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Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Tucker789 on Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:56 pm

Bristie did not like the desert. She did not like the air, she did not like the sand,
but mostly- she did not like the lack of life. Occasionally she would sense a worm sliding under them, but it went on its way, probably discouraged at the amount of potential enemies it would have to fight if it wanted to make a move. The first one they encountered was giant, and several deep wounds were inflicted upon it fairly quickly, perhaps it sent some sort of warning to the others to stay away? Bristie wasn't sure, she could not understand the low murmuring from the worms, as she had spent no time with them. The worms she had in the forest were small, like the size of her finger, and massively unintelligent.

Bristie was the eyes and ears for the group, circling overhead in her raven form. She could see the shifting of the sand as things passed under it- and after a bit she began to wonder if the group was drawing the attention of the worms, or there just happened to be an abundance in this desert.
the heat from the sun was oppressive, but flying trough the air helped a bit, and the heat from the sand helped to keep her up without her expending too much energy of her own.
She had never before remained in an animal form for too long, but she realized it may have consequences on her personality- she found this out when she accidentally let out a loud "CAW" while the group was resting one night. She played it off by pretending to cough,
but she was sure they all caught it.

Valziahzahl said he would take the first watch, as the group sat around a small campfire. Mainly though, he just wanted to be left alone from these mortals for a time.
Day after day he watched them stumble about, some acting all mighty and strong, when Valziahzahl could simply rip their throats open and feast on their blood before they could do anything about it.
There were two member though who might prove problamatic- one being the girl Isabella,
if that was truly her name. On occasion, Val had picked up on someone starting to call her "Daz-" but they would catch themselves and play it off. The girl and her dragons had secrets, but Val did not care what they were. Dragons had been a tool used in the past to defeat the forces of Hell, so they could potentially be used against him now.
The other was Isabella's apparent lover, Zero. Val could sense a power about him, he could smell it in the air, but he could not yet make out its nature. Val kept his eye on both, but he also kept an eye on the sky- he had sensed someone watching the group as they entered the desert. Perhaps it was that annoying hobbit from before. Though the hobbit did not seem to be in good graces with the group, he still posed a potential wild card, as Val did not know the full length of his capabilities. The hobbit was clever enough to break the silencing spell, and slip away, but Val did not know whether that was something simple for the hobbit, or hard.
Pushing these thought away, Val sat down a little ways from the camp. He crossed his legs and assumed a meditative position. A peculiar sensation of having his entire body being pulled on swept over him, then suddenly it stopped. He opened his eyes, and looked down upon his body, still sitting in the sand meditating. This simple imitation could perform many
things, but right now it just needed to pose as a watcher for the group.
He snapped his fingers, and it echoed across the desert as if he were standing in an empty room. The world rushed past him, he could feel the wind blasting him in his face. He watched as the world warped by under his feet, seemingly pulling him towards somewhere- and then suddenly it stopped. Val was in a dark underground chamber. Torches lit with green fire lined the walls, leading to a bloodied altar. In front of the altar, there was a hooded figure hunched over a walking stick. The figure turned its head as Val appeared, glaring at him with four eyes that emitted a pale green glow. Under the figures robes, a tentacle appeared. The tail wrapped around a journal with a quill in it. Turning towards Val, the figure opened the book and prepped the quill by dabbing it into a fresh corpse that lay on the altar.

What'll it be, master?" The figure hissed. There were no discernible features about the person, just the eyes. The voice seemed to emanate from the room itself. Instead of hands, there were more tentacles- the person seemed to be made of them.
Val simply said he had a message for 'Him', and the figure obliged. Setting the journal down, he left the room. A few seconds later he came back with a person- a female elf. Val seemed to recognize her, but dismissed it.
"Fresh-caught, from the Azurian capital. Lovely lady owned a clothing shop, now her soul will open a channel for your message."
The woman fought the tentacled figure, but she was not strong enough, and the tentacles slammed her down on the altar. more tentacles appeared holding various knives, and began cutting into her flesh. The room reverberated with the chanting of some dark spell, and suddenly the woman lit up with a brilliant white light, and a ear-piercing high-pitched sound came from her. Neither the figure nor Val were affected in any way, but once the sound died down, the space around the Altar warped. It formed a vortex, and in the vortex Val could see another realm.

"What is it, Kaeldrumus?" A voice blasted from the other realm.
"It is I, your humble servant. I bring news of your quarries status."
"As you have predicted, her condition is deteriorating. Every day I sense her protection whittling away. Every day your dark presence permeates the air. With your permission, I will advance to the next stage at the next opportunity."
"This is indeed good news. Valziahzahl, you have once again proved your unparalleled loyalty to our cause. The restraint you have shown could not be matched by any other demon in my legion. When you strike- kill the other slowly and painfully. Milk as much terror from them as you would like. I will be watching for your signal.
Val was not able to reply, as the vortex closed. Keldrumus offered another soul to open the portal again, but Val looked at the body of the mutilated elf on the altar,
and said "Only as a snack."
Kaeldrumus snickered as he left to retrieve another person. He returned shortly with a male dwarf- Val's favorite. Val thrust his clawed hand into the Dwarf's chest, sapping the terror and pain from the man. The dwarf screamed out in pain, but that only made the snack more delectable for Val, who promptly finished his meal and returned to his body without another word.
Brenneth opened his eyes as he heard footsteps approaching from behind.
"Heeey there love." He smiled at Bristie, who sat down next to him. She rested her head on his shoulder and looked into his eyes with a smile of her own.

"You seem cheerful today."
"What can I say? Meditation- it does good things for your body. You should try it sometime!"
"Haha, maybe not. Could never sit still for that long."
Bristie wrapped her arms around Brenneth and gave him a kiss, and together they watched the sun rise over the mountains.

Much further away, Heradahn had picked up Bristie's trail. He was standing on a hill overlooking a modest town with a large house on the other side. He descended into the town and began to ask the locals if they had seen her. Many simply shook their heads and walked away, but a man, and elf actually, recognized her. He told Heradahn how she had fought him and his group of guildmates as they were tracking down a criminal, and how she had used him to throw open a door. The elf had managed to slip away, but he had no money or food, and was stuck in this town until he could get back on his feet.
"So she was here, with some other people. Bristie... what have you gotten yourself into?"
Heradahn was walking to an inn he had seen as he was asking about, when he happened to walk under an archway, when suddenly his senses were overwhelmed by a malignant smell. He stopped, and looked about, but nothing seemed out of place. Under his breath, he cast a spell that enabled him to see through magic barriers- and to his disgust he discovered a rotting corpse. Heradahn knelt down next to it and examined the wounds, realizing that the man had essentially been drained of his life. Heradahn did not know of any mortal being that could do such a thing, the only beings capable of causing this were demons.
"Bristie... what have you gotten yourself into?" He said again. Now he had a magic trail to follow, and there was no one better at tracking demons than Heradahn.
"Brenneth, keep her safe for me!"

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Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Shogun Hidora on Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:32 pm

65/2/1337 13:30

Balthazar rolled out of the way as the sand worm charged at him. As it passed by him, he slashed his sword at it's mouth, and the creature, carried onward by its own momentum, was sliced cleanly in two. Hearing another burst from the ground behind him, he turned and charged at it. Sensing him coming, the creature swung its tail, sending him flying back, before tunneling back under the ground. Balthazar leaped back to his feet, looking around to see if he could find where the worm had gone.
"Be careful," he called out to the others. "That thing is still out there."
Suddenly, the worm burst up underneath Zero, swallowing him whole.
"No!" Isabella called out in despair, falling to the ground. The worm towered over her, reaching forward to swallow her too. Suddenly, the worm shuddered, before exploding, covering her in slime.
"Well, that was disgusting," Zero said, standing where the worm had been, covered in slime.
"You're alive!" Isabella called out, running over and hugging him.
"Sorry to interrupt your moment," Balthazar said, walking towards them, "but there could be more of them out there. Best to be ready."
"I'm not seeing any signs of any more of them," Bristie said, landing on the ground before them. "There is a town ahead, however."
"Perfect. We can restock our supplies there."
"And hopefully take a bath," Zero said, laughing.

As they approached the town, they could see a large crowd gathered around the entrance.
"What's going on here?" Isabella asked.
"Some kind of markets by the look of it," Balthazar replied. "Most likely travelling traders, or something like that."
"I wonder if they have any soap?" Zero asked, smirking.
The group walked towards the crowd, and began searching the various stalls.
At one such stall, Bristie found an interesting necklace. It had a silver chain, with a large, round stone that seemed to change colour depending on which way you looked at it.
"Brenneth," Bristie called out. "Look at this!"
"What is it?" he replied, walking over to her.
"It's so pretty! If only I could have it."
"I'll buy it for you," Brenneth replied, reaching into his pocket for coins.
"Thank you so much!" Brisite said, hugging him. "I'll have to show Isa!"
She walked through the crowd, eventually finding Isabella, along with Zero and Balthazar.
"Look at this necklace!" she said excitedly, showing it to Isabella.
"It's beautiful," she replied. "Wait a minute. It looks like the one I gave to the princess."
"Where would the merchant have gotten it from though?" Zero asked, moving over to look at it.
"Guess we'll have to find out," Balthazar said, taking the necklace from Bristie. "Can you show me where you bought this?"
"Just over there," Bristie replied, pointing in the direction of the stall. "He had a heap of different jewellery. This one just seemed to stand out."
Balthazar walked towards the stall, followed by the others.
"Excuse me," he said, holding out the necklace towards the merchant. "Where exactly did you get this from?"
"Let's see," the merchant replied, looking closely at the necklace. "Why do you need to know anyway?"
"It's important," Zero replied. "Please."
"Very well then," the merchant replied. "This particular item was sold to me here, earlier this morning."
"Any idea who it was? What did they look like?"
"I couldn't really see much of their face. They were wearing a hood. I did see their eyes though. Red they were. Quite an unusual colour for a human to have. At least I think they were human. Could have been an elf. Either way, they were odd."
"Any idea where we could find this person?"
"Can't help you there. Sorry."
"Shame. Thanks for the help anyway."
"Wait a minute," the merchant said, looking at something a short way off. "I think that could be him over there." He pointed towards a hooded figure at a stall across from them, holding a clay pot. Looking up, the figure noticed the group looking at them, and dropped the pot, running away from them.
"Hey!" Balthazar called out, chasing after him, followed closely by the others. "Get back here!"
The figure darted into an alley between two houses, and the group turned the corner to follow him. They heard a shout from the rooftop above, and another hooded figure leaped down from above, holding out a longsword. He landed in the middle of the group, knocking them off their feet, before leaping at Balthazar, who quickly brought his sword up to block his blow.
"Go!" Balthazar called out, pushing back the swordsman. "I'll take care of him!"

As the others got to their feet, another hooded figure flew past just above their heads, followed by a group of imps.
"Great," Zero said. "This guy again."
They ran down the alley, and came to another corner. Turning the corner, they found a woman with blonde hair blocking their path, who threw a ball of lightning at Zero, knocking him back.
"You want to get to my lord?" she asked, conjuring another ball of lightning in her hands. "You'll have to get through me first."
"Fine by me," Zero replied, throwing a fireball at her. The fire and lightning collided, destroying each other in mid air.
"Keep going!" Zero called out to Bristie. "I'll handle her."
"Very well then," Bristie replied, before transforming into a raven and taking off after the hooded figures.

Just outside the town, the hooded figure, seeing Bhohb approaching, began chanting, before throwing down a few arrowheads onto the ground behind him, which turned into archers. Taking aim, they began to fire at Bhohb, who blocked the arrows with a shield of shadow. "Take care of them," Bhohb called back to the imps. "This one is mine."
The imps flew down, and drew daggers, making short work of the archers, who vanished once they had been killed.
"Excellent," Bhohb said to himself, looking back over his shoulder at them. He then turned back towards the hooded figure, and was just in time to see the back of a large hand in front of him, which collided with Bhohb, sending him crashing down to the sands below.

The swordsman swung at Balthazar again, who blocked the sword with one of his, before swinging the other towards him. The swordsman shifted his sword, blocking Balthazar's, before kicking him, sending him back. He then leaped at Balthazar, who brought up both swords to block, before forcing them outwards, pushing the other swordsman back. They then both swung their swords, both meeting in the middle with a great clash.

Bhohb slowly got to his feet, turning to face the troll running at him. He conjured up a fireball in his hand, preparing to throw it, but the troll grabbed his legs, swinging him over, slamming him hard into the ground. The troll then pulled him up again, hitting him on the ground over and over, before throwing him a short distance. The troll then leaped at Bhohb, fists upraised, who quickly rolled over and summoned a shadow shield, blocking the troll's fists. The troll then brought up his fists again, slamming them into the shield again. The shield blocked them again, but Bhohb could feel it, and himself, weakening. Hopefully the troll would give up soon, but it was unlikely.

Zero threw another fireball at the woman, who blocked it with a bolt of lightning, before firing another one at Zero, who deflected it with his own lightning bolt.
"Enough!" called out a figure from the rooftop, who sent a boulder crashing down between them. "We don't appreciate you foreigners causing trouble here! Now, enough of that!"
Brenneth picked up a rock from the ground, and threw it at the mage. "Hey!" he called out. "Over here!"
The mage sent up a boulder from the ground beneath him, sending him flying over the rooftops to the desert behind him. The mage then leaped down to the sand beneath, summoning rocks to encase Brenneth. "Now, be a good boy and stay there!" he yelled at Brenneth, walking over to him. "You fool!" Brenneth replied, a black claw reaching out from the rocks, grabbing the mage by the neck. "You really should have stayed with the others," he said, rising up to his feet. "Now it's just us here, and I can have my way with you."
"What is this?!" the mage screamed. "Impossible!"
"For you mortals perhaps," Valziahzahl replied, draining the life from the mage. "Pathetic." Once he had drained the mage's life force, he threw the shriveled corpse to the sand behind him, which quickly rose to cover it. Seeing that his hand had returned to its human form, Brenneth turned and walked back towards the town.

The troll kept hitting the shield, over and over. Bhohb saw a crack start forming in the shield, which grew wider after each successive hit. "So this is what it feels like..." he thought to himself. "Shame I didn't get to that library." Suddenly, the troll stepped back, trying to reach something on its back. It turned, and Bhohb could see a blue panther on it's back, clawing at it. The troll eventually took hold of its legs, throwing it off, but it simply turned into a raven in mid air, darting back towards the troll.
Bristie pecked it in the eye, and it stumbled back, howling in pain. Seeing his chance, Bhohb rose slowly to his feet, hindered by his broken ribs. He waved his hands, and tendrils of sand rose up from the ground, wrapping themselves around the troll, pulling it down into the sand below. The troll began thrashing around, trying to free itself, but this only managed to slow its descent. Suddenly, a great sand worm burst out from underneath the troll, biting it in half, before sinking back under the sand. The half of the body that remained twitched, and then lay still, before disappearing, leaving only a claw behind.
Bristie flew down, turning back into her elvish form as she landed.
"I suppose I should thank you," Bhohb said as she approached, holding out his hand. As Bristie reached out to shake it, he pulled it back, laughing. "But that's not really my style."
"Oh shush you!" Bristie replied, rolling her eyes. "Now, do you want healing or not?"

The two swords clashed again, and the other swordsman kicked Balthazar again, sending him back. He them leaped at him, but Balthazar rolled out of the way, before bringing around his sword, slicing the swordsman's head off. As it rolled to the ground, the cloth covering his face fell off, and Balthazar saw a familiar face. His father. "No," Balthazar said, stunned. "That's impossible!" He fell to the ground, letting his swords fall by his side. "How?" Looking back at his father's body, he saw it disappear, leaving a ring in its place. Balthazar moved over towards it, and picked it up, looking closely at it. His father's wedding ring. But how did the masked figure get it? Unless...
Balthazar picked up his swords, and began to run in the direction the hooded figure had gone. He would have his vengeance at last.

The hooded figure ran towards the cave entrance, looking over his shoulder. Seeing only a raven circling above, he began to enter, but the ground beneath him suddenly began to shift away from the cave, sweeping him off his feet. He rolled over, and saw a cloaked figure floating towards him. He rose to his feet, and began trying to summon another familiar, but the hooded figure fired a fireball at him, knocking him over. He then felt tendrils rising up from the sand, securing him firmly in place. The hooded figure then landed next to him, followed shortly by a raven, which then changed shape into an elf.
"Where is she?" Bhohb asked, as he tightened the bonds.
"Who?" the hooded figure replied. "I have no idea who you're talking about."
"Don't play games with me," Bhohb said, further tightening the bonds. "The princess. Where is she?"
"Leave him alone!" called out a voice from the cave. A glowing star came forth from the cave, knocking Bhohb off his feet, which released the hooded figure from the sand. A girl ran forward from out of the cave, standing between Bhohb and the hooded figure. "Princess," Bhohb said, bowing. "My apologies."
"Lord Bartleby!" she replied, running over and hugging him. "I'm sorry for that."
"That's fine," Bhohb replied. "So, who is he anyway?"
The hooded figure rose to his feet, brushing off the sand from his cloak, before lowering his hood. "I am Vincent Dragonbane, Prince of the Dark Empire."
"Dark Empire? You're a long way from home."
"It's a long story."
"Speaking of long stories, how did you manage to find us?"
"With a little help from a few friends of mine of course."
"Like him?" the princess asked, pointing at the approaching black cloaked figure.

Balthazar walked towards the prince, drawing his sword.
"Hey! What are you doing?" the princess asked, moving towards him.
Balthazar simply pushed her aside, knocking her to the ground, and reached for the prince, grabbing him by the neck and holding his sword to his throat. "You may have escaped me last time, but there's nowhere to run now. Any last words?"
"Last time? I've never seen you before in my life."
"Don't play games with me! You killed my parents, and now I'm going to avenge them!" At this, he raised his sword, and began to swing it at the prince's neck.
"No!" the princess cried out, taking hold of Balthazar's arm, pulling his sword away from the prince.
"Get away!" he yelled at her, pushing her back. "I'm ending this now!"
"Ending what? I've never met you or your parents."
"Really? How else would you have gotten my father's ring?"
"What ring?"
"This one," Balthazar replied, pulling the ring from his pocket and showing the prince.
"That ring? My uncle gave it to me after my parents died."
"Your uncle?"
"Yes. High Regent Luther of the Dark Empire."
"Did he say where he got it then?" Balthazar asked, releasing the prince.
"No. Just said I could use it to summon a powerful warrior to protect myself, so that I wouldn't die like my parents had."
"But then that must mean that..."
"That what?"
"That your uncle was the one who killed my parents."
"But why?"
"No idea. I'll be sure to ask him that before I kill him."
"You're going to kill him?"
"Yes. And you're going to help me do it."
"And why would I want to do that?"
"Because he's killed dozens of innocent people. People like my family. So, he must be brought to justice."
"If he had, why have I never heard of it before?"
"You mean you've never heard of the Reaper?"
"The Reaper? But then that means..."
"That he killed my parents too."
"And tried to kill us."
"Well, this is interesting and all," Bhohb said, taking hold of the princess, "but I'm supposed to deliver her to her father, so I think I'll get going now."
"We can't," the princess replied, pulling away from him. "Not yet anyway."
"But he's been worried sick about you. Plus, I'd like to get into the library as soon as possible."
"Why not just take us with you then?"
"I don't think the king would react kindly to a couple of Imperials showing up at his palace. Sorry."
"Well, I'm not leaving without him!"
"Fine. I'll sort something out."
"What about them then?" the prince asked, gesturing to Zero, Brenneth, Isabella and the mage as they approached.
"I suppose I could fit you all in my bag," Bhohb replied, a sly grin on his face. "Which reminds me, I should probably check on how that other mage is doing..."
Bhohb waved his hand, and Lilith appeared before them, a sour look on her face. "Well, it's about time you let me out of there!" she yelled at Bhohb. "I was considering whether or not to set fire to it."
"How rude," Bhohb replied, a look of sadness on his face. "I thought you Pandorans were supposed to be civilised."
"Looks like we found the princess then," Brenneth said, as the others arrived. "Well, what do we do now?"

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Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Seamoose on Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:03 pm

55/2/1337 15:53

After hearing about the fact that his master was alive and well, Zack was once again filled with the hope, that was slowly dwindling, that he could meet his master once again. This caused Zack to show a bit of his happiness on his face and for a moment released his hand, but quickly came back to his senses and once again pulled the knife even closer to Xander’s neck.
“Tell me more” demanded Zack.

“I would love to, but I’m not the one who’s gonna tell you anything, instead you’re gonna have to meet my boss. He’s the one that knows a hell of a lot more than I do” said Xander with a slight smirk.
“Tsk, and where exactly is this boss of ours.”
“Well, you won’t exactly be able to find it even if I tell you where it is, I’d have to lead you there.”
“So, start pointing then.” said Zack condescendingly.
“Now, now, calm down. This location supposed to be a secret and two men walking around like this would cause a bit of suspicion wouldn’t it.”
Zack doesn’t move a muscle and instead keeps staring down Xander.
“Even if you let me go I’m not gonna try to escape you know. My job was to kill you, and if I failed at that I was supposed to bring you to my boss anyway. Plus I’m sure you’d be able to catch me regardless if I try to run away or not.”
Zack reluctantly releases his grip on Xander and puts his knife back into place.
“Well, lead the way, What are you waiting for?”
After dusting himself off and adjusting his clothes, Xander starts walking in a direction towards the east side of the town. Eventually Xander takes a left into  a dark alleyway and enter a place with a sign post called the Foxy Boxes. Zack, is met with an overwhelming smell of cigarettes, alcohol, and some other substance. While Zack takes a moment to adjust to the smell, Xander quickly walks over to what seems like a guard for this place and whispers in his ears what Zack assumes to be some kind of secret passcode, though Zack doesn’t manage to hear it. Xander gestures for Zack to come with him and so he does. The Guard takes them both to a door at the end of a hallway and takes out a keychain to open the door which opens up to a staircase. After entering the room with a staircase the guard locks the room and goes back to his post. Zack hesitates for a bit and stares at the now locked door. Xander notices Zack and exclaims “Don’t worry about the door, the guard is just doing his job of maintaining security”. Still a bit hesitant Zack decides to keep walking up the stairs. They reach the second floor which seems to be a big hallway with many rooms on the side and a room at the end with a much more fancy door with intricate engravings at the end.
Xander point to the fancy door and says
“And that’s our destination”
While passing by each of the doors in the hallway Zack begins to hear strange noises that make him more and more uncomfortable, even embarrassed. They finally reach the end of the hallway and Zack lets out a sigh of relief. Xander knocks on the door and once again says some kind of passcode which Zack once again fails to understand. A voice from inside tell him to enter and so he opens the door. Once again Zack is greeted with an even more nauseating smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol. The figure behind the desk was surrounded by two women that seemed to be in a dazed state and there were 2 guards at the side of the doors patiently waiting and observing.

“So you actually managed to fail yet another mission have you Xander. You’re getting quite lazy as of late” said the figure behind the desk with a gruff voice that you’d expect from an avid smoker.
“While I do agree that last time was my bad, this time was different. You even gave me an option where if I were to lose I’m supposed to bring him here, which means you were expecting me to fail from the beginning.”
“At any rate, I’m glad to see that bastard’s little puppy has grown to the point that he can take care of one of my little dog’s. So what is it exactly that you want little puppy?”
“I want to know where my master is.” Zack replies.
“Ah, as expected the cute little puppy wants his master back”
Zack begins to grow agitated but tries to keep his cool.
“Well, if that’s the only thing you want then sure, we can do that. You’ll meet us at a certain spot tonight at 2 am, and then my men will take you to your precious master.”
“Wait, why can’t you lead me there now?” Zack asks with a concerned look on his face.
“Oh, come on, don’t act like you haven’t been part of this dark part of society, you know we have to keep this all hush hush around here. So are you gonna go through with the deal or are you gonna miss your only chance at meeting your precious master?”
Zack grits his teeth and reluctantly agrees to the man’s proposal.
“Good, then Xander’s gonna pick you up just before the meet up time and then you’ll get to finally meet your precious master. Now go away, I have important business to get back to.”
And so Zack gets led out of the brothel and gets taken to a random tavern to wait the nightly hours of 2 am. While waiting Zack ponders whether that was the best choice or whether he could’ve done something differently. He didn’t like the fact that he had been backed into a corner during that entire exchange. But this was the only way that he could even have a chance of meeting his master, so no matter the means he just wanted the outcome to be finally meeting his master.
At around 15 to 2, Xander came knocking at the window of his room in the tavern. Zack quickly got up out of his half asleep state. Xander began to lead him from rooftop to rooftop and eventually they jumped down to the ground and came upon a bit of an opening between all the buildings. Zack could feel that people had been following him, but he couldn’t care less. This was his one and only chance, and he didn’t intend to give it up just cause of some unexpected pests.  From shadows of the buildings appeared 2 men, wearing strange masks, almost looking like gas masks. From the look in their eyes they almost seemed like they were smiling and they suddenly threw what seemed to be a bomb on the floor that exploded into what seemed like smoke. Speculating from the fact that those people were wearing gas masks, Zack assumed that this smoke had been poisonous and he tried to put his hand over his mouth and nose and tried to hold his breath. But he was immediately attacked by the people that had been tracking him all along. Grabbing his arms and his legs so that he couldn’t resist and at the end once he could no longer move Xander stood in front of him also wearing a gas mask and before punching him in the stomach said

“Sorry, bud this is just how these things go. You know you shouldn’t have trusted us.”

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Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Cookie on Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:15 pm

60/2/1337 03:32

Several days had gone by already in the desert and the food supplies were running low, Dazairi can't even remember the last time she was this long without Set around and constantly spaced out in worry.

-Could you not share your opinions about chicken right now?

-All I'm saying is, if we had chicken in the desert, we could easily roast it in the sun and have it divided among us in fair rations. Maybe some a bit unfair, but at least it's something! - Zeref went on about his wild fantasies about food to Balthazar,
trying to share his pain of an empty stomach with someone, but Balthazar was eager to ignore him at any given point and simply waltzed away anytime he spoke for too long.

Dazairi had a bit of a hard time keeping a level head, even in the cold night such as this, she realized that they were completely lost and that everyone was starving and felt it was her fault for this happening. But in came a reassuring hand around her shoulders.

-You're a bit heavier than me you do realize that, right, Bristie?

-You called me Bristie again! - Laughing happily the elf removed her arm from around the girl and simply walked in the same pace as her. -I have this feeling you're feeling guilt over what happened.

-And you're here to tell me it wasn't my fault that MY dragon suddenly left us all stranded and wandering the desert for days with no more food or water.

-Yes... -Bristie felt a bit of aggression from Isa's tone, but decided to stick to her original plan of cheering her up. -But think of it this way! Now we get to have a lovely bonding experience like no other.

-Somehow bonding with food and beverage sounds much more appealing...

-It does, but it doesn't offer the same type of experience and trust gaining! You see animals often turn on each other in the wild in cases of extreme hunger in order to survive. But I'm sure you humans don't have the same type of thought process- Bristie was abruptly interrupted by Isa as she started laughing.

-How does that help anything anyway? - Dazairi felt a bit of strange comfort from the elf with a weird sense of reassurance.

-Hey guys! I found a town ahead! - Brenneth came back running as fast as possible and was met with the open arms of Bristie who was happy to hear the news.

-Hooray for places! Hopefully they accept Pandoran currencies...

Dazairi's face lit up with relief as she still blamed herself for the current events they are facing. They walked into the town as the sun began rising up and many shop owners were coming out in a very early hour to set up. As they walked around with dust and worn out hungry expressions, many of the locals were very confused, but decided to offer a helping hand to the group of strangers in their land. A shopkeeper offered to show them to a nice inn they could rest and wash up in as well as new clothes from his shop at a foreigner's price. The group was very thankful and surprised by the hospitality of the people here,
but living in the desert they probably don't see many desert wanderers surviving.


The sun was already burning hot and the group were settling down for a meal after washing up. Dazairi and Bristie decided to go to the shop to purchase the clothes for everyone, but the shopkeeper decided to come along with them to their room so that everyone could try out and pick a size that would accurately fit them. The guys were quick in picking out their clothes; Brenneth took a simple white silk shirt and linen white pants along with sandals which were tightened down so they wouldn't fly off.
Reference clothes:
Balthazar chose to stick to a darker color and chose a black cotton shirt with grey pants
Reference Clothes:
and Zeref went for a similar style to Balthazar, except his was only over one shoulder. The girls were a bit more difficult to convince of things, the man tried various different more appealing to the eye looks which caused an overwhelmingly excited and positive reaction from the guys, but Dazairi grew annoyed by being a doll for the man and simply chose out what she felt was more appropriate for their journey.
Both their choices (Dazairi first then Bristies):


With supplies gathered and everyone recharged, the group decided it was time to head out and asked for directions to the next possible city. The shopkeeper they were interacting with so far was happy to help once again and circled down a map for them to follow. With thanks and blessings, the group continued down the road.

65/2/1337 14:06

Dazairi was running after Balthazar and the fight, but was soon stopped and pulled back by a mysterious figure who simply handed her a piece of paper and began walking away. Dazairi decided to jump the hooded man, but her attacks were warded off and she was quickly knocked down.

-What the heck?! Who are you?! - The man didn't reply and simply walked away into the crowded market area leaving Dazairi in the alley alone. She opened up the crumbled paper to reveal a letter written in draconic. She desperately tried reading it, but her knowledge wasn't adding up. "Ancient draconic...tsk..." she thought to herself in anger and heard explosions going off from the rooftops and soon people panicking over the commotion. Dazairi then saw a woman fly off the roof onto the ground in the middle of the crowded area landing onto some shop roofs. She quickly turned her attention to the rooftop and saw Zeref and called out to him.

After taking a proud glance at his blow, he heard a familiar voice call out to him from under and as soon as he spotted her, he leaped down next to her.
-Oh, hey. What are you doing here? - But his answer was delayed as the woman got up in an explosive anger and began calling out towards Zero in a very aggressive and demanding tone full of insults and curses. -Well someone's very...angry.

-Well let's go then! - Dazairi grabbed his arm and quickly ran forward from the other side leaving the general area and soon noticed a giant pile of sand erupting in the outskirts of the city. Following the burst of sand, she found Bristie fighting off a large sandworm on her own and both of them decided to help her fend it off.

-Perfect timing there, Isa.

-You're welcome, but where are Balthazar and Brenneth?

-Brenneth was fighting a hooded figure back in the city, Balthazar chased after some the crazy midget grandpa.

-Him again?!

-What do we do now? -Bristie thought as she looked around and noticed Brenneth going inside a cave further ahead. -Hey it's him! Let's go!

-Wait up! -Dazairi was hardly keeping up with them as both of them ran further ahead of her. As soon as they reached the entrance to the cave, both Zeref and Bristie stopped and simply stood still. -Thanks for waiting. So where is he?

Dazairi's confusion suddenly grew as neither of them were moving or answering her questions.
-Guys? - She called out to them, but they soon started walking forward very fast and Dazairi decided to follow them. She felt something very off about the entire situation, but keeping her guard up simply followed them deeper into the cave.


Brenneth finally reached the others and noticed a few too many new faces around. -Looks like we found the princess then, what now?

-We must devise a plan of attack on the Dark Empire.

-Woah there! That's a bit of an extreme decision for a couple of people.

-He's right, that's an entire empire we're talking about here. Thousands among thousands of soldiers trained for battle. We cannot just walk in and expect to win.

-That was never my plan to begin with, but we must come up with something.

-That's great and all for you guys, but I'd like to go back to my guild and home. I've been stuck inside a bag of some old fart for far too long. - Lilith grew angry at the situation and the princess took notice of it immediately.

-I apologize for your inconvenience. Lord Bartleby, you are to escort this woman back safely to her homeland.

-Somehow, you don't understand that your father's orders surpass yours, princess.

-And you don't seem to understand that if you do not do as I say, I can deny you full access to the library you so much wish to see.

-Let's not go that far yet. But I get it, I will come back and pick you up when I'm done playing transport.

-That's also another request I'd like to ask of you. I wish for you to leave me be. Simply send word to my father that I am alright, but I will return home once my work is done here.

-Stubborn as always. Very well, back in the bag you go, young lady! -Without even listening to a single word of complaint from Lilith, Bhohb puts her in his. Alyss also willingly goes inside as Bhohb simply walks out of the cave.

-Now for that plan of action please.

-I almost forgot. -Bhohb came back with a grin. -If you do a recount, you're missing a few feet. Which reminds me of another task I should get back to.

As he walks away from the group, Balthazar stands confused as to what he meant until he finally realized.



-Where are the elf and the other two?

Brenneth paused for a moment suddenly realizing he forgot and almost blew his cover, he quickly levelheaded himself and came up with a decent enough excuse.
-Last I saw they were in the city.


-We came with a larger group. Three of them seem to be missing. Let's go check in the city again and see if we can find them. -Balthazar took charge of the situation unwillingly and started walking them through the cave when he noticed something red peeking from around a corner. When he approached it, it turned out to be Isabelle.
-What are you doing here? -Balthazar spoke spooking the girl.

Dazairi quickly trying to save the situation, shoved them all back and down to the ground.

-What even?!

-Isa?? -The princess was surprised and happy to see her, but Isabelle seemed distracted.

-I'm sorry for this, but it's not the right time for greetings. Look. -Dazairi slowly moved her head up as the rest followed and saw Bristie and Zeref standing still in front of some strange beautiful ladies.

-What are they doing?

-I don't know yet. I'm not really capable of doing much alone, so I'm glad you're all here. They've been hypnotized or something.

-I heard a legend about them. They lure humans into paradise, they're beautiful angels sent to cleanse human souls.

The creatures began to sing and soon the others started getting dizzy and feeling lightheaded. Dazairi tried keeping her head to herself until soon, she and everyone else simply blacked out.


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Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Spyduck on Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:12 am

65/2/1337 19:30

The lone figure of a transcendent warlock was wiggling his feet over the edge of the magic carpet. A desert swallow passed his view and in a moment it was incinerated.
“You are to escort this woman back to her homeland, nyeeeh.” Bhohb spat a shadowy loogy at the city below him. “I am the dark lord! The wench is mine!”
An imp wearing golden spectacles nodded towards his master, patting him on the arm.
“Should I just go get her anyways, Impocrates? She used to listen to me, back in the day.”
Imporactes shook his head at the question. “Murgleblurgle lelele.”
“Yea, you’re right, they do grow up real fast. That’s another person who don’t want me around. I wish Talia was here, she always causes trouble.”
Impocrates pulled out a trumpet from his hammerspace and waved it at Bhohb.
“That’s not a bad idea! You go take the herald squad back to those caves and I’ll go back to Astral.”
Bhohb snapped his fingers, and a small group of red imps with golden horns appeared next to him. He quickly scribbled together a note with his finger and set the imps down with it.
Waving goodbye to his servants his carpet lifted into the air again and zoomed northwards.


Impocrates led the squad of imps through the city. The streets were only lit by lanterns and oil lamps so it was easy for them to stick to the shadows. They soon found the cave that their master had instructed them to go to, yet inside there was none to proclaim Bhohb’s greatness to. The spectacled imp rubbed his chubby chin for a while and as his comrades quieted down he could hear a soft song from a well hidden passageway. He motioned for the other imps to follow him, and as they delved deeper into the tunnel they could see a row of people slowly ambling along. Impocrates ran up to the one who was last in line, a particularly foul smelling elf and tapped her on the knee to get her attention. When the elf didn’t respond he blocked her path and waved for the imps with the horns to blow the fanfare declaring their mission. The elf stopped for but a brief moment, but that was long enough for her to be surrounded by the imps who blew a loud and clear string of notes straight at her. The call of the instruments echoed loudly through the cave system, and as if suddenly waking up the elf recoiled and tumbled backwards. As she was shaking her head in an attempt to focus, Impocrates handed her the note and dismissed the hornblowers, who swiftly skedaddled back out of the cave. The last imp stood patiently with his trumpet in hand, waiting for the elf to read the note. Bristie didn’t really know what to do and opened the note hoping for an explanation. As her eyes met the text a loud voice began screeching from the paper.
“Lord Bhohb, Master of darkness, Vasal of Hell, and overall supreme being, wiches for you lowly worms to take part of his truth. The astral princess will be relocated to Helios in thirty days! The foot of Imperial child will not be returned until he and the shapeshifting elf begs the supreme Bhohb for forgiveness! The Former guild witch “Lilith” is now considered property of Lord Bhohb! These are the proclamations of hell!..... To listen to the message again, please open and close the letter.”
Bristie looked up at the imp and then down at the note again. Then she simply lay down  at the floor of the tunnel to collect herself.

66/2/1337 12:00
Bhohb stood before the astral throne with his prize in his hand. In front of him the king’s face was getting more and more contorted into an angry frown.
“So you are saying that you found my daughter, found the missing magus, destroyed parts of a pandoran grey guild, and because of this I should give you half of the reward now?”
You could hear in the king’s voice that he was not amused with the short magus’ proposition
“Yes indeed!” Bhohb replied “I’ll take the shadow beast crucible now, and in a maximum of thirty days I’ll have your daughter home, and you can unlock the library for me.”
The king sighed heavily and dismissed the guards from the room. He turned back to Bhohb and opened his mouth wide.
“You were supposed to bring her home now! Not in thirty days, you insufferable little midget!”

Behind Bhohb, lady Alyss was cowering, which wasn’t that efficient considering their size difference.
“And you, Grand magus Alyss, got captured by a bunch of lowly pandoran thugs!”
Bhohb drew the side of mouth in an unsatisfied expression.
“Well mr king, I’m not sure where that leaves us. You know of my competence, so I know you won’t actually turn me away, but I have yet another gift to you.”
Bhohb threw the foot of the dark imperial over to the king.
“I confiscated this foot of one of the people I last saw your daughter with. I think he wants it back. So see it as a minor guarantee.”
The king rose from his throne and threw a barrage of brilliant stars at the hobbit, who simply stood there. The lady Alyss threw herself away from the short warlock, yet as she lay there on the ground she realized that no sound of impact had been made. She looked back and saw that the stars had halted inches from Bhohb’s face. The king let the magic fade and threw his hands out towards his mischievous magus.
“Very well, it shall be so. But the consequences still stand, Lord Bartleby.”


Bhohb stood at the palace balcony with a black metal pot sitting on the balustrade next to him.
“I think it’s time to find that hot-headed friend of mine again.”

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Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Tucker789 on Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:33 pm

65/2/1337 20:11
Brenneth heard the sounds of the Sinshies, but being who he was, it had no effect. He watched those around him fall under the spell, and watched from the shadows, following the group closely, waiting for the sinshies to appear so he could strike them down.
Normally he would have no problem watching people walk to their deaths,completely entranced and unaware of the danger, but he had a mission- whether he liked it or not.
Twas a funny thing, to be bound to the will of a being residing in another dimension. Every thought Brenneth had was for the betterment of his master, and his master’s orders overruled every thought Brenneth had otherwise. Subjugated in every way- save the small refuge he made in his mind. It wasn’t much, but in there he heard his own voice, and no one else’s.
“Just play the part, you’ll be free soon enough.” He thought, moving himself forwards into the group, who were slowly meandering their way towards the Sinshies.
That’s when they came in. Imps. They stumbled around on their miserable legs and blasted their annoying horns. Brenneth saw Bristie snap out of the trance, and talk with the imps- who gave her a note and left, but not without blasting a horn one last time.

She shook her head and opened the note, reading it over several times- but the contents of the note made no sense to her. Perhaps Isa might understand? Yes, she was smart like that.
She ran up to her friend, shaking her back and forth, but the girl continued walking forward, a trace of drool slipping from her mouth. Bristie looked around and saw Brenneth staggering at the back of the pack. Dashing over, she grabbed his shoulders and shook him about- and to her surprise he actually blinked and looked at her, while whispering something under his breath.
“What was that?” she asked, not catching the words he had said.

“Bristie, Sinshies!” he exclaimed, grabbing her hand and pulling her behind a rock. She tried to reply, but the sudden movement removed all words from her mouth- simply letting out a yelp and a stammer as she settled along the rock.
“Okay, I know a spell that can get rid of these monsters, but you’re going to have to close your eyes. Simple banishing spell, should send them somewhere far far away.” He whispered, peering over the rock as he spoke.
Bristie nodded- she had questions but she decided to hold them till after the imminent peril was gone. She closed her eyes and waited for Brenneth to give the all clear.
He watched the sinshies, they seemed to be leading the group somewhere- and were obviously preoccupied. Normally, according to reports however, there would be five sinshies- there were only three here. Where the other two were, Brenneth did not care. He turned to look at bristie one last time, to make sure her eyes were closed. He whispered “This might get loud, but do not open your eyes- you’ll go blind.”
With a nod from the girl, Brenneth jumped over the rock. A sinshie caught sight of the sudden movement, and let out what would’ve been an ear-piercing screech. Indeed, Bristie did double over in pain, holding her ears and screaming in pain, but Brenneth did not seem to even notice- as he changed form completely.
Black wings and two long black tails appeared, and his skin turned to scales and fingers into silver claws as long as knives. His face grew into a horrid mask of terror- teeth growing into fangs and nose shrinking inwards till there was nothing but slits. Two more eyes opened and his ears grew into pointy bat-like ears.
The Sinshies reacted to his change, throwing aside their own pleasant disguise and turning into horrid death-like women themselves. They swept over the ground to Brenneth, their screeches turned into waves of force that battered everyone in the room down to the floor- everyone except Brenneth. He stood unmoving, waiting for the Sinshies to descend upon him.
Screeching the entire time, the Sinshies swept upon him from different sides. They swept through him, releasing chilling and potent energy as they glided through him. Brenneth was struck by the magic, but it did not slow him. As they came in for a second pass, Brenneth reached out with his claws and thrust them straight through the monster. As if he had stuck his hand into a fog bank, the Sinshie shimmered and began puffing out clouds of mist- her screeches turning from torment to fear of her own life- as Brenneth was draining her life force on the spot.
They realized they were outmatched, and the Sinshies attempted to flee, abandoning their sister to her fate- but Brenneth was faster.
They could move through rocks and pillars with ease, aiming for the cave entrance- but Brenneth cut them off. As if materializing from the shadows, he grabbed both Sinshies by their heads, forcing a claw down their mouths and silencing them. Muffled screams came from them, as they tried to phase through Brenneths arms- but they were anchored by some magic.

There was silence in the cave- and Bristie felt enough time had passed to open her eyes. The room was dark, and she could hear a ringing sound- but she saw no Sinshies nor Brenneth.
She called out, but realized her own voice was muffled. Reaching to her ears to feel them, she realized they had been bleeding.

“Sorry that took so long. Simple spell maybe, for someone as skilled as Heradahn. Unfortunately I mucked up the wording and the Sinshies tried to run for it.”
Brenneth walked into the room with a lit torch as Bristie was inspecting her ears.

“Jeesh, calm down. Here, you’re probably suffering side-effects from their songs. Your hearing will come back soon enough.”
Brenneth sighed and kissed her on the forehead.
“Silly girl.”

The others started to get up now too, muttering about things no one could comprehend. No one seemed to have escaped the Sinshies song, and everyone was a little groggy. They staggered around the room, as if they had just woken up, but were still half-asleep.
“Well I guess we should stay here for the time being. Those beasties took a lot out of you all, going to be a day or two for everyone to get back into fighting shape.” Brenneth called out, hauling out a bag of camping supplies and pulling things out of it. “I’ll prep some food for everyone.”

Bristie was curled up leaning against the rock still. She felt sick- like she had never felt before. She was on the verge of vomiting, and she knew if she moved it would happen.
Something about this place was tearing her up inside. She had felt something ever since they entered the desert, and felt it more in the city- but here it was worse. She held out her hands and looked down at them- they were trembling as if she were cold, but she was actually burning up.
Then she remembered. Slowly, she slipped the note from her vest pocket and looked at it- but her vision was blurry.
“Isa…” she whispered softly, but Isa caught it.

“Bristie, are you okay?”
“No I… I’m not feeling good. But, here. Note. Imps gave it to…” and with that she jerked to one side and lost it.
“Bristie…” Isabella said, patting the shoulder of her friend. She stuffed the note in her pocket and helped Bristie move further away from the camp as to not bother the others who were eagerly awaiting food.
“Isa… there’s something not right about this place.” Bristie finally managed to stammer out.
“What is it?”
“I don’t know, but we… we have to find out.”
“I don’t think we’re quite up for some detective work Bri-” Isa was cut off when Bristie grabbed her shirt and whispered in her ear “We have to find out why… why it does this to me.”
Isa looked down at her friend, who had retreated into a trembling ball. She pondered everything, but eventually decided to help Bristie.
“I’ll go talk to the others.”


Valziahzel had abandoned the camp. Using the excuse he was going off to “Meditate”, he left the cooking task to the others. In truth though, he was fighting his addiction.
He maintained his cover and composure by feeding on souls only when he needed to- but lately he had consumed too many. Normally, this was no problem for a demon like him- but he had to maintain his disguise.
But he needed to kill. The use of his powers was eating at him- the more he used them the less he wanted to not use them. This was Val’s addiction, and it was killing him. When he looked upon the group, he saw only beings with which to quench his bloodthirst, but the voice in the back of his mind kept it at bay.
But that voice was not there today. That voice was not there now. What was stopping him from killing everyone and walking away?
Bristie. He wanted her, he Needed her. But she was not ready, not yet. She could not handle the truth yet.
He swallowed the pain and got back up. Forcing a smile on his face, he walked back to the group with cheerful greetings.

“Feeling better Brenneth?” Zero called out, gesturing for his savior to sit beside him. “We really can’t thank you enough, you saved all our lives!”
“Ah, well it’s what I am meant to do- help people! Besides you guys keep it lively here, would be awfully boring otherwise.”
“Agreed!” zero replied, and the whole group continued to chat the night away, Isa joining them and Bristie a while later- feeling much better.
She curled up with Brenneth and fell asleep in his arms soon after.

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Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Shogun Hidora on Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:12 pm

66/2/1337 12:00

Balthazar noticed something red peeking from around the corner. Moving towards it, he noticed that it was Isabella.
"What are you doing here?"
"Shhh!" she replied, shoving them to the ground.
Balthazar then heard a voice coming from around the corner. It seemed to be calling for him. He got up, and peeked around the corner. Standing there were three hooded figures. Something about them seemed familiar, but Balthazar wasn't sure exactly where he'd seen them before.
"Balthazar, are you there?"
"Who are you?"
The three figures let down their hoods, revealing their faces. There before him stood his father, his mother, and Narellie.
"How? You're supposed to be dead."
"It doesn't matter anymore," Narellie replied. "All that matters is that we can finally be together again."
"Your sisters are here too," his father said. "They're waiting for us deeper in the cave."
"Come with us," his mother said, holding out her hand.
Balthazar took hold of her hand, and the four began to walk further into the cave. After a few minutes, the three others stopped and turned around. They summoned swords, and threw them at a cloud that had been following them. The swords simply passed straight through the cloud, and the cloud began to change shape. Suddenly, there stood a black figure, taller than any of the others. It appeared to be human, but clad in some strange armor, made from a single solid piece of black metal.
"Well, that changes things," Balthazar's father said, and suddenly the three of them also changed shape, becoming black hooded figures, red eyes glowing from behind white skull masks. They summoned swords, then charged at the knight. Blades grew out of the knight's arms, and it thrust them forward, stabbing one of them in the chest. It disappeared into mist, and seeing this, the other two attempted to flee, but the knight charged at them. He grabbed them by their heads, and shoved his blades down their throats. They too turned into a mist, and then the knight turned to Balthazar.
"Your turn," he said in a deep voice, before leaping at Balthazar, plunging his blades into his chest.

Balthazar quickly sat up, looking around. A dream. That was all. He noticed that a couple of the others were still asleep, and seemed to be having dreams of their own.
"Look who finally decided to wake up," Brenneth said, standing next to him.
"Have you been watching me this whole time?"
"Actually, I just got back from meditating. You should try it some time."
"I'm good, thank you."
"Sure about that? We can find a nice quiet place, away from everyone else, and the two of us can-"
"Sorry, but I think I'll leave the 'meditating' to you and Bristie."
"Suit yourself. But, if you ever change your mind, just let me know, ok." He then walked over to Bristie, and sat next to her.
Balthazar stood up and stretched, before walking around the inside of the cave. He looked out the entrance, and noticed that it was around midday.
"That long?"
He then turned and began to walk back into the cave. As he walked, he felt something inside his shoe, and took it off to look inside.
"What the hell!" he exclaimed, looking down at his foot, or, rather, where his foot had been. In its place was a pink scaly hand, with the image of an imp branded on it.
"Nice foot," Zero laughed, walking over to him. "So this is what you spent all your money on..."
"That's not funny," Balthazar replied. Zero faked a look of sadness.
"Fine. I guess I won't help you get your foot back then..."
"Well, it turns out that that hobbit decided it would be a great idea to take your foot, among other things of course. He said he'd return it, but only if you apologized for something. He didn't say what though."
"Where is this hobbit? I'd like to have words with him," Balthazar replied, reaching for his sword.
"Now, just wait a minute," Zero replied. "Problem is, he's not coming back for another 29 days."
"Well then, how does he expect me to 'apologize' if he's not even here?"
"I suspect that he doesn't."
"Well what am I supposed to do about this then?" Balthazar asked, gesturing to the hand on his leg.
"Wear gloves?" Zero asked, and got a filthy look in return. "Seriously though, I can go and retrieve it for you if you'd like."
"Of course I would. But why would you do this for me?"
"Isn't that what friends are for?"
"I guess..."
"Well, that's settled then. I'm off."
Zero then took a glowing stone out of his pocket, and began inscribing a magic circle on the ground around him with it. There was a flash of light, and Zero was gone. Balthazar turned back to the inside of the cave, and noticed that the others had prepared a meal. He walked over to them, took some food, then went over to a corner to sit.
“You know, you really should come and sit with the rest of us.”
Balthazar looked up from his food, and saw Isabella standing in front of him.
“Sorry about that. It’s just that it seemed like you were all talking about something, and I thought it best not to interfere this time.”
They looked at the others sitting near the fire. Brenneth and Bristie were sitting next to each other, and, across the fire, the prince and princess similarly sitting close.
“I see…” Isabella replied, a smirk on her face. “Well, since Zero isn’t here right now, I suppose I’d be ‘interfering’ too. Mind if I sit here then?”
“Go ahead,” Balthazar replied, as she sat down.
“Say, you weren’t having a dream this morning by any chance, were you?”
“I did actually. Why?”
“It’s nothing.”
“You didn’t have one yourself by any chance, did you?”
“Well, let’s hear it then.”
“It’s nothing important.”
“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”
“Fine. But you’re going first.”
“Very well. Well, I was in a cave, and there seemed to be someone calling to me. However, I didn’t know who it was, so I hid behind a pillar, and tried peeking around the corner, but all I could see were three hooded figures. They kept calling out to me, so eventually I decided to walk out, and asked them who they were. One of them let down their hood, and it turns out it was Talia. The other two then said that they were my parents, and that my dragons were waiting for me further into the cave. I followed them for a while, but eventually they turned around to look, as if they could sense that someone had been following us. There stood that hobbit. They didn’t seem to like that.”
“He didn’t try to take their feet, did he?”
“Very funny. Anyway, the three began to shift, changing into Dusk Knights. They drew their swords, and ran at the hobbit. The hobbit then drew a dagger of his own, and stabbed one of them, who simply vanished into mist. The other two, seeing this, tried to run, but the hobbit caught up to them, and killed them too. Then, he turned to me, and said that I belonged to him now, and that he’d be taking me to hell. Then I woke up.”
“That is weird.”
“Indeed. Anyway, what about yours?”
“Mine was actually very similar to yours. My parents waiting in the cave, them turning into assassins, a black knight killing them.”
“That is weird.”
“What do you think it means?”
“I’d say it’s probably about those Sinshies yesterday. Maybe it’s our brains trying to tell us what happened, since we can’t actually remember it.”
“Well, do you have any better ideas?”
“I guess not,” Balthazar replied, shrugging. “It does kinda make sense.”

At that moment, Zero appeared at the entrance of the cave, along with Alyss.
“Alyss? What are you doing here?” the princess asked, walking over to them. “I thought I told Lord Bartleby to take you back to Helios.”
“I sort of had to agree to take her back with me,” Zero replied, shrugging. “Something about having to look after you as punishment for being captured, or something like that.”
“Did you get my foot back.”
“Sure did,” Zero replied, pulling it out of his coat. “Now, sit still. This could hurt a bit.”
Zero cast a spell over the hand, before casting a similar one over the foot. The hand disappeared, and the foot took its place.
“There you go. All fixed.”
“Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it. But you owe me one, okay? Took ages to get the king to agree to give back the foot.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Took 5 minutes, if that. I’ve never seen anyone get something from the king that easily.”
“Must have been nervous is all. Time seems to last longer when you’re nervous.”
Zero looked down at his hand, and noticed a drop of blood on it.
“Are you ok Zero?” Isabella asked, running over to him.
“I’m fine,” Zero replied. “Just had to use a fair bit of magic is all.” Suddenly, Zero collapsed to the ground.
“Zero!” Isabella called out to him, and tried helping him up, but he just sank back down onto the ground. “Someone help him!”
Brenneth and Bristie rushed over to Zero, and at that moment, another figure appeared at the cave entrance. It was about the same height as Balthazar, and clad head to toe in bright golden armour.
“That’s odd,” Alyss said, looking at the knight. “I wasn’t expecting anyone else.”
“Who are you?” Balthazar called out, moving between the knight and the others. “What do you want?”
“To bring punishment for his crimes,” the knight replied, pointing at Zero.
“What exactly has he done?”
“That’s none of your concern, swordsman,” the knight replied, drawing a golden sword and shield. “Now, step aside.”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” Balthazar replied, drawing his swords.
“I thought you’d say that. Very well then,” the knight replied, charging at Balthazar.
Their swords clashed, and the knight forced Balthazar back. Quickly, the knight charged at Balthazar again, who brought his sword up to block just in time. Balthazar swung his other sword at the knight, who quickly brought up his shield, blocking it, before quickly bringing his sword around, slicing Balthazar in the chest. Balthazar, enraged, swung his sword around, but it was quickly blocked by the knight’s shield. Balthazar swung again, but the knight blocked it with his sword, before hitting Balthazar with his shield, sending him flying back to the other side of the cave. The princess then cast several star bolts at the knight, but they were all blocked by his sword and shield. The knight’s sword then began to glow, and he brought it down, sending a wave of energy towards the princess, who was pulled out off the way by the prince. By this time, Balthazar had recovered, and leaped at the knight, who brought his sword up to meet Balthazar’s. The swords met, and Balthazar’s shattered, the pieces landing on the ground around him. The knight then brought his shield around, and sent Balthazar flying, crashing into a pillar. The princess cast more bolts at the knight, who cut them out of the air with his sword, before sending a beam of light at the princess, who quickly rolled over to one side. However, the beam struck the roof instead, and sent pieces of rock crashing down onto the prince and princess. Bristie then turned into a bear, and charged at the knight, who hit her with his shield, sending her flying back, crashing into Brenneth.
The knight then turned to Zero, and walked towards him. Isabella stood up, and placed herself between him and the knight.
“Move,” the knight told her, raising his sword.
“Fine. I suppose I’ll have to kill you as well.”
The knight started to bring down his sword, when suddenly Zero stood up, and held out his hand.

The knight stood frozen, his sword almost touching Dazairi’s head. Dazairi was motionless too, a look of terror frozen on her face. Everything was frozen, even time itself. Everything except Zero, that is.
“Now, I’ll show you what happens to those who would dare to kill my love,” Zero said, readying a fireball in his hands. Suddenly, he felt something pierce through his chest. He looked down, and saw that the knight had impaled him with his sword. “What! How?!”
“You think you’re the only one who can play with time?” the knight replied, driving his sword in deeper. “Well, time’s up for you.”
The knight’s sword began to glow, and Zero could feel the energy building up in it. “So this is how it ends…”
Suddenly, the knight pulled out the sword, and spun around, bringing up his shield. Something hit the shield and exploded, sending up a cloud of dust. Zero fell to the ground, and lay there struggling to stay alive. The dust cleared, and Zero could see a figure in the distance outside the cave, holding a bow. The figure drew back, and fired another shot, but the knight blocked it with his shield again. The figure then readied another shot, but this time it glowed blue, and fired it. The arrow split into several in the air, and they all headed straight for the knight. The knight’s sword glowed, and he swung it, sending forth a wave of energy which destroyed all the arrows headed towards him. The sword then glowed again, and the knight pointed it at the archer, firing a massive beam of energy at him. The archer rolled to one side, narrowly missing being disintegrated by the beam. He then fired another glowing arrow, which this time increased in size and speed as it travelled, slamming into the knight and sending him flying back into the depths of the cave. He slammed into a wall, and the roof near him collapsed, burying him in debris. The archer then ran over to Zero, and as soon as he reached him, time resumed.

Balthazar got to his feet, and suddenly the knight was gone. Zero appeared to be wounded, and a hooded figure was standing over him. Balthazar approached, and the hooded figure looked up at him.
“There’s no time. I’m going to take him with me now.”
“Who are you?” Balthazar asked. “What’s going on here?”
“Zero will explain once he has been safely returned.”
The figure bent over, and picked up Zero, slinging him over his shoulder.
“There’s one more thing. I’m going to need your sword too.”
Balthazar held out his sword to the hooded figure, but he simply handed it back. “Not that one. The broken one.”
Balthazar walked over to the pieces of his other sword, and gathered them all up, handing them to the archer.
“Thank you. Zero will return shortly, once both he and the sword have been mended.”
“I can do it if you’d like,” Bristie said, walking over. “Well, Zero anyway. Not sure there’s anything I can do about the sword.”
“I could use some healing myself,” Brenneth said, standing next to her.
“Of course!” Bristie replied, and placed her hands on his chest. A warm glow emitted from her hands, spreading across the wound, and it began to heal rapidly. “All done!” Bristie exclaimed, then fell to the ground.
“Seems like that healing was hard on the girl,” the archer said, looking down at Bristie.
“She’ll be fine soon,” Brenneth replied, turning to face him. “Just not used to it is all.”
“Really? She seemed to know what she was doing to me, giving away her life energy like that.”
“Her what?”
“Her life energy. And you say she’ll be fine soon?”
“Better than before, if anything. Where are you going with this anyway?”
“It’s nothing. Nothing that concerns you anyway.”
“I’m sorry, but anything to do with her does concern me,” Brenneth replied, glaring at the archer. “You, on the other hand, have no business being here, and asking questions like that. I suggest you leave.”
“Something the matter here?” Balthazar asked, moving between the two of them.
“Nothing at all. This archer was just leaving.”
“Indeed,” the archer replied, and reached into his coat, pulling out a pendant on the end of a chain. He grasped the pendant, chanted something, and then disappeared.
“What was all that about?” Balthazar asked after the archer had gone.
“Nothing. Just some unfinished business is all.” Brenneth turned and began walking out of the cave. “I’m going to meditate.”

“Was the mission a success?”
“Yes, my lord. The knight has been dealt with, and Lucina is tending to Zeref as we speak.”
“There’s something else though.”
“What is it?”
“I can’t be sure, but I suspect that there may be one or more of the Dark Ruler’s servants with them.”
“Not surprising. Makes sense that he’d send some of his servants to make sure that everything goes as he planned.”
“Shouldn’t we kill the girl now then? Prevent him from returning?”
“If we do that, he’ll just find another way. Better to wait for him to return, and take care of it once and for all.”
“What if Zero can’t take care of it though? What if he reaches his full power? Everything will be lost.”
“And you think that somehow he won’t be able to do it?”
“He’s become distracted by that dragon priestess. Even using the powers you gave him to prevent her from dying.”
“I’m aware of this. It is unfortunate, but as long as he’s able to complete the mission, I can accept small alterations here and there.”
“What if it becomes more than that though? What if something major is changed because of it?”
“Very well. Once Zeref is healed, you are to go to Arcanica as well. Keep an eye on him, but make sure to stay at a distance, so he doesn’t notice you.”
“Yes, my lord.”
“If anything happens, let me know at once, and we’ll go from there.”
“Yes, my lord.”

“How is the plan proceeding?”
“There’s been a…complication.”
“What is it?”
“The group were attacked today, by a knight clad in full golden armour.”
“Even a mortal as strong as that is still just a mortal.”
“Perhaps, but that’s not what concerns me.”
“What is it then?”
“The archer appeared today.”
“Yes. He came for the knight, and then left with the wizard.”
“I see. Do you think he found out what we’re doing?”
“I don’t think so, but I can’t be sure. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s made trouble for us.”
“Very well. I’m sending Cassandra then.”
“Why her? You know what she’s like. She’ll draw far too much attention to herself. The Time Lord is bound to notice her.”
“That is exactly my plan. While the archer is busy dealing with her somewhere else, you can continue your work there, free from interference.”
“I see.”
“Do not fail me, Valziahzahl.”
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Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

Post by Spyduck on Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:37 pm

67/2/1337 12:00

The purple flying carpet sped past the icy mountains as the warlock left Astral behind him. The great forest rushed past underneath him and soon the port town connecting Azura’s capital to the mainland appeared in the distance. Bhohb decided not to bring the carpet into the city and stuffed it back into his satchel. The streets were bustelling, the gulls were screeching. the tiny hobbit slunk almost unnoticed through the crowd of tall elves going through their daily routines. He felt kinda lonely so he decided  to summon Seth to keep him company. With a snap and a poof the tall green imp appeared next to him, waving hello. They both continued towards the tailor shop they had left Talia at but to their befuddlement the store was closed and the doors locked. Bhohb easily opened the door with a spectral hand and entered the house. Inside there was no sign of a struggle, but neither a sign of life. A thin layer of dust coated the furniture inside, and the subtle scent of decay wafted out from the kitchen. Seth chittered worriedly to his master.
“Indeed, abandoned for at least a week. Not left, abandoned.”
He searched the house and entered a room filled with cloth, scissors and a big table. On the table a pair of beautiful dark purple cloaks lay neatly folded. On the work surface lay two intricately embroidered patches depicting two white dragons. Bhohb went to pick them up but stopped abruptly as Seth started yelling and pointing at the floor. A small burnmark lay hidden under a tipped over stool and a shiver ran down the hobbit’s back. He leaned in closer and gave it a whiff. Then he gave it  lick. A flash of insight reached him as his demonic essence resonated with the residue.
Bhohb looked over to Seth, “Teleportation spell, demonic.” Bhohb smiled “Had it been arcane it’d left no trace.”

Seth looked concerned, “Mleh-bleh grubble wubble.”
“Indeed I can’t follow it using arcane arts. We’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.” Bhohb smile widened as he dissolved into smoke.


The dungeons echoed with the dying shrieks of the young elven man. Bhohb withdrew his hand from the elf’s heart and shook of some of the blood from it.
“Eugh, demonic powers are so much more messy than hellish ones. They’re all like ‘Blueeeh, I will suck your blood and eat your fingers!”, I much prefer fire and brimstone.”
Bhohb’s head snapped around, “Speaking of demons, I smell an aberration.”

A robed man slithered forth from the shadows, tentacles writhing under the cloth.
“You dare intrude into the sanctum of my master, halfling?” the voice was not more than a whisper but it echoed through the halls nonetheless.

Bhohb ignored the creature and started walking around the room. The creature hissed warnings and curses at him as he casually perused the contents of the large dark room. An altar emerged from the shadows and as Bhohb neared it the aberration roared in anger.
“Not one more step you insolent fiend!”
He lunged himself towards the tiny warlock, tentacles extended in an embrace of death. Bhohb still stood with his back turned towards him and as the tentacles grasped his tiny body, but instead of being crushed, they passed right through him. The creature withdrew his tentacles, they were scalded and raw.
“Sacrilege…” the beast hissed as he prepared to cast a curse upon the Hobbit.
I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Bhohb said smugly over his shoulder.
The mass of tentacles shouted the last words of the incantation and extended a tentacle to point at his pray, but as the red light at its tip neared climax it fizzled out.
“Counter-spelled buddy.” Bhohb laughed.
“But you didn’t…”
Bhohb pointed behind the creature where Seth was waving at them. Bhohb continued, “It’s clear that you’re no fighter, but more of a caretaker or maybe a speaker of some sort. Yea, some sort of left hand kind of guy.” Bhohb turned back to the altar where the mutilated corpse of Vera lay. “So why don’t you tell me who this ritual was meant to summon?”
“I will never tell a defiled one such as as you. Both demon and devil, yet you don’t hold a candle to my power!” The robe fell to the ground as the man separated into hundreds of worms swarming towards Bhohb.
“Do you even see where you are?” Bhohb cackled shrilly. “Devils and demons hold one thing in common.” The shadows grew deeper and pooled around the arcane midget.



Bhohb returned to Vera’s shop sweeping up the cloaks and patches. He left and locked the store, and as the carpet lifted him into the sky he gazed across Azura. Focusing on the mark he had placed a few years ago he sensed the echo from the mountains. He soared swiftly over the green fields and forests of Azura, but as he neared the source of the echo he caught sight of a lone wanderer entering the mountain pass to Azura. Bhohb noted this and kept going into the mountains. Landing on a small plateau Bhohb tried to triangulate Talia’s location and as he sent out a ping the echo was accompanied by an explosion as the mountainside burst open. Out from the hole emerged a battered and bruised Talia, sparks of electricity sparking jumping around her. Sorodona who had held on to her hair slumped to the ground, panting heavily.
As Talia saw Bhohb just standing before her she moaned deeply.
“And of course you are here, you really do exist to chip away at my sanity, don’t you?”

“Don’t worry my dear”, Bhohb answered. “I’m simply here to assist you.” Bhohb withdrew a cookie from the black pot he was holding. “Do you want a cookie by the way?”
Before giving it much thought Talia reached into the jar to grab one, but as her hand entered the pot a burst of black smog burst out and streaked along her tattoos. Talia tried to fight the strange essence entering her body and could hear Sorodona screaming in her head, but no matter how hard she tried her body tugged at the dark spirit trapped within the jar. The darkness coalesced until Bhohb could no longer see the girl and in burst of darkness he heard a roar that shook the mountain. For but a second he could see a monster… no a dragon, before the darkness faded and Talia reappeared. Talia looked and felt different from before, better, but strange. Even though she knew she couldn’t hit the hobbit she rushed over and swung at his smirking face. The sound of sand over stone whispered in her mind and she felt her hand change. Bhohb realized what was going on a second too late and was punched into the air and then falling heavily on the hard rock. Talia looked down at her hand, now clawed, armoured, and pulsing with shadow. Bhohb hobbled to his feet with a pained smile at his face.
“So it worked as intended then. Now, let’s not waste any time.” Bhohb withdrew a glass jar containing a single wriggling, purple worm. “We have a demon to catch.”


Heradahn couldn’t believe his eyes as a young girl, a miniature dragon, a green devil spawn, and an extremely creepy hobbit swooped down on a purple flying carpet in front of him.
“Greetings druid, my name is lord Bhohb of the seven and nine hells. I can see by your charms and sygaldries that you are hunting dangerous prey.” Bhohb gave a curt bow and withdrew the demon worm jar, shaking it slightly. “Join my on my flying carpet, I’m sure we can be of assistance.”

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Re: The Arcanica Role Play (Here)

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