been so successful in his journey.” Zero was poking at him ever so slightly in attempts to make him speak out about his piece of paper.
“You misunderstand. He did finish his job, just not the way he expected to.”
“I see. Stolen? Or perhaps ripped during a brawl of one man against four while the thieving woman ran away wounded.” Zero decided to simply state the obvious information he had gathered.

Zack simply stood behind the man and noticed how he occasionally turned around to look at him and then, within a second, he drew his sword at Zero, pointing it directly in his face. Zack was about to draw his own blades when Zero stopped him, telling him to lower his weapons. Zack felt uneasy watching this, but Zero was completely calm and wasn’t even nervous looking directly back at the man and his pure black sword.
“Fancy and grim, the mere mention of your name sends shivers down many spines, Balthazar.” Zero simply praised the man who had drawn a blade at him.
Balthazar felt even more unease at the fact that this man wasn’t even flinching at the sight of his sword being so close to his neck. It almost felt as if he was the one with the blade to his neck.
“Who are you? How do you know me?”
“For many I go by the name of Zero, pleasure to meet you. And I do hope this isn’t how you usually negotiate, seems uncomfortable and can lead to serious injury."
Balthazar kept his sword up, not letting down his guard. This man was dangerous. He seemed very innocent and harmless, but Balthazar couldn’t shake the feeling that he was much more than he seemed. One thing that Balthazar knew best was to never doubt his instincts.

Zack couldn’t stand looking at this any longer. “Lower the weapon already. We’re not here to fight with you, we’re here to arrange a trade with you,” he stated, catching the attention of both the Balthazar and, surprisingly, Zero. Looking over at his partner's grin he knew he wasn’t mistaken in his actions and as soon as the man’s blade lowered Zero pulled up his hands in an attempt to prove that he didn’t have anything on him that would threaten what he had just tried to say.
“Now…can we find somewhere to sit? We’ve been travelling the entire night, I personally am tired of standing. Care to lead the way to a nice inn?” Zero smiled at the man, who was now watching every single move his muscles made.
"Very well," Balthazar replied, and led the way back to the inn that he knew best.

Balthazar noticed that the bartender was confused by the sudden interactions between them, but simply ignored him and led the two to his usual sitting spot. He then decided to begin with the most obvious question: “How do you know of this?”
“That’s a thief’s secret, you should know better than to ask, but I’ll give you a bit of detail and it involves forgery.”
Zero simply pulled out the piece of paper that was used earlier and showed it to Balthazar who was sitting right across from him. The paper didn’t contain anything of importance. It was simply a shopping list, written in the exact same style that the elf had written his list in.
“I'm quite impressed. So, what is it that you want exactly?”
“Same thing you want, the other half of a list brought over by a very desperate king.” Zero leaned in on the table.
“No deal then. I have enough information for myself here and I plan to retrieve the other part one way or another.”
Balthazar noticed the one quietly sitting to the side beginning to feel uneasy, but the one he wanted to scare was not even reacting to his bluff. Truth be told, his paper had nothing on it and all the names were crossed out, so the other part was essential to fulfilling his work.
“But can you identify every single person without requiring a name or thorough searching?” Zero began bargaining with him and it seemed to have caught his attention just as planned.
“I’m listening.” Balthazar felt beaten, but he had no choice, his bluff was called once again and if this was wasn’t an offer for even trade he would lose horribly.
“I’m simply asking for cooperation on this task, that’s all. We all win in this situation, don’t we?”
Balthazar began to think, but his thoughts were interrupted by the quiet bystander in the situation beginning to become impatient.
“We leave in an hour. Best get ready.”
“Excellent.” Zero seemed very pleased.

While they waited for departure time to come, Zack couldn’t help but pull Zero to the side and discuss things a bit more privately.
“How do you even know he’s not going to just backstab us half way through this?”
“I don’t. I can simply assume that his honorable status sticks to him like glue though.” Zero laughed and caused even more anxiety to crawl up Zack’s spine as he sighed. “Look you’re being too tense, don’t you think? Lighten up a bit. We’re all getting what we want from this.”
“What exactly are you getting from this? You never told me why you’re so keen on helping with this particular mission in general. Doesn’t it put you in terrible trouble with the White Rose?”
“It doesn’t, and I’m simply doing it for my own interests. None of it concerns them.”
“Speaking of which, wouldn’t they notice that we’ve been gone for far too long?”
“You think so?” Zero seemed to act surprised and only got a punch from Zack in return. “Hahahaha don’t worry about those geezers and stuck up monkeys they won’t notice. We’re rookies remember that, they don’t give a rat’s ass about us."
At the comment Weiss suddenly popped up and squeaked at him from under Zack’s hood.
“Hey! Watch your tongue.”
“Excuse me, my lady,” Zero replied, sarcastically apologizing to Zack’s little rat, even bowing. “Basically, they never cared for us. We’re extra swords for hire, we don’t even appear in their records until we’re referred to as 'members' or 'thorns'.”
“Now that I think about it…how long have you worked for them?”
“About a year I believe. I’ve always done these things my own way, so…technically even less than a year hahahaha.” Zero began laughing once again catching attention on purpose.
Zack felt displeasure due to Zero purposely causing a scene to cut him off from asking too much, also bringing Balthazar towards them.

Having heard them discussing something privately, Balthazar decided to intervene and called them over.
"It's time. Get ready."

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Seamoose on Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:00 pm

49/2/1337 2:17
Zack's face lit up with excitement at that moment waiting for Zero to answer and give out his plan, but was met with a face of equal confusion as Zero simply waited in silence.
"So...your plan?"

"My plan?"
"Yes? Don't you have one on how to reach the Dark Blade?"
"Oh... Well you see...I don't"
“What do you mean you don’t have a plan?”
“Well, it’s not like I had any time to think of one. Listen, how about you just go home and rest up for a bit and get ready for whenever we have to depart. I heard that the Dark Blade is staying somewhere in Osallia, and that’s pretty far from here.”
“Well, I guess that’s okay, but you better not take too long.”
“Don’t worry, I got this”
After hearing Zero’s advice, Zack quickly decided to clock in for the night and go home, after feeding his pet rat Weiss, he finished his daily workout and went to bed. Though the excitement of meeting the Dark Blade kept him awake for most of the night. He kept thinking about Balthazar, and how he would look like, how strong he would be and what they would do upon meeting each other. He thought about what would happen if the chance to fight him somehow appears, if Zero’s plan fails then they would certainly have to fight. Zack got giddy just at the mere thought of fighting the Dark Blade, one on one.
After thinking about that for a good hour, his body finally gave up and decided to fall asleep. While Zack was asleep he had a dream, more so a memory from the past, about a time when he was a child, when he had yet to meet his master. The memory was one that he wished to forget. It was a time when he was a powerless child unable to change his fate.
As per usual he was woken up early in the morning when even the sun was reluctant to rise. He would be given a single potato as food to last him the entire day and he would be kicked out onto the streets ordered to bring back an appropriate amount of money, be it by begging or by stealing. Zack, even as a child had some semblance of pride and did not allow himself to earn money from people’s pity. Instead he decided to take the other option of stealing. Using his small stature he quickly and silently departed people from their belongings. And once the day ended and once Zack had gathered a sufficient amount of coin pouches he would return to his sorry excuse of a home and he would be given an amount of food proportional to the amount of coin he had earned. And thus his monotonous days would pass, waking up, eating, stealing, going home, eating, sleeping, waking up and doing the same thing all over again, stuck in a never ending cycle.
Zack, having enough of this boring dream forced himself awake, and contemplated what would have happened if he hadn’t met his master when he did, would he have continued to steal meager pocket change for a living, becoming the scum of society, would he still be living in that sorry excuse for a home. Zack even more now than ever was glad that he met his master and now with a new found conviction he was ready to set off and find the Dark Blade. Though looking through the window he saw that the sun had barely risen and he decided to sleep for a bit longer thinking that he had more time to rest until Zero showed up and told him his plan. As Zack was getting comfortable again, eagerly awaiting to back to sleep, he suddenly hears his door slam open.

“Wakey, wakey sleepy head”
Zack, startled by Zero’s sudden intrusion tries to get back his composure, but is immediately thrown a letter which he just barely manages to catch.
“That’s a map of where this Dark Blade fellow is, o as his real name is Balthazar. Supposedly he’s staying at an inn not too far from here. So we’re gonna go there and I’ll do all the negotiating while you stand in the back and look all intimidating”
“Wait, so if it’s close by why did you have to come here at 5 in the morning.”
“Oh, that’s cause it’ll take us about 2 hours to get there. We’re going by foot after all”
“What, why?”
“Don’t tell me that you can’t handle a little jog in the morning”
“It’s not that I’m just confused why we can’t take a horse or something faster.”
“Are you saying that a horse is faster than you, I heard rumors that you could easily outrun horse.”
“Well, I can but still. Agh, whatever have it your way.”
“Anyway get out of here, due to your sudden intrusion I wasn’t able to prepare anything.”
“What are you embarrassed about me seeing a little skin. What are you a little girl.”
Zack now flustered, turned away from Zero and began changing his clothes with inhuman speed. Once he had finished he turned to Zero with a triumphant smirk, but seeing that Zero’s expression hadn’t changed he once again became flustered at this loss. Shaking his head, he quickly reached for his tools and finally equipped himself for the journey. Once Zack finished preparing, they more thoroughly discussed the plan and finally set out to meet up with the Dark Blade.
50/2/1337 5:43

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by SergeantTurtle on Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:51 pm

47/2/1337 08:32

As the sun was shining bright upon the sky, people were carrying out their daily routines in their normal lives. Farmers harvesting their crops and tradesmen selling their wares. Our story takes us to a not so normal place, with people with...not so normal lives. We find our...*ahem*...."heroes" at the massive mountain border of Pandora and Azura.

"Are you sure that this is the border?" Talia said looking up at the wall of rock formations.
"Well according to my knowledge and my great skill of geography, maybe." he said, looking proudly over the mountains.
"Right." she said as she walked towards the wall. She spit in her hands and grabbed a ledge.
"Might as well start climbing."
"You know, if I just channel a bit, we might be able to teleport a small distance. All without the need of climbing." .
Talia turned around and started walking towards Bhohb.
"I know you are short and can't really climb that well..." she said.
"You can put it that way too, yes... so do-"
"But we don't have time for that." she interrupted, picking him up in his coat and throws him to a ledge 5m above her.
"Start climbing." she ordered the hobbit and dashed up the cliff.

After a long day of climbing they found themselves on a small plateau and decided to set up camp for the night. Gathering some sticks and leaves, they made a campfire and ate some of the rations they had gathered in town the other day.
"You're awfully quiet, more than usual. Not used to physical training?" Bhohb smirked while devouring the grilled turkey.
"I carried you on my back two thirds of the way." she said, painfully massaging her back.
"Well I did tell you, I had an idea but you didn't want to have it my way."

The sun was setting and the two companions decided to sleep under the clear night sky. As per usual, Bhohb fell asleep before Talia even had the chance to get comfortable. She laid on her back and looked upon the sky as her mind wandered. Eventually, she too fell asleep due to exhaustion.

She found herself sitting on a pile of leaves in a lush, green forest. Looking around, she could see animals roaming free and waterfall poaring down the cliffside. As she started walking around, she was awestruck by the beauty of nature. In a small glade, she saw a man with a hooded cloak.
"Hello?" she was walking towards him but stopped a couple of meters away.
The man was turned away from her, and didn't seem to notice she was standing there.
"Excuse me, what is this place?" she asked carefully.
He slowly began to turn his head in her direction and she could see the tainted purple eye that he had.
"I'm sorry, I-"
"Beware the whispers of the old one." he said quietly, and started to fade like sand in the wind.
"What? Wait!" she screamed in vain towards the man that had already dissapeared.
The forest had turned from a glowing hope to a lifeless, gray painting. She could feel the darkness creeping up on her, as the forest got denser and died right in front of her eyes. Her legs were stuck and she could feel something cold creeping on her back, spreading up to her shoulders. As it continued to spread, she saw the black and purple infection spreading on her skin. She could feel panic rising and tried to remove it by force. Slowly she could feel her own will slip away as it was spreading up her neck. As it reached her eyes, she started going blind and could only hear one thing. A silent whisper.
"NOOOOOOO!" she screamed as she woke up in a cave she did not recognize.

The smell of fresh rain filled the cave and she looked out the entrance to see it poaring down. Further inside the cave Bhohb was looking at her with wide eyes.
"You okay there? You sleep for too long, you should probably get someone to check that out for ya." he said as he walked towards the entrance.
Talia stood up and felt an extreme stomach pain, but walked over to Bhohb.
"Where are we?" she said and gazed over the drenched forest.
"Good morning and welcome to Azura."
"Good morning?"
"Yeah, you've been knocked out for a whole day. Figured I'd just teleport us to a place closer to our destination. I would have stopped the rain too, but I don't want to overdo myself and sprain my fingers or something."
"A day?" Talia was in shock and understood the reason for her stomach pain.
"Yeah you probably need to work on your physique if you get that tired after a little bit of climbing." he smirked.
"Do we have any food left?" she asked, not bothered to retaliate on his "funny" insults.
"Yeah of course...some... a little."
She found some bread that had not yet been engulfed by the old hobbit and started to chow down.
"How long until we get there?" she said with new hope.
"If all goes according to plan, not far... not far at all."

49/2/1337 10:27

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The Arcanica Role Play (Here) Empty Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Cookie on Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:37 pm

50/02/1337 20:14

Setryn had gone back into his realm and now Dazairi was left all alone standing in front of the bowing knights and the began walking up the staircase leading to the large doors that were slowly being opened up by the other guards. Stopping right before the door she was trying to build her composure, trying to fake an act, live up to the name of "The Dragon Priestess" a menacing and intimidating criminal with ravishing beauty. As soon as she took a single step inside the loud ballroom all eyes were fixated onto her. Some full of horror, some full of excitement, others simply gushing over her dazzling beauty, she felt like the center of attention within a single step. "You knew this would happen...come on. You can manage. Fierceness! Fierce! Like a dragon." She began trying to keep her confidence beaming and it was working, she was very intimidating just by being there.

Within a few moments she was brought refreshments, but with a quick glimpse of the person carrying the refreshments she realized she knew that man, the same man she threatened and toyed with just the other day. Feeling a sense of uneasiness from this scenario she left the drink and simply moved away from him, but only to be followed with some small desserts by the same man, now her suspicion was confirmed so with every step she took, she caused the man to either need to crash through a crowd of people or simply lose sight of her. "What a pesky predicament...wonder if that was a trap..."


The clocks began ringing and the music had been stopped and everyone's attention was turned to a single staircase centered at the end of the room. While the room itself was rather large and covered in marble, the door was decorated in various gems and was made of wood. Looking at the door closely now, Dazairi noticed it was the insignia of the Dusk Knights. With a very condemnatory look in her eyes, Dazairi watched as the door opened slowly and an elven man with lush long brown hair started walking in. He was wearing a full white suit with some golden patterns here and there making it look rather expensive and pretentious in Dazairi's eyes. He stood at the top of the staircase as two other men, wearing the same walked right behind him and stood there as he looked around and met eye to eye with Dazairi. She eyed him down, but had a very bad feeling about this.

-Welcome! Welcome all! Today is a day of celebration, union and most of all, the day that the Dusk Knights were founded. We have invited you all here to celebrate our order's birth date and to enjoy yourselves as we, naturally,
have acquired the most luxurious of meals and drinks for you to enjoy. -After a brief introduction the man began speaking in elven and wasn't understandable to many human guests who had come by invitation, but it seemed to had pleased the ears of the elves and they were smiling. a finale I must thank a certain individual who honored our ball with their presence. Quite an infamous person which has full protection by the Dusk Knights for this evening is no other than The Dragon Priestess.

As if sounding off an alarm many started backing away from her and eyed her with suspicion and disgust.
Dazairi simply stood her ground and tilted her head slightly indicating her boredom of the speech. She didn't try replying,
she simply stood right in front of the stairs as she was being watched.

-Such beauty, fierce passion like a true dragon born. I thank you for honoring our party with your presence.
But... - The man began walking down the steps slowly and walked in front of her bowing down and taking her hand in his.
-I would be more than honored if you could possibly give me this once dance.

Noticing the atmosphere became conflicted and uneasy, Dazairi felt a bit cornered to make a move that goes along with what this man wanted, even tho she was highly suspicious of his actions she smiled and placed her other hand under his as if holding his hand now in hers.
-I accept. How could I possibly refuse my kind host after allowing me to be here after all?

Noticing she was arrogantly addressing him now, his hand slightly curled up and he pulled it back before she noticed more.
Feeling a sense of leading the situation now, Dazairi walked with him over to the dance area and the music began playing as both of them were joined by many others and began dancing. Noticing the music was loud enough Dazairi began asking questions.

-I must say, this is one elaborate and luxurious party. How do you knights pay off such high costs?

-It should come to no surprise to you, my dear. We are as famous as we are infamous in the underground scene for hunting down high bounty individuals such as yourself.

-Does that mean you haven't properly paid for these luxuries, you simply assumed I'd kindly roll over and be caught? Or are you as arrogant as you look?

-A highly justified arrogance if I do say so myself.

-I'll be the judge of that, my dear.

As they continued exchanging taunts and the atmosphere between them heated up, the music was soon to finish and Dazairi felt she had to back away the moment it did. And as if she predicted the obvious scheme, just as the music ended she was jumped by three knights hiding in between the dancing couples. With swift reflexes she used their leader as a shield and jumped back. Now there was panic and many of the people started running away giving her enough time to start chanting to summon Setryn. With just enough time she managed to summon her elder dragon and he tossed her over her grimoire where she started looking through the pages to find Salaris. Noticing she's cornered after Set called out to her she decided it was time to give them what they deserve.

-Wonder how much your scales will sell for, beast.

-Wonder what you'll taste like, elf.

With them not approaching her she managed to pull out Salaris and even Egio. With all her dragons surrounding her the knights became intimidated and began hesitating, until one man foolishly leaped towards her and was raised in the air inside a bubble of water.

-Weak minded beings such as yourself don't last quite long. Care to guess why? - Salaris had suspended the man and slowly brought her widely opened mouth towards him only to stop right in front of him and close it as if she chomped onto something scaring the man enough to turn the bubble of water into more of a yellow colored bubble now. -Pathetic.

-Yeesh, remind me never to get on your bad side, Salaris. I like my dignity, but clearly these fools don't like theirs.

Without even telling them they can go crazy, Egio had already began dashing through their ranks and taking down the incoming knights. The place was turned into a battlefield and Dazairi knew it. She climbed onto Salaris's back and watched as they took care of the incoming waves of soldiers without a single care. It felt far too one sided for all their bragging until they brought in large magical firearms. Shooting elemental types of rounds at them, the three dragons began taking damage. Attempting not to kill the people attacking them, they began crushing the firearms, but Setryn wasn't casting his lightning in fear of killing them. Dazairi began thinking of what they could possibly do in this situation, but not much was coming to mind.

Until they fired an electric round at Salaris. She swiftly dodged it, but the man in the bubble still suspended wasn't as fortunate as he along with the bubble evaporated. That gave Dazairi a great idea and she called for a retreat from her dragons.

-Egio blow them all away, Salaris after their out drown this entire building in water.


-Whatever you say, boss.

-What are you planning?

As they were flying out Dazairi started laughing.

-A little bit of a shocking experience.

They were finally outside and Egio also flew out after knocking most of the elves out, but many came back in and were caught in the water. Dazairi told Egio to pull them out and after all of them were taken out, she told Set to strike with full force at the water and after he does for Salaris to release it as a wave towards the main exit. With the plan in mind, Set charged his attack and struck the water causing a large scale flash and after it was done, the wave was sent crashing towards many of the exit. But before it could reach anyone, Dazairi asked Salaris to stop it and simply destroy the building with Egio in a large yet beautiful to watch tornado of water that finished with an explosion of rain. Looking down at the knights' leader, Dazairi asked to be sent down to him as he was lying on the ground and walked up to him and simply looked at him with disappointment.

-You even failed to entertain me. Your food was terrible and the choice of music, horrid. Arrogance of that level can only bring a large catastrophe and a bill bigger than my dragons.

-Kill me...Just kill me! -He sat up and started crawling towards her desperately. -End me now! Why are you hesitating?

-I don't take pleasure in beating the weak and using their heads as trophies. Neither do I enjoy ending a man's suffering when he clearly deserves it all. I do however, love watching your crying face beg for death as you get dragged away by more vile men screaming for mercy as you know your life will end in slow torture and repayment in many other ways.

-M-monster...demon! Your existence is pure evil! The spawn of the unholy is what you are! -The man began crawling back in hopes to escape from her, only to be greeted by the feet of those whom he borrowed money from.

Watching the men glare at him, Dazairi called over to them and waved goodbye. They simply nodded and walked away as she flew away with her dragons.

-That party didn't last as long as I had hoped...but it was fun by the end of it.

-Hahaha, he started crying what a coward of a man. That's such a disappointment. I thought this would last longer.

-Does it not bother you, Dazairi?


-Being called those things. They seem like heavy words that you constantly get to hear being shouted at you.


-Forgive me, Setryn, but I must know. I feel bothered by the fact that she ignores it constantly without explanation.

-Come on, Salaris, why would words of weak men like those cause pain to her? Clearly they're not worth her time.

-Although you're right, Egio, I do feel a bit of pain as I watch other innocent people fear me. I find it funny as well when many play it tough saying they could bring me down, it's interesting being in my position, but it is a bit isolated from human or even elven contact...I can't go back home yet, I must find out where I belong where I came from...but at least I'm not alone, right?

With a warm smile Dazairi comforted Salaris who was worrying about her well being. It seemed to had calmed her down a bit and she was reassured a bit knowing how Dazairi really felt.

-You never will be.

-We will make sure you fulfill your destiny.

-All you need to make sure of is to let us have some fun with you along the way.

Riding along the way, they decide they can't go back to town yet and simply decide to land in the less dense part of the forest where there was a perfect view of the sky. She didn't desummon her dragons this time, as they had all curled up together with her, protecting her and enjoying the view and moment together.


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