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The Pandora Arc Empty The Pandora Arc

Post by Spyduck on Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:47 am

Arcanica - Pandora, 23/1-1332 P.D

Miles grabbed a bundle of papers and straightened the edges by tapping them on his desk. The huge wood construction held many drawers and shelves, inside and upon which a plethora of documents, writing utensils and various magical tools lay scattered. From one drawer he pulled out a bronze disc, about a thumb width thick, and rubbed it over the margin of the sheaf of papers. The papers seemed to bond together at one side to form a spine. Miles brought the bundle over to a summoning circle he kept in the corner of the room. He lay his hands on the circle and with a quick chant a barely visible shimmer appeared before him.
“Take this report to Leximus Drahl, thanks.”
Miles threw the bundle into the shimmering mass, which caught it and swept away across the room, generating a gust that blew a few papers off a nearby bookshelf. With that he picked up his scribe robes and headed out the door.

Hustling down the corridors of the university, Miles swept his gaze across the different classrooms, offices, and commonrooms. In his hand he carried a long scroll, covered in names and numbers. He stopped abruptly in front of the cafeteria and consulted his list. From the depths of his robes he withdrew a glass stylus. On the doorway to the cafeteria he inscribed a short string of runes. He rolled up the scroll, put it in his robes, and replaced it with a clay octagon upon which he copied the inscription. He swept through the university and repeated this process several times.

Miles collapsed onto his chair and let out a long sigh of relief. His small room was connected to his office but they differed little in term of visuals. Untidy stacks of books, scrolls and papers covered most surfaces. He simply sat there and breathed for a few minutes before charging into his office again. With a mage hand he withdrew a large lump of clay which was dropped unceremoniously on one of his tables. The young man rolled up his sleeves and started to fill and empty a mold, over and over, to produce several dozen octagons. In the middle of each octagon he placed a small arrow, balancing atop a needle. With every inch of his table being covered with these devices he now withdrew the one he had been inscribing runes on all morning. With a wave of his hand, a book flew from its shelf and landed neatly in Miles outstretched arms.
“Eru sumtum copius dendere, labos mundi lahbrehct finral.”
With these words a force imprinted the runes on all clay faces.
“Durum dalmas, flagres Intrym”
And with these, the clay let off a cloud of steam, changing colour and hardening.

Miles pushed open the large wooden door and bathed in the warm glow of the room inside. A high pitched voice called his name.
“Miles me boy, yer practically glowin’. Come ‘ere an’ share the fruit of yer loins with ay poor poetic soul.”
The owner of the voice was a very tall man with red, curly hair. His clothing was strange by the arcanican standards, but certainly not by Pandoran. On top he wore a scarlet tailcoat over a puffy white shirt. Leather suspenders connected to black velvet knee pants. His feet were bare, despite the climate. Miles pulled a string inside his robes and in a flash his outfit transformed into a finely tailored outfit, complete with a red tailcoat. Miles finger gunned the barman who was clearing a nearby table from mugs and plates.
“The ol’ one-two and a Bee-plate, Hannes.”
The barman gave him a nod and disappeared through a swinging door, into the kitchen. Miles slid over to the tall man with his hand extended. Any random Imperial or Astralian would think he was reaching for a handshake, but they clearly don’t know the Pandorans well enough, this was the wizard handshake. Bump it, in with it, fingers into snakes, indigo flash. That’s the most popular wizard handshake. Miles sat down at the table by the man and flipped him two eggs.
“Done in the artificiary Baron? As per usual, nothing can keep you from the pub.” he said with a smirk. Baron cuffed him playfully over the head.
“Ye fay gnome, ya know well and true that I’m the best alchemist in me year.”
The barman returned with two mugs and a platter and put them in front of Miles. One mug held a jet black liquid, it’s surface lay like glass, clear and calm. The other mug contained a swirling vortex of purple and gold. The “Bee-plate”, fittingly enough, carried bread, butter, beans, bacon, and a bowl of broth. Miles slid the plate in between himself and the other arcanist and dug in.

As the last piece of bread was devoured, an explosion rocked the building, knocking a few bottles from the bar shelves. Miles rose up and brushed some crumbs of his coat.
“Seems like some students are causing a ruckus, my dear Dullahan.”, Miles said casually.
“Ay, me dear Milambert. Shall we put ay stop to these shenanigans?”, Dullahan answered with a smirk.

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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Cookie on Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:39 am

Pandora 23/1/1332 6:00

Tired, so very very horrifically tired! Larisa shuts off her alarm by slamming it harshly and knocking it over, she despised the sound of that thing and really didn't want to hear it ever again, until the next morning of course. She got up after lounging around for fifteen minutes hoping to sneak in a few more minutes of sleep, but the sound of the dorm alarms to wake up students weren't allowing her to even do that much. She brushed her teeth, got dressed up and sat down in front of her mirror table. The table was filled with all sorts of colorful potions and Larisa looked into the mirror to decide what color her hair should be today.
"Pink? blonde, I haven't gone blonde in so long. Hm...Hey Lavarion, can you help me out.

"Why don't you try black for once." his reflection suddenly appearing into the mirror. He was never one to back away from a request from Larisa, despite how simple and avoidable it might be by simply ignoring her. His body was purely spectral, with a blue glow emitting ever so slightly to light up his body. His head was mostly round, but the top was spiked up into two fading ends, almost like they were burning candles. His eyes were pure black with a very interesting ever changing stellar pattern changing inside them and to make him even more unusual, he had no actual mouth to speak from, his echoing ghostly voice was almost telepathic with Larisa.

" can see that being nice! What if I do something similar to your pretty eyes? Add random changing patterns through it?"

"Sounds just like you. I like it." His eyes closed and it looked like he was smiling gently.

"Yaaay!" Larisa quickly pulled out her brush and a few other bottles filled with some sort of liquids and began mixing them through, after a few magical words the substances began changing colors and with that Larisa poured it all over her brush and slowly stroked through her long hair. Within seconds her hair color began turning black, but not simply black, it had a strange glowing and sparkling touch to it that made it look almost like a clear night sky. After a few more friendly interactions with Lavarion, Larisa got her little backpack and put on her large witch hat and went out of her room and off to class.


Class was always the same for Larisa; boring. She never enjoyed it, unless there were funny tricks she could pull with the magic they were being taught. To entertain herself, she usually enjoyed looking through the window and watching Lavarion do silly things to keep her happy. Once the class finished, the teacher spoke out what was for homework and Larisa started packing her bag, but was soon interrupted by a few of her classmates.

"Say, Larisa, do you mind telling us why your name is written all over our notebooks?"

"You...liked my name?" Larisa tried jokingly avoiding an argument, but that simply riled them up even more.

"Don't play dumb with us! We saw you laughing the entire duration of this class and our things went missing.

"Why would I do that though?" Larisa couldn't understand what was happening, until Lavarion stepped in and pointed out another problem.

"Larisa...psst" After a few calls he finally gets her attention and points at her seat which is where she left her bag, except...that it was no longer there.

"My bag!" Larisa ran over to her seat and looked everywhere frantically for her things, but she couldn't find them, after looking for a few minutes ignoring the commotion behind her, Lavarion finds her backpack in a seat from one of the girls who was accusing her just now. "Why did you take my backpack for?"

"Huh?! Me?! I didn't even touch your ugly bag!"

"Yeah...who would honestly, I mean it looks so old and beaten up, are you too poor to afford one or something?" The girl started laughing loudly causing the others to laugh as well.

Larisa wasn't as upset that it was found there as she was about their comments for it. "It was a gift..." she mumbled and started chanting a very powerful hex and turned one of the girls into a frog. The other two who were with that girl freaked out and started casting small hexes onto Larisa, blowing her hat off, turning her arm green, but eventually one of them messed up and set her hat on fire. Larisa quickly chanted out a spell and put out the fire, but the hat got damaged and that was the last straw. Larisa didn't care anymore about her surroundings nor who was around, she asked Lavarion to do that move of his and she went invisible. After a few moments the only thing that could be heard was a sort of growl of a beast and within the next moment Larisa in a sort of half transformed form, with her lower body still being that of a human, pounced onto one of the girls and tried biting into her neck. But it didn't go as easily as she expected as a couple of other students attacked Larisa hoping to get her off the girl and Larisa backed away into invisibility once more.
"How much longer?

"A few more lines and it'll be ready"

Larisa then went on to slam one of the students with a bear arm through the wall into the hallway and was quickly caught by a professor. She was raised into a protective bubble along with the other student and was interrogated, but it was too late, Lavarion had already finished his mark and the spell was being charged up and about to be cast.

Within the next few moments the entire area went up in smoke from a large scale explosion. Larisa was inside her protective bubble and was safe, but many students were injured during this incident and so was the professor who was trying to break up the fight. The bubble slowly disappeared and Larisa ran over to Lavarion who had casted a protective shield over her things to protect them from the blast.
"Yay it's not damaged more!" but as she spoke several bindings tied her down and tripped her over causing her to fall flat on her face. She looked over and saw a very charming man and a very interestingly dressed man walk closer to her. "Oops?" she giggled jokingly as the two sighed and looked around.

"That's a very high level explosion glyph you casted there. Mind telling me why you wanted to blow up the entire floor?"

"Well...they burnt my hat and stole my things and insulted my backpack!" Larisa's reasoning only made the tall man laugh as he undid his bindings on her."

"So no more blowing things up?"

"No more blowing things up..." Larisa almost felt sad saying it, but a judging and angry glare from the other boy gave her a chill down her spine.

"I suppose you had a great reason to interrupt classes throughout the school, Larry."

A familiar voice called over to Larisa and she happily got up and ran at her dear old best friend happily hugging her.
"I was in a fight!"

"How does that make it sound any better?"

"By protocol she should receive a suspension, but that will all be up to the headmaster to decide.

Larisa got another chill as the boy spoke, she really didn't like his tone and attitude, it felt too...un-fun. Picking up her things, Larisa was escorted to the headmaster's office where she was going to have her fate decided.


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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Tucker789 on Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:50 pm

Pandora. 23/1/1332.
Aerilaya sat in the library, reading her book. Magical theory, as usual, she was reading up on the topic of expanding a persons natural mana pool, and thus allowing for a greater use of magic overall.
Annoyed that this book only contained theories, and nothing she could actually use herself, she tossed it away and slumped in her chair with crossed arms. Her lack of progress on her affinity was pissing her off, making her moodier and moodier with every failed session. She had almost given in and sought the assistance of some of the professors- but then she remembered how she taught herself how to fight, beating both her brothers in a two-versus-one fight.
This was no different. She must figure out the missing ingredient soon, and by her own means. Help from another would dishonor her, at least in her own mind.
"I must do this!" she swore to herself, willing herself up once again. Reaching out towards where she threw the book, she shot a chain out to grab it, and pulled it back in to herself, catching it in her open hand. "If my affinity came so easily and naturally, why isn't my progression doing the same? Maybe there's a mental component..."
She got up and strode to the mental magics applications section. This section was sparse, and underused, as many magic users did not believe magical advancement had anything to do with mental ability. Whether is came from spellcasting or ability-based magic, all magical power came from one's mana pool. That is how many thought of magic, anyways. Different schools of thought offered different explanations- and Aerilaya was intent on studying them all if necessary, all in order to master her affinity.
Her concentration was interrupted when two girls came into the library, talking loud enough for the whole school to hear.  

"That dumb little bitch. And did you see her hair? all shimmery black. It's like shes TRYING to copy me now. As if, that dumb little girl will never be as popular as me."
Aerilaya wasn't all too sure what this girl, Keelai, was talking about, but her tone and voice annoyed her. She looked over to the girls, and saw that Keelai did indeed have lovely black enchanted hair- and she remembered that Larisa had changed her hair today in a similar way. Suddenly she was much more invested in the two girl's conversation.
"Yeeeah! That dumb Larisa can't compare to you Keelai. She's just such a looooser."
The dumb bitch that just insulted Larisa was Daarlie, a normally ugly girl who used illusion magic to make herself pretty. Aerilaya had walked in on her once while she was putting the illusion back on, and Daarlie begged her not to tell. Aerilaya didn't care much then, but now Daarlie had crossed a line.
She closed the book and slammed it on the table so loud, silence immediately fell over the library. Everyone looked her way, and many of the more cautious students immediately grabbed their belongings and made their way out by any means necessary.
Aerilaya had already made a name for herself when it came to her anger- but now it seemed she would have to show two more lowlifes exactly what she could do when she cared.
Keelai tried to get up and run, but a swiftly summoned chain caught her ankle and sent her falling to the floor. The second chain in Aerilaya's left hand wrapped around Daarlie's throat,
holding her in place as Aerilaya closed in on her victim.

"Ple- I don' wan...ta die..."
"I'm not going to kill you you silly little twat. Not in a physical way anyways.
But consider your popularity status dead."
"Dissipating the chain in her right hand, she brought it up to Daarlie's face, and began chanting an advanced magic dissipating spell. Daarlie kicked and clawed at Aerilaya, but the sheer delight she got from thinking about how Daarlie will be punished was the only thing on her mind. After a minute, the spell finished, and the illusion shattered like glass. Underneath,
the most horrid face lurked- a face of pimples and blisters and grease. Even her breath smelled horrible, and Aerilaya recoiled and threw the abomination to the floor.
Daarlie screamed, covered her face and tried to run out the door, but her teary-eyed and half obscured vision led her to run face-first into the door.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER, YOU BITCH?!?" Keelai screamed, trying to stand up. Aerilaya had inadvertently contorted the poor girl's ankle, an effect she had not intended. Regardless, Keelai was also a highly skilled magic user- twisted ankle or not. She lifted her hands to make arcane gestures, and while she did that, Aerilaya prepared another chain, intent on whipping the girl before she could finish her spell- but it was all stopped when the entire room shook. In fact, the entire building had shook, but Aerilaya was only aware of her immediate surroundings at the moment. She saw bookshelves lean over, tipping books out and scattering them across the floor. A vase on one of the bookcases shattered next to Keelai, showering her with ceramic fragments.
Aerilaya could instinctively tell the source of this commotion, and made her way to Larisa's class. In the heat of the moment, she had left the hurt Keelai, as well as her belongings, behind in the library- but her mind was on her friend.
She rounded a curved stairwell, and began sprinting down the hallway. The classrom was just ahead, but then she saw there was already a crowd of people gathered there- including several students.
It didn't take much for her to clear a path to get to her friend, people jumped aside when they saw her, almost as if they were escaping a starving predator. They were frightened, but she didn't care. She stepped into the room and looked at her friend, she hadn't noticed her yet.
"I suppose you had a GREAT reason to interrupt classes throughout the school, Larry?" 

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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Shogun Hidora on Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:47 pm

23/1/1332 13:40

"Left at the end of the hall, then go through the door on the other side of the courtyard, then the first door on the right."
"Thank you."
"Here," Miles said, pulling a clay octagon out of his pocket and handing it to the girl. "This should help you find the way."
"Thanks again," the girl said, as she walked to the end of the hall, turning left at the end. She looked out over the courtyard, and headed towards the door at the far end. She reached the door, and started to walk through it, but she was stopped by something hard, and fell back, dropping her books on the ground.
"Need some help?" she heard a voice asking. She looked up, and saw a golden haired boy standing next to her.
"S-sure," she replied, getting to her feet.
The boy picked up her books from the ground, then handed them to her.
"Nice to meet you Ellie. Door's down further."
Ellie turned to where the door had been, and saw only a wall. She then noticed the door down further, and began walking towards it.

Kayn turned, and walked back to the group sitting at the edge of the courtyard.
"I see you helped the girl out after your little trick."
"Well, she was kinda cute."
"Unbelievable," Keelai replied, turning away from him.
"Here comes another one!" Gareth called out. "Get ready!"
Kayn then cast a spell, and the doorway was covered by an illusion of the wall, with an illusion of the doorway appearing further down the wall. The boy walked across the square, and slammed into the wall, falling over and dropping his books.
"Hey! Door's down there!" Kayn called out, as the illusions disappeared. The boy then got up and walked towards it, as the group laughed.
"Well, as much fun as messing with the new kids is, I think I should be going to class."
"You're actually going to go this time?"
"I have a feeling that something interesting will happen this time."
"I feel sorry for whoever it is this time," Keelai replied, winking at him. "Well, I think I'll go to the library then. Let's go Daarlie."
The two girls stood up, and began walking away.
"Nice hair!" Kayn called out as she left.
"Thanks!" she replied, turning back to him.
"I wasn't talking to you," Kayn said, pointing to another girl with black hair approaching.
"That bitch!" Keelai called out. She went to move towards the other girl, but Daarlie reached out her arm and stopped her.
"She's not worth it. Let's just go."
"Fine," Keelai replied, storming off towards the library.
Kayn then walked towards another doorway, Gareth and Frederick following closely behind.

They took their seats in the classroom, and Kayneth began casting illusions.
"Something planned?" Frederick whispered to him.
"You'll see," Kayn replied, before going back to his magic.
"Hey! Where'd my book go?" a girl across the room called out. "It was just here!"
"Perhaps it just fell on the ground?" the girl next to her replied. They began searching on the floor, and while they were doing so, Kayn dispelled the invisibilty on the book, before casting an illusion over it.
"Nothing down here."
"Wait, here it is," the girl said, sitting back down on her chair.
"Is that your boyfriend?" the girl on the other side asked, pointing to her book. "Unusual name for a boy, isn't it?"
The girl looked down, and saw 'Larisa' scribbled all over the front of the book. She then heard laughter, and looked towards the front, where the girl with the black hair was laughing.
"Hey! My book's gone too."
"Mine too!"
"Is there a problem here?" the professor called out from the front. "Or did you just feel like interrupting class for the fun of it?"
"Our books are missing sir."
"They're right in front of you," the professor replied, pointing at the desks in front of them. Sure enough, the books were there, but with 'Larisa' scribbled all over them, much like the first.
"Now, where was I? Ah yes..."

"Looks like something's about to happen," Gareth whispered.
"Quiet," Frederick replied. "I want to see this."
"Say, Larisa, do you mind telling us why your name is written all over our notebooks?"
"You...liked my name?"
"Don't play dumb with us! We saw you laughing the entire duration of this class and our things went missing."
"Why would I do that though?"
While the girls were arguing, Kayn cast an invisibility spell over Larisa's bag.
"My bag!"
While Larisa was frantically searching for her bag, Kayn cast an illusion over the bag of another of the girls.
"What did you take my backpack for?"
"Huh?! Me?! I didn't even touch your ugly bag!"
"Yeah...who would honestly, I mean it looks so old and beaten up, are you too poor to afford one or something?"
"It was a gift..."
Suddenly, one of the girls was turned into a frog. The other two girls began casting spells at Larisa, eventually managing to set her hat on fire. Larisa then turned invisible, before reappearing next to one of the girls, lunging for her neck with her teeth. At this, a few of the other students got out of their seats, and began trying to separate them.
"This is quite fun," Kayn said, as the three of them looked on at the spectacle unfolding before them.
One of the students was sent flying at the wall, breaking through it and landing in the hallway next to the room.
"Enough!" the professor ccalled out from the hallway, separating the students that had been fighting.
"Shame," Frederick said, turning away. "That was quite enjoyable."
"Wait a minute," Kayn said, as the others turned back. "Look."
The next moment, a large explosion went off. Gareth quickly raised a shield to protect the three of them, but many of the students were not so fortunate. The professor had been knocked unconscious by the explosion, and the protective bubbles around the students who had been fighting began to disappear.
"Yay it's not damaged more!" Larisa called out in excitement, as she walked towards what appeared to be her bag. However, she fell over, having had her feet bound by the two others walking into the room. "Oops?"
"That's a very high level explosion glyph you casted there. Mind telling me why you wanted to blow up the entire floor?"
"Well...they burnt my hat and stole my things and insulted my backpack!"
"So no more blowing things up?"
"No more blowing things up..."
"I suppose you had a great reason to interrupt classes throughout the school, Larry."
"I was in a fight!"
"How does that make it sound any better?"
"By protocol she should receive a suspension, but that will all be up to the headmaster to decide."
Larisa gathered what appeared to be all of her things, and was escorted to the headmaster's office by Miles and Dullahan, Aerilaya following closely behind. The three girls Larisa had been fighting with then went in and collected what was left of their belongings, before leaving for their rooms.

"Well, that was interesting."
"So, when do you think they'll notice that they took the wrong bags?"
"Whenever I get bored of maintaining the illusions I suppose."
They laughed, then took their bags and walked out of the room.

23/1/1332 15:30

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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Spyduck on Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:36 pm

32/1/1332 15:40

The procession purposefully marched down the corridors of the Arcane University, passing noisy classrooms and steaming workshops. Miles and Baron chatted idly with each other, occasionally looking back at the two girls following a few steps behind. Miles frowned as he saw the two friends seemed to take this all too lightly. The first door they stopped in front of was not the headmasters office, but rather an office in the scriptorium section of the main wing.
“Milambert Nihilante, senior apprentice, arcane scribe.” Larisa read from a plaque next to the door. “Why are we stopping here? Who is this?”
Miles retracted his hand from the door handle and spun around, extending his hand to the two girls.
“Call me Miles, Milambert is a bit awkward in casual conversation. That there is Baron, but you probably already knew that.”
Baron wiggled his fingers in a playful handwave. Larisa extended her hand towards the young man but was pushed aside by Aerilaya.

“That’s Larisa and I’m Aerilaya, but if you’re gonna try something you can call me trouble.”
Miles raised an eyebrow and smirked at the girl who just reached up to his chin. “Larisa and Aeae.. Trouble.” Good to know.” Miles turned his back at the sassy witch and entered his office A few moments later he returned with a bundle of papers and a small paper box.
Seeing the questioning looks his companions gave him he sighed and explained.
“I have some translations for the Archmage myself, no use in disturbing him twice.”
He opened the box and extended it to the other three students. “Any of you like wizard fudge?” Larisa quickly snatched a piece from the box and put it in her mouth but Aerilaya gave Miles the ol’ stink eye. Miles ignored her menacing and started the procession once again.

They soon arrived at the top floor of the main wing, rounding the last corner. Out from the headmaster’s office two students just exited. As they saw the group they both let out a yelp and retreated in the opposite direction. Aerilaya saw one of them pulling a hood over her face, and then recognized them, Keelai and Daarlie. Her first instinct was to run away but then she cast her gaze at Larisa.
“I can’t leave her now, and regardless, pretty boy knows my face and name.”
The door to the headmasters office was at least four meters high and made completely out of glass. Miles could clearly see archmage Cyphus smiling at them through it. The party all took a deep breath before they entered. The room inside was very large and resembled more a library than an office. All of the high walls were covered with bookcases, filled with arcane books occasionally switching places or giving their pages a quick stretch. At the center a huge desk was placed and behind it a man sat, watching them approach. The archmage was an older man, yet still in his prime. Slightly flowing pepper and salt hair, and a fitting beard adorned his face. His dark grey eyes peered out from under a heavy brow, examining the visitors. The other stopped a few meters away from the desk, but Miles continued forth and placed both the box and the papers on the desk before him.
“Good afternoon Archmage, I’ve brought the translation of the paradigm of Mylta, as you requested, as well as some wizard fudge.”
The archmage sighed and smiled at Miles.

“I don’t think you get how this works Milambert. You can’t bribe me to give you more work. You’re supposed to do the opposite. And don’t you think others might frown upon students giving the headmaster gifts?”
“I simple relish the opportunity to learn new things, and material recommended by you sir, are always preferred. And if I were to fall to the common conception of student-headmaster relationship, you’d have no fudge right now.” Miles gave the old wizard a sly wink.
Cyphus laughed heartily. “That is true, indeed. But it takes not four to deliver papers and candy.”
Miles cleared his throat and ushered the others forth. “I’m sorry sir, but we have had some trouble making at the university today. Harmful magic useage against other students.
The archmage nodded along with the new. “Yes, I just heard about the attack in the library, and I see you brought Aerilaya with you.”
Miles tilted his head in confusion at these words.
“No, it’s the student Larisa. She assaulted her classmates with transfiguration magic, shapeshifting magic, and almost blew up the classroom with an explosive hex.”
Cyphus breathed a heavy sigh and looked upon Larisa, who tried to hide behind the tall red haired wizard. He then looked back to Miles.

“Thank you for not acting rashly and coming to me with this. These are quite serious offences, indeed. Would you and young mister Barron leave the students to me. I wish to speak with them alone.”
Miles gave a courteous bow and left the room, Baron following close behind. Miles felt that it was his duty to wait for the girls and assist them with resuming their schedules, and thusly said goodbye to his friend who returned to the bar.


Miles waited for several minutes outside the headmasters office, thinking about the strangeness surrounding the fight in the classroom. His first thought had been illusion magic, but it was banned as private practise in the university. He then remembered the bag that Larisa had mentioned. He looked in through the glass doors and saw the bag placed just inside, by the door. He also saw the headmaster giving Larissa a hug, his robes almost hiding the girl in the embroidered cloth. As he grabbed the bag and looked up he could see the archmages eyes meet his. Miles quickly withdrew from the room feeling slightly embarrassed. Either way he rummaged through the bag and immediately noticed that its contents differed majorly in overall style and theme to the bag itself. With a few words mumbled and with the wiggling of his fingers he cast an investigative spell. A soft sheen appeared around the bag. Miles patted at his clothes attempting to find something but realized that he was wearing his club clothes. Shaking his sleeves hard, his outfit changed back into the robes. He reached into his own bag and withdrew a blank sheet of paper, placing it on top of the enchanted bag.
With these words the paper filled with words and symbols of arcane nature. Just then, Larisa and Aerilaya entered the corridor, both with an aura of lugubriousness around them. Larisa looked up at Miles and noticed her bag.

“Hey that’s mine!”
“No it isn’t.” answered Miles, showing her the content of the bag.
The young witches stared at each other in confusion. Miles shook his head and smiled
“It’s an illusion you see. Someone else was the one who facilitated the conflict before. And besides, you’re not allowed to use this kind of magic without supervision.”
The apprentice scribe held the spell imprint in front of him, several expressions passing over his face.
“So, Trouble and Larisa, was it? Whilst your actions certainly can’t be excused by this revelation, I am happy to leave this at whatever the headmaster told you. I wonder, however, if either of you are interested in tracking down the culprit. We don’t want anyone breaking the rules here now do we?”
Miles wiggled his eyebrow at the girls, Larisa nodding with determination. Miles rolled up his paper, extending it forward.
“Would either of you happen to have any “juice” left? I’m quite spent from earlier today.”
Larisa took the paper from him and looked up at the tall boy.

“Thank you.”
Miles caught but a in a moment the eyes of the girl; she was pretty cute. Miles felt the other girl staring daggers at him, and he turned around, blushing slightly.
“Well then, lead the way.”


The three students rounded the corner of the long balcony overlooking the gardens. Miles felt a little bit out of place as he followed the two girls who were chatting quietly to each other, as they traveled through the university. The girl, Larisa, also seemed to talk to herself a couple of times. Suddenly they stopped at an empty spot on the balcony. Miles looked at Larisa who was simply looking down at the paper and up at the emptiness in front of them.
“Did  you run out of “mana”?” Miles suggested.

“Out of mana? Of course not!” Larisa said in an insulted tone.
Suddenly the bag they carried with them lost its sheen and transformed back into a blue handbag. Miles suspiciously eyed the area as the girls looked at each other, cluelessly.
“Is it just me, or do you remember a bench normally being here?”
The girls shrugged. Miles strode forward and suddenly without warning he started to flail around with his arms, jumping back and forth around the balcony. Almost immediately he could feel his arm connecting with something, or someone. He swiftly grabbed whatever it was he felt, and suddenly two barely pubescent boys appeared in front of them.

“Ouch, get off me you wacko.”
Miles smiled at the boy who was almost as tall as himself.
“Seems like I have yet another errand to the headmaster's office today.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about”. answered the boy. He had quite snazzy clothing, and one of those shit eating grins on his face as he stared the older boy in the face.
“Well, your stupidity can’t excuse your actions, so idea or no, you’re coming with me.”
Miles turned around to the girls and noticed that they were starting to panic, looking for him.
“That’s pretty clever, setting up an illusory wall right behind me before I discovered you.” Miles saw the boy gloating from the minor praise.

“Then maybe you should be a good student and run along, you shouldn’t disturb true talent.” the boy snarked back.
“Or maybe I should bring in the girl who suffered the consequences of your actions?”
Before the boy could react, Miles went over to the girls, who startled as he appeared, and dragged them past the illusory wall. The five students exchanged glances in silence, and just as Aerilaya opened her mouth to say something they heard a new voice from just nearby.

“Hail brother, lovely stars today.”
Two robed figures had joined them on the balcony as they had stared at each other.
“Hail brother, but tomorrow they will darken.” the other answered.
Miles recognised one of the men as his hood slipped away from his face for a second. It was professor Silus, the transfiguration master. The students were all dead silent as the two shady figures conversed right next to them.

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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Cookie on Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:35 am

32/1/1332  15:40

"What do you think your father will say about all this?" Lavarion warped in between the two girls, slightly pacing behind them as to leave room for them to talk casually.

"Hm...hopefully just a bag of cookies would be nice!" Larisa laughed full of optimism. She hadn't seen her father in quite a while, he was always busy at work and rarely in the school building. She felt a bit of humor realizing she's going to meet him only because she got in trouble.

"Don't get your hopes blew up an entire classroom..." Aerilaya immediately shut down the heartfelt conversation. She didn't know Larry's friend appeared, but judging by the conversation she simply assumed he was.

As they entered the Archmages room, Larisa's eyes instantly lit up and she wanted to dash forward, but Lavarion stopped her. He suggested waiting a while or until the boy was out.

"Don't risk him seeing you act friendly with the Archmage. Who knows what he can do." Lavarion was always the worrying type, how could he not be, his companion was a loose cannon, but she was a great person as well...just very...happy-go-lucky.

With a simple nod, Larisa agreed and stood back as the conversation between the two went on, but she noticed a more disgusted face growing on her buddy's face. Ari wasn't happy with their interactions at all, but to Larisa it meant nothing much.
As soon as the boy exited the room, the two were eyed down by the Archmage.


A shiver went down her spine as she thought through everything she's done that could've been a possible punishable act.

"You've grown a lot taller since the last time I saw you." A smile grew across his face as he noticed Larisa getting angry.

"I grew too! Just...not that much..." She instantly fell into a minor depression as she realized her height hadn't moved for three years now.

"Hahaha, you've grown stronger though and that's just what I expected from my daughter." He patted her on her head as he felt a presence in the room. "Your friend is here too, isn't he?"

Larisa looked back and saw Lavarion slowly retreating from the room.
"Yep! Shy as always!"

"Now...who was the one who destroyed one of our classrooms?"

"Lavarion casted the spell, but I clawed down two students..." Larisa looked down disappointed in herself with regret, but then she remembered her reasoning and spoke up. "But it's their fault! They were messing with my things!"

"So the obvious solution was to...blow up the classroom?" He looked at her confused as she looked away feeling shame for her actions. Nothing he did would change her behavior towards her belongings and friends, so he pondered a while what to do with her, but then decided to look into the other case he was meant to deal with. "And you?"

Aerilaya felt like daggers were being thrown all over her skin piercing each pore slowly, but she knew her mistake and immediately apologized. "I let my feelings get the better of me...I let their talk about Larisa enrage me and I harmed both students in order to silence them..."

"To protect me? That's just like you!" Larisa quickly ran over and hugged her friend who was stiff as a stone,
but soon loosened up as she had to shake off Larisa from around her waist.

"While you may believe it's a good act to commit, it's still assault on another fellow student and this isn't your first, you know that." The girl simply agreed with everything he was saying so far without question. "A suspension is the most likely punishment to be handed down to you right now and not as short of a duration as last time.

"They were being mean too! It wasn't only her fault!"

"I understand how you feel." He abruptly paused and left them in suspense. "Which is why all five of you will be attending a very interesting bonding class each day for twenty days after classes. Dates will be given out tomorrow after I assign a professor to your class."


"Larisa will be monitored closely by a supervising student who is trustworthy and loyal to this facility and the order. Someone like Milambert."

Aerilaya's skin started crawling at the sound of his name and jumped out to persuade him to take her as Larry's supervisor instead.
"Why him?! I could be one! I have the capabilities to tame Larisa."

"You also have the capabilities to snap someone's head if they insult her." His response pushed the girl back and she fell into a silence unable to think of anything else to say.

"Can I also attend the special bonding class?!" Larisa's request confused both of them. "I don't get to spend much time with Ari and Lavi needs the bonding time after all, he needs to learn more about people and their behaviors."

Shocked and surprised by her willingness to participate in a class meant for juvenile behavior, Cyphus simply laughed and let her attend. His permission made the girl jump into his arms and at that moment he noticed Milambert enter the room and quickly retreat after taking something. He gave his daughter a quick hug and patted Aerilaya on the head for being a great friend and warned them to be more careful and asked them to send Milambert in whenever they can during the day. He will be waiting to give him his task.


When the girls left the room they noticed Miles going through Larisa's bag and quickly ran over, but with a brief explanation and some magic, the bag turned into someone else's.

"I remember that. That was that ugly girl's bag. The one who claimed it was missing."

Larisa turned to her spectral friend and then quickly back to the group who were trying to find someone who was willing to use their mana to track down the culprit. Larisa felt happy Miles was helping her and gave him a quick thank you.
Lavarion laughed and Ari simply glared at him until his expression changed completely.


Larisa led the group to a balcony, but then she stopped dead center as the paper wasn't going anywhere. Looking around confused she tried locating a person.

"Nothing under the balcony either." Lavarion who realized the situation tried assisting her by flying out and seeing if there was anything around. When he came back he saw the boy mocking Larisa for a moment, but in a friendly manner and then he began flailing around. It looked funny to Lavarion and he laughed loudly distracting Larisa a bit.

"What's wrong?"

"Lav is laughing intensely...I don't know why..." Larisa looked quite surprised, but after a moment her attention got drawn back to Mile's who suddenly vanished into thin air. "WHAT?! WHERE IS HE?"

"Teleportation? Way gates?..." before she could ponder anymore, Aerilaya and Larisa both got dragged behind an illusory wall and were faced with two boys Aerilaya has never seen or just never noticed before.

"Larisa." Lavarion called out and then noticed a bit of light was being distorted around a certain part a bit higher above the balcony. "Illusions. Heh, sneaky."
He snuck into the illusion himself and glanced down to see who was part of this entire commotion and he then realized he knew one of the boys who were facing Lavarion's companions. He remembered him slightly from Larisa's classes, always sitting with his feet on the desk and barely paying attention sometimes, but sometimes he was sitting correctly and acting properly which now that he saw this illusion made all the more sense to Lavarion.
"Larisa. I know this guy!"

Larisa heard Lavarion slightly from a bit far, but didn't dare to reply as everyone was dead silent watching the two new figures appearing onto the balcony."

“Hail brother, lovely stars today.”

“Hail brother, but tomorrow they will darken.” Silus answered to his companion.

"Are preparations going well?"

"Extremely well, almost seems too easy."

"That is the beauty of sneak attacks, my dear friend, nobody notices anything, until it's too late." The man chuckled.

"Are the others commencing the plan?" Silus seemed eager.

"Patience, Silus."

The man suddenly turned towards the direction of the group and glared menacingly at them for a few seconds before turning his attention back. Larisa felt her heart being stabbed repeatedly as she keeps the still image of his eyes looking almost directly at hers.

"Something the matter?"

"No, just thought I saw someone below the balcony." The man turned his attention back to Silus. "Be patient,
these things take time to be done correctly. As easy as it may seem, one simple mistake or mole and this entire operation will come crashing down on top of us."

Silus felt a slight embarrassment grow across his face, but nevertheless he kept his composure and continued the conversation.
"Understandable. We must be rid of the high council as soon as possible.-" Silus was abruptly interrupted.

The man felt the conversation was dragging far too long and there may be someone who heard them, so he simply extended his hand for a handshake.
"For the Empire."

Silus greeted his handshake and repeated after him.
"For the Empire."

As the two men were walking away, Larisa and the others felt like they got dragged into something they shouldn't have even known about, but hearing that her father is in danger Larisa grew angry and wanted to go out and confront the two men. She started marching forward before being tackled down by the others as they came crashing down into a pile on the ground. The two men were already too far away to hear any of the commotion happening and the group was suddenly in chaos.


"A lot of people are in trouble! And we will be in even more trouble if you run your mouth and try assaulting a professor!" Miles was picking himself up while holding onto Larisa's hands. Before he could even react, the girl who he knew as Trouble separated him from Larisa and stared him down in a threatening manner.

Aerilaya knew that the only way to keep her from moving now was to tie her down so she summoned a few chains and chained her down to the balcony. While the commotion with Larisa was going on, she completely forgot about the other two.

"Larry! The other two! They're trying to get away!"

Larisa heard her companion and noticed the two who were running away and simply summoned a fairly big rock and tripped them over.
"Ari! Chain them down too!" hearing Larisa's words, Aerilaya summoned her chains again and tied the other two down right next to Larisa who gave them a triumphant grin.


"So now what?"

"Firstly, we have to pretend we never heard that conversation happen." Everyone glared at Miles at that moment. He felt slightly attacked, but he retaliated and continued his trail of thought. "What I meant to say was...we have to pretend we don't remember hearing these things while doing research and figure out what exactly is going on. We cannot simply attack them expecting to win."

"He does have a point. Aside from Silus and this weird person, they mentioned more members to their plan."

"So what now? We just let them continue plotting to murder the archmages in the country?!"

"Yes. That is exactly what we're going to do."

Aerilaya noticed Larisa's expression darkened and grew angry once again.
"I'm not going through with this."

"So you think running aimlessly at them and attacking them will solve anything? Or perhaps you were thinking of telling someone. Who would believe you?"

"The headmaster would."

"Even though I'm not quite sure of your relationship with the Archmage, I doubt even he would distrust one of his professors who mind you has been here longer than you."

"Who knew. We had Dark Empirials right under our noses this entire time."

"Why would they be trying to take over the country anyway? Aren't we allied or something?"

"We are close allies and practically of the same kind as them, yes. But there has been a shift in power lately there, with their new king and all they seem to be taking a different perspective and mindset towards us as well." Miles pondered this situation as he noticed one of the boys they caught started trying to break free.

"What are you even doing?"

"I don't want to be mixed up in any of this bullshit! Let me go!"

"Didn't know you were that fast to bail on me."

"Small illusion tricks on some midget is one thing-" he couldn't even finish his sentence before he was knocked unconscious.

Kayn stared at his friend confused, nothing had happened, yet his head suddenly turned and a large red mark appeared across his cheek. As he turned, he noticed the other guy was staring in surprise and confusion while the girls were laughing. He didn't bother asking what happened as he knew he wouldn't get an answer and simply tried to uncover this mystery on his own for now.

Miles on the other hand was quite curious and looked back to find the two girls casually discussing how much of an idiot that boy was.
"I don't suppose either of you casted something?"

"That looks and felt, like a solid punch to the face."


"Well deserved too, if you ask me." Lavarion tried joining the conversation knowing he won't get heard.

"So who threw that punch?"

Aerilaya looked at Larisa who was looking into a certain spot and figured Lavarion was there talking to her at the moment. She sometimes felt left out of the conversation, but knowing there wasn't any way for them to communicate with each other, she knew it was out of anyone's power.

"I think the more important part is what we do with these two now!"

Miles noticed the dodge in question, but felt like it wasn't something he should be forcing yet and simply followed the flow of the conversation.
"Very true. What do we do with them? I suggest we let the headmaster deal with them."

"That would get me expelled."


"Not so fast there, we can't let him leave."


"Yeah, what do you mean with that?"

"He knows too much about what happened here, don't you think letting him leave is a very bad move? Who knows what he'd do.

"Watch out. I'll join their side and snitch on you." Kayn laughed as he found their fear of his movement amusing.

"So what do you suggest we do?..."

"Pssst! Larry! I have an idea!" Lavarion caught Larisa's attention and began forming a plan.

"I can watch over him. He's mostly in the same classes as me!"

"Larry, no."

"That could work."

"What?! Don't agree with her on this! She can't possibly deal with that conniving prick!"

"Unless...she can somehow keep his actions on a tight leash."

"What are you even planning..."

"Larisa." He bowed down in front of the girl who was chained down. She looked him directly in the eyes confused, but he somehow lost track of thought for a moment before coughing and trying to regain his thoughts. "Do you have any knowledge in illusions?"

"A lot actually. They're helpful for learning a lot more new cosmetic magic in a way."

"What are you planning! Hey! Don't ignore me!"

Miles smiled and got back up and simply laughed.

"Ah! My father wanted to see you now that I remember, Miles!"

"Your father?..." He stopped for a moment and suddenly remembered the Archmage hugging Larisa. "The Headmaster?"

"Yes..." Aerilaya showed her disgust as she spoke to him and grew angrier with each word. "He had a task for you..."

"Alright. You two deal with him for tonight, take him to his room or something, or throw him off the balcony if you think it's necessary. I'll go see what the headmaster needs. Tell me, which rooms are yours?"

"Mine is 60T, you'll find out her's soon enough." Aerilaya's chains moved slowly as she picked up the boy from the ground and pushed him around. She knew her mana was dropping with every move they made, but decided to keep it to herself as she released Larry.

"Have fun with papa!" Larisa waved at Miles who waved back slightly and slowly walked away as they continued their way to take the boy back to his room, now that Larisa thought about it, she never knew his name. "Say, what's his name?"

"Something K..." Lavarion couldn't remember either as he pondered.

"Call me Kayn." Kayn heard the girl.

"Cool! Nice to meet ya, Kayn!"

"We go to the same class..."

"But we don't talk to each other..."

"Larisa. May I remind you, he's the reason you'll be going to detention now? And he won't be getting any kind of punishment..."

"But Miles said he would!"

"Being stuck with this girl everyday now is punishment enough I'd say." As Kayn said his words, he suddenly regret his decision as the chains tightened around his stomach and were crushing him slowly. "I'm kidding! I'm kidding!"


Miles made his way into the Archmages office keeping in mind what happened earlier. He greeted him as usual and was instructed to take a seat.
"I head you asked for me."

"Yes, I have a task for you."

"A task?"

"You have recently met my daughter I see."

Miles paused for a moment after hearing him say that, but quickly recollected his thoughts.
"Yes, quite a lively girl."

"And very dangerous when moody." Cyphus turned and faced the large window behind his chair, the scenery soon switched to a view of Larisa, Aerilaya and Kayn as if projecting an image into a crystal ball. They were chatting and moving along slowly.
"I take it, he was the culprit."

Miles was amazed at the display of magic, it was a clear view, that was a very high level observing spell, he almost completely got lost in thought, before being snapped back into reality.
"With no solid evidence, we can't really prove he did anything."

"I see. This is why illusions are a dangerous game to play." Cyphus quickly pulled down the image and it returned to the setting sun of Spring and the garden that enriched the scenery. "I have a very demanding task for you, my boy. And be it as it may, you may gain quite the favor if you complete it properly."

Miles felt very excited as he listened closely.

"You are to supervise my daughters actions until the end of this month. As I said, she is very dangerous when her mood gets out of control, but I trust you to keep her in line and see to it that her actions are accounted for without needed punishment."

Miles felt like saying so you want me to babysit your spoiled daughter? but he knew he'd regret insulting his family and simply took a deep breath and decided to accept the task. He was then handed a few notes regarding Larisa's behavior and her whereabouts as he left the room he analyzed it and started laughing as he realized she simply acts on instinct.
He continued reading through the papers and noticed something peculiar.
"Talking to herself, huh." He remembered noticing her do that quite a bit, but the more he thought about it, the imagery of the boy being punched across the face came to his mind. "Maybe it isn't so much talking to herself, is it, Headmaster?" he thought to himself as he made his way to Larisa's room to give her the news.


Larisa was removing the dye from her hair as her natural hair color shined back. It was a lovely light brown glow and she left Lavarion to brush it for her as he found it nice to help her as she couldn't quite reach it herself when they suddenly heard a knock on her door. She was surprised but happy for company and ran over opening the door to find Miles standing there.
"Are boys even allowed in this dorm?"

"Not really, but under certain circumstances and granted permission..." he handed her the note from her father as he explored her room. He noticed it was quite tidier than he could've imagined.

"OH RIGHT! He told me about this earlier! I forgot completely...well, does that mean you'll be my roommate or something?"

"As helpful as that may be...I'm not sure anyone would appreciate me here."

"I would! I like the company!"

"Flattered, but I simply came by to tell you this, expect me to see you tomorrow as soon as you are ready for school, I'll be waiting in front of the building for you." Miles started walking out, the girl cheerfully followed and said her goodbyes to him as he stopped and glanced back. He noticed the hairbrush was floating on its own and simply gave him more clues to his theory.

Aerilaya was still leading Kayn back before she got called over by some girls. Kayn was laughing at this, but Aerilaya wasn't, she knew them from the bruises and a few others who came along as well. She knew her mana levels were too low to fight them all, but she couldn't simply let Kayn go free. She needed to form a plan...
"This is not my day..."

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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Tucker789 on Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:46 pm

Aerilaya was dragging Kayn down the hall, occasionally he would struggle against the chains, and she would tighten them to remind him she still had control.
“It’s odd that you’re still holding me in these, the only place I’m going is the place you’re taking me anyways.”
“I’m just making sure you get there is all.”
“Oh, I’m sure that’s what it is.”
“What?” she asked, stopping for a moment.
“Oh, I know how girls act around me, any excuse to be alone with me.”
Aerilaya blushed bright red, then quickly moved forwards, pulling him along. “That is not what this is about!”
“Alright, alright! No need to be so rough! I prefer to take it gentle-”and he was cut off when Aerilaya once again tightened the chains, this time keeping them tight, almost crushing him.
She was getting annoyed at the boy, but she was also tired. Her problem with magic had always been endurance, and it showed in moments like this.

“Aerilaya! Bitch, come over here!” a voice called out from further down the hall. Aerilaya could tell it was Keelai, and with her were several of Keelai’s group of followers.
“This is not my day…” she whispered. She continued to walk forwards, trying to hurry past the girls, but all six of them circled her and Kayn.
“You’re in for it now…” Kayn whispered, then as he felt Aerilaya loosen her grip, he ripped himself away. She reached for him, but a spell whipped past her, causing her to recoil.
“You’re going to pay now. You’ve hurt us all in the past, and we’re going to repay that tenfold!” She knew nothing she said would make any difference, and now Kayn had slipped behind the closing ring of angry girls, and he was making his way down the hall, still wrapped in chains. She dismissed the chains on him, restoring a small bit of her mana- it felt good, but it was not enough.
The fight broke out suddenly. The girls started with a volley of different spells, mostly ones that immobilized Aerilaya, until they were close enough to grab her. Two girls on either side were requireds to keep her down, and even then it took several blows to the stomach to knock the wind out of her. Aerilaya fell to her knees, but then the girls simply resorted to kicking her in the sides and punching any part they could reach. Finally the blows subsided, and the girls grabbed Aerilaya by the hair and held her face up, so she was looking up at the face of Keelai.
“This is for all the shit you’ve given us.” she said, readying her fist- But Aerilaya sensed the grip the other girls had on her loosen, and in much the same way Kayn had slipped out of her grasp, Aerilaya slipped out of the grasps of the girls and sent an uppercut straight up into Keelai’s throat.
There was a choking, almost gurgling sound that came from Keelai as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she fell straight backwards, not even trying to catch herself and bashing her head on the stone floor. She did not move, and suddenly the girls around her screamed and jumped back, bringing their hands to cover their mouths, and many of them were already crying out, tears streaming down their face.
She had misjudged the strength and trajectory of her blow, but she was not sure whether it was that, or the impact of Keelai’s head on the floor that caused it- but Keelai was dead.
Aerilaya stood up, holding her sides in pain as she looked down at Keelai. There was a blur next to her, as Miles ran in, holding up Keelai’s head and checking her pulse.
“Mil… Miles, I…” she stammered. Her hands here trembling, and though she did not care for the girl, the fact that she had killed someone had an unexpected reaction on her.

“I know, I saw the whole thing.” he said, his voice cracking a tiny bit. “But you… what have you done?!?” He turned to look up at her, his eyes full of anger.
“I.. I didn’t I….” she couldn’t make sentences. She was in pain, both emotionally and physically.
“Go to your dorm. Stay there until I or a staff member comes for you. Do not leave for ANY reason.”
Aerilaya stepped back a few paces, wringing her hands and trying to make out some form of apology, but none of her words made sense. She looked across to the other girls, some of which were still glaring at her, the others looking down at their friend or burying their faces in their hands.
She stopped for a bit, as Miles stood up and started talking to the other girls in a hushed tone. She didn’t want this to happen, but it did, and she couldn’t change it now. She walked slowly down the hall back to her dorm, ignoring the faces of people as she walked by. She felt like everyone knew what had happened, and they were all judging her for it.
She finally arrived at her dorm, slipping in and locking the door behind her. She didn’t even take a look around the room before she slid down the door and fell into a sobbing mess on the floor.
Sophia ran over suddenly, trying to console her friend. Aerilaya managed to look up long enough to look into her friends eyes.

“Aeri, what did you do?”

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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Shogun Hidora on Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:27 am

23/1/1332 19:30

"You did WHAT?"
"I... I hit her in the throat, and she... she fell to the ground, and..."
"And you're sure she's really dead?"
Aerilaya simply nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes.
"What happens to you now then?"
Before Aerilaya could answer, there was a knock on the door, and a voice called out, "Open the door!"
She got to her feet, and slowly opened the door. There stood three professors: Silus and his companion from earlier, and a third. Naiar, the professor of healing. "Come with us."
They turned, and began to walk away, down the corridor. Aerilaya stood up, and followed them down the hall. They went down several corridors, before finally stopping in front of a large blank wall. "Wait here," Silus said, before walking forward to the wall. He placed his hand on it, and whispered something to it, before stepping back. The wall began to slide across, revealing a staircase behind it. "So where exactly are you taking me?" she asked as they descended.
"To the dungeons," Silus replied. "You'll wait there until the council has decided what to do with you."
They emerged into a long corridor, and walked down it, stopping halfway down at a wooden door. Naiar took a key out of his robes, and unlocked the door. "In there," he said, and Aerilaya walked into the room. They closed the door, and she could hear them locking it. Turning, she surveyed the room. It was quite small, and contained a bed and a chair. She walked over to the bed, and lay down on it, crying into the pillow.

24/1/1332 01:00

Aerilaya was woken by a knock on the door. She sat up, and saw the door open. Professor Naiar walked in, and closed the door behind him, locking it.
"Professor Naiar. What are you doing here?"
Naiar walked over to the chair, and sat down. "Mind if I tell you a story?"
"A story? About what?"
"It's about my wife actually."
"Your wife? I didn't know you were married."
"I was. Sadly, she died giving birth to our first child, a daughter."
"I'm sorry to hear that."
"I swore I'd never let anything like that happen to my daughter, so I gave up being a mercenary and settled here, taking the role of Professor of Restoration."
"Must have been quite a change for you."
"Indeed. Anyway, as my daughter grew up, I could see that she was much like my dear departed wife. Except the eyes. Those were from me. So, you could imagine now how I felt when I found out that you had killed her."
"Keelai was your daughter? I'm so sorry," Aerilaya replied, bowing to him.
Naiar stood up, and walked over to her. "Still, I can imagine that you're going through a lot yourself. I doubt anyone would be surprised at all if you decided it was all too much, and decided to take your own life."
Aerilaya looked up at him, and noticed a cold expression on his face. "I'd never do that though," she replied.
"Oh really?" he asked, reaching into his robes. "I wouldn't be so sure of that," he replied, pulling a long length of rope out of his robe. Aerilaya's eyes grew wide as she realized what he was about to do. Aerilaya kicked him back, and he fell onto the floor. "Good!" he exclaimed, getting to his feet. "I like it when they struggle." He reached out, grabbing her by the hair, and swung her around, slamming her into the wall. She summoned chains, sending them at him, but he simply grabbed them with his left hand, and pulled her to him, bringing his right hand around to punch her in the face. Dazed, she was unable to move, as he dragged her up onto the bed, and began to tie the rope around her neck. He reached up to tie the rope to the roof, but was interrupted by a loud explosion from the other side of the cell. Looking over, he saw that a large hole had been blown in the wall, and a tall, black robed figure stood in the gap.
"Let her go," the figure said, and reached behind his back, drawing a long black sword.
"You bastard!" Naiar shouted at him, and dropped Aerilaya, charging at the figure. He reached the other side of the room, and then was stopped by something, falling down onto his back. The figure and the hole disappeared, and the wall returned. Naiar began to struggle to his feet, but Aerilaya stood up, and, picking up the chair, walked over and hit him over the head with it, knocking him unconscious.
The door then swung open, and a figure stood in the doorway.
"Oh, it's you..." Aerilaya said in a disappointed tone.
"Perhaps I should just leave you here then..." Miles replied, and began to turn away.
"Don't be ridiculous!" she replied, rushing to get out of the room before he closed the door.
"Good choice," Miles replied. "Now, I suggest you cast some chains around your wrist, to make it look like you're my captive, at least until we leave the school grounds."
Aerilaya did so, and at the same time Miles cast an illusion over himself, changing shape into Professor Naiar.
"So much for the whole 'not allowed to use illusions' thing."
"I'll explain everything once we're safely outside school grounds," 'Naiar' replied. "Follow me."
They walked down the corridor to the stairs, then began climbing up the stairs.
"So, why were you here anyway?"
"Like I said, I'll explain everything once we're out of here."
They came to what appeared to be a dead end, but 'Naiar' simply reachhed out to the wall ahead, and it slid back, revealing the entrance to the school.

They made their way out of the school, then turned and walked down an alley a few blocks from the school, an illusionary wall falling into place behind them as they entered.
"So, what's this all about?"
"Glad you asked," 'Naiar' replied as he dispelled the illusion around him, revealing his true form.
"Kayn?" Aerilaya asked, surprised.
"You didn't really think that pathetic fool Miles could have cast all those illusions, did you?"
"But why? Why help me?"
"Well, you see, I have a proposal for you. Something which I think will benefit us both."
"Interesting. Well, let's hear it then."
"But first, some background for you," Kayn replied, sitting on a crate nearby. Aerilaya did the same. "Now, as I'm sure you're aware, most people would consider your friend crazy."
"Watch how you speak of her!" Aerilaya replied, rising quickly to her feet, before slowly sitting back down again. "Sorry."
"Please don't interrupt me again. As I was saying, that's what most people would think. But I don't think that way."
"Why's that?"
"You see, I've noticed that she's hiding something, or perhaps more accurately, someone."
"What makes you say that?"
"Well, being the master of invisibility spells that I am, I can also sense spells cast by others. Like the one that's covering up something near Larisa, for instance."
"I see."
"So, naturally, I had to run a few tests to confirm my suspicions. Like that whole episode in the classroom, or letting myself get caught by Miles."
"You let him catch you?"
"Of course. That's the only way someone would ever catch me."
"So all this was just to find out what Larisa was hiding?"
"But then, what does breaking me out of the dungeons have to do with it?"
"Well, you see, I need your help."
"So this is all just about Larisa then?" Aerilaya asked, a disappointed tone in her voice.
"I wouldn't say that. You'll benefit from this as well, don't worry. Now, besides breaking you out, I'll use illusions to disguise you, and provide you with a fake identity. That way you can continue to attend the college."
"And what do I have to do in return?"
"Two things. Firstly, you're going to convince Larisa to show me whatever she's hiding."
"I'm not really sure I can do that. I've only ever seen him once myself."
"I'm sure you'll figure something out."
"And the second?"
"You're going to become my girlfriend."
"What!?" Aerilaya exclaimed, half excited, half confused.
"You see, I'm in need of a girlfriend after you killed my previous one. If those admirers of mine realize that I'm single again, they'll start stalking me again."
"I thought you enjoyed that though."
"Please," Kayn said, rolling his eyes. "They're all so boring. Even Keelai was more interesting than them."
"So you didn't like her either?"
"Of course not. It was just an arrangement that suited us both. I didn't get stalked, and her friend didn't get her true face revealed. Of course, I was going to do it eventually anyway after I realized what she was truly like."
"So you're eventually going to reveal me too then?"
"I haven't decided yet," Kayn replied, winking. "Now, do you accept my offer?"
"Of course, if it means I can stay here."
"I thought you'd say that," Kayn replied, standing up. "I've already enrolled you under your new name. Your first day is tomorrow."
"Thank you!" Aerilaya replied, rushing over and hugging him.
"I hope you're not trying to kill me," Kayn replied, freeing himself. "That definitely wouldn't go down well."
"I didn't mean to kill her though," Aerilaya replied, looking away. "It just...happened."
"Well, make sure that it doesn't happen again," Kayn replied. "Other than that, you're free to do as you wish, provided you honor the terms of the agreement."
"Of course."
"Well then, let's get going," Kayn replied, walking towards the exit. "We've stayed in this filthy alley long enough."
"Where are we going exactly?" Aerilaya asked, rushing to catch up.
"My house of course," Kayn replied. "You can stay there tonight, then you'll have your room at the dorm after that."
"Your house?" Aerilaya asked, blushing.
"Unless you'd rather stay here of course," Kayn replied, winking. "Now hold still while I cast the illusion."
Kayn cast an illusion over Aerilaya, and she noticed that her skin now appeared to be a lighter colour, similar to Kayn's, her tattoos were missing, and her hair was a dark blue, almost black.
"That should do it. No-one should suspect a thing."

They arrived at a rather large house, almost a castle. Kayn walked up to the doors, and knocked. They opened, and a butler stood in the doorway, holding open the door.
"Returned from your midnight walk I see? And brought a friend too."
"This is Anna," Kayn replied, gesturing to Aerilaya. "Anna, this is my butler, Gunter."
"Anna. Interesting name for an elf."
"Her father was human, or so I'm told."
"Very well. Will she be staying here tonight sir?"
"Yes. In the second bedroom. The one with the golem."
"Sir, I do wish you'd move that thing downstairs into the basement."
"I'd rather not have it down there, in case it breaks something again."
"As you wish sir. Anything else?"
"That's all for now."
"Very well. Good night then," the butler replied, and walked off into the house. Kayn and Aerilaya entered, and Aerilaya was amazed at the inside of the house. The roof was plated with gold, as was the railing of the large staircase before them. Everything was of the highest quality, and must have cost a fortune.
"How did you afford all of this?" she asked, as Kayn led her up the stairs.
"My father is head of one of the most powerful guilds. This was nothing for him."
"Aren't you worried that they might find out that I'm here?"
"Relax. They live in their own house on the other side of town. This is just for me, and whoever else I feel like inviting."
At the top of the stairs, they turned right, then stopped at the first door.
"Your room is in there. Each room has it's own bathroom, so you should have no trouble finding it. Gunter will come in the morning to see what you'd like for breakfast. You can have anything you want."
"Wait, what about the golem?"
"Don't worry about that. It's not active at the moment. Anything else?"
"That's all." Aerilaya replied, as she went to enter the room. "Again, thank you for this."
"Don't mention it," Kayn replied, as he turned and walked down the hallway. "Good night."


As Kayn and Aerilaya walked towards the school, they noticed that Miles was standing out the front.
"What's he doing here?" Aerilaya thought to herself, as they approached him.
"Still roaming around free I see," Miles remarked as they drew near.
"I wouldn't say that," Kayn replied. "They're making me show this new girl around as punishment."
"A new girl? I wasn't informed of this."
"Perhaps they didn't think it worth their time to tell a lowly worm like you."
"What was that?" Miles asked, turning towards him. "I'll have you know that-"
"There you are!" Larisa called out, walking over to them.
"You're late," Miles replied in a stern tone.
"Sorry. I was having trouble deciding what colour to have my hair today."
"Well, I think that colour suits you," Miles replied, blushing.
"You're lucky she showed up," Kayn said, smirking. "Well, I guess I'd better show Anna to her room. See you around then."
"This isn't over," Miles called out, as Kayn and Aerilaya walked off.
"I really don't like him," Aerilaya whispered as they walked.
"Don't worry," Kayn replied, a grin on his face. "I have something planned for him."

Naiar woke up, still on the ground in the cell. "Damn her!" he said to himself, as he got to his feet.
Suddenly, he saw the door open, and Silus walked in.
"What the hell happened here?" Silus asked, closing the door behind him.
"I was attacked while I was bringing food to the girl," Naiar replied. "She escaped, and they left me here."
"Food you say? I don't see any food here."
"Well that's because-"
Silus grabbed Naiar by the throat, and raised him up. "I hope you haven't done anything to endanger our plans."
"N-no. Of course not," Naiar replied, gasping for air.
"Good," Silus replied, releasing him.
"I'll keep quiet about this, I promise."
"I know you will," Silus replied. He turned his arm into a long blade, and drove it through Naiar's chest.
"For the Empire," Silus whispered to him, as he coughed up blood. He then withdrew the blade, bringing it up and around, severing Naiar's head. He then turned his arm back into a normal arm, and left the cell, closing the door behind him.
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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Spyduck on Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:18 pm

32/1/1332  18:30

Miles sauntered away from the girl’s dormitories with a heavy weight on his shoulders, the life of his father, and everyone else on the council, lay in his hands. Whilst he did not mind getting to know new people, the risk of exposure became greater with every party involved. After leaving Larisa for the night he headed towards complex T of the dormitories to speak with Aerilaya, which he slightly dreaded. On the way there he thought of ways to gather more information about this conspiracy against the state.
I don’t have the means to create any higher summoned beings to stalk Silus, and he would detect any scrying. I hate to admit it, but I need the help of all of these new “friends” of mine.

A large group of students had gather in the hallway of the building blocking him from getting to the room he was meaning to enter. Miles was a head taller than most of the girls there and tried peering above the crowd. Suddenly the hallway was ablaze with light and sound. Spells were being slung in towards the middle. Miles roared authoritative commands and waded through the crowd, scaring some of them away from the scene. As he breached the inner circle he came upon a gruesome scene. Three girls were holding Aerilaya, who was beaten and bloody on her knees. A girl with an evil smile on her face readied a punch at her face. Miles ripped one of the girls of of Aerilaya and before the punch fell she launched herself forward, striking the other girl squarely in the throat. The world slowed down as the girl lost her grin, clutched her throat, and fell backwards. Her head struck the floor with an echoing crack. Miles rushed past Aerilaya and checked the girls pulse. She was dead, and Miles struggled to call any knowledge of healing magic to mind, coming up short.
Aerilaya stood alone, surrounded by the cries of despair of her fellow students.

“Mil… Miles, I…” she stammered. Her hands here trembling, and though she did not care for the girl, the fact that she had killed someone had an unexpected reaction on her.
“I know, I saw the whole thing.” he said, his voice cracking a tiny bit. “But you… what have you done?!?” He turned to look up at her, his eyes full of anger.
“I.. I didn’t I….” she couldn’t make sentences. She was in pain, both emotionally and physically.
“Go to your dorm. Stay there until I or a staff member comes for you. Do not leave for ANY reason.”
Aerilaya backed away from the scene slowly, and then retreated into her room. Meanwhile Miles tried to disperse the other girls and ordered a senior student to get the headmaster as fast as possible.


“Is that all Miles?” the headmaster asked.

“Yes sir, but she won’t be punished, will she? She is practically and technically innocent.”
“That is for the staff to decide, not you my boy.” The headmaster paused for a bit and looked at Miles. “Higher staff, I mean. We’ll hold a meeting tomorrow.”
Miles bowed slightly, and swept out of the room, heading back to his office.


Miles yawned loudly and turned the heating stone back on, steam rising from a small cooking pot on top of it.. A small creature, resembling a potato with a red hat, was grounding mokka in the corner of the room.
“Thanks buddy, sorry for the short notice summon but I think I’m gonna have to pull an all nighter again.”
The small potato-man just waved his hand at Miles.
“Work just keeps piling up when the world is coming down around you.”
Milambert’s desk was covered with tomes and papers, mostly regarding Pandoran law, but also a few books on familiars and companion spirits. The night trailed away as the candles got replaced, and mokka drunk.

33/1/1332 8:05

“What did Kayn want?” Larisa asked as they made their way to Arilaya’s dorm.
“Taunt me, call me a worm, make his ego hard. Same old story as always.” Miles shrugged.
“Why does he care so much, and also, why isn’t he with Aery?” Larisa looked at Miles with a concerned expression.
“I can answer the first one pretty easily. He seems to focus on illusions, which reveals poor self-confidence. He never seems to hang with the same people, because he’s too insufferable to truly be friends with. He seems relatively wealthy, so he’s probably developed a superiority complex to hide his insecurities. I think it’s all based in deep rooted daddy issues.”
Larisa was taken aback, “That’s horrible Miles. How could you say that?”
Miles shrugged, “It’s basic psychology. It’s also the best way to help him. Ignoring his comments and rewarding good behavior. Recognizing the good, and not the bad. He’s probably not a bad kid, but it’s a disservice to him to follow his whims.”
Larisa went quiet for a minute before Miles spoke up again. “As for him walking free, I’ll tell you when we get to the dorms.”


Larisa knocked on the door again, slightly harder this time. The door slowly opened and Aerilaya’s room mate peeked out.
Larisa tried to peek through the doorway whilst talking to Sophia. “Hi Sophia, is Aery home?”
Sophia looked worriedly on Miles before answering. “No, they took her away already”
Miles slammed the door up, “What! When, who?!”
Sophia squeaked as Miles leaned in over her. “I-in the middle of the night, Master Naiar, Silus, and another guy in robes.” Miles eyes went wide.
He turned to Larisa, “Follow, quickly.” And started running towards the school.

As they arrived at the top of the stairs to the headmaster’s office Larisa grabbed Miles by the robes, who was panting heavily.

“Tell me now, what’s going on!”
Miles took a few seconds to catch his breath. “Aeri- laya, is in trouble. She got into another fight yesterday and an accident happened. A bad one. The headmaster told me that it’d be a meeting about it today. But apparently someone already got her this night. And who was it? Master Silus and his friend!” Larisa put her hand over her mouth.
“We gotta tell my dad!”
Miles grabbed her arm as she tried to rush past.
“Wait just a moment. I know we gotta find Aerilaya, but if we start talking about the conspiracy it might just seem like an excuse to get her freed.”

Larisa crossed her arms. “So what are we gonna do then, nothing?!”
Miles tried to give her a reassuring smile but her frown did not budge.
“Of course not. But we still don’t know anything. Remember the “bonding” classes? If she doesn’t show up then we have solid proof. And if she is, then we can talk to her. You do know how to see through a doppelgänger, right?”
Larisa shook her head. “No worries, crash course later. Just follow my lead, ok?”

Miles and Larisa peeked through the glass doors to the headmaster’s office. The headmaster was rarely there but Miles thanked Modrul’s teeth that he was now. They knocked politely and slipped in to the large room.
“Yes?” Archmage Dreiderun looked tired and his huge desk was covered with books and scrolls. Miles gave a short bow and stepped forth a few strides.
“I’m sorry to bother you headmaster, I have but three questions.”
The headmaster nodded for him to continue.
“Firstly, do you know anything about relocating the student Aerilaya last night? Secondly, has the meeting about said student taken place yet? Thirdly, I was thinking I’d make both mine and and your daughter’s schedule more efficient if I were to take care of her education during certain clashing days. Say tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays.”

The headmaster rose from his chair. “There are quite some things you aren’t telling me Milambert, but I trust you’d tell me if I needed to know.” he paused for a second. “No, I’ve not heard of a relocation. No, the meeting is right after lunch. And lastly, you are a student, why should I let you teach my daughter instead of the masters?”
Miles smiled at the question. “I have completed 27 level one courses, 14 level two courses, 5 level three courses, and one level four course.”
The archmage held up his hands in defeat. “Alright, alright. Not a master, but quite masterful. I’ll agree.”
Miles gave another bow and turned to leave. Larisa could hear him muttering as he passed her. “Can’t become a master until you’re 21.” She looked at her father and opened her mouth to speak, but closed it again. Larisa waved at her father and followed Miles out.

“So what was that all about?” Larisa started getting annoyed with all this running around.
“I just freed us to pursue this conspiracy today, and I also really hope we’ll find your friend in the bonding class, otherwise we’ll have to spill the beans and everything will go to shit.”  
“But Aerilaya doesn’t even like you.”
“Well yes, but that’s beside the point. She needs my help…. I also need to apologize. I shamed her yesterday and I regret that I did. Either way, we’ll talk more in my office. We’ll get our answers this afternoon.”

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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Cookie on Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:47 am

33/1/1332 10:53

Larisa was very much distracted during her lecture, she was thinking about her buddy and really hated sitting in class, but Lavarion insisted she doesn't skip her classes because she wants to do something else. But it was impossible to keep her attention to the class, she was scanning through the room realizing that the number of students was roughly ten. Of course, she thought, this was a level three course for hexing, not many people manage to get to this level so early in like her. She thought about her father at that moment, what he's going to do about Buddy, but also what she's gonna do if she loses her. The pressure soon dropped like a heavy bag off her conscious as the class finished.

Extremely curious, she wasted on time in tracking down Miles, she assigned Lavarion to do a separate search and find her afterwards. But while bolting through the hallway she bumped into Kayn and the new girl. She fell flat on her butt.


"Larry!" Aerilaya shouted out without realizing, then quickly covered her mouth.

"Are you blind or something? Watch where you're going..." Kayn paused for a moment and noticed who he bumped into and heard the sudden shout from his companion and tried saving the situation. "Ah, you. Guess it's not your fault you're so short. If you need help looking on normal sized height levels, give me a call."

"I do actually! So help me!"

Surprised by her sudden response, he noticed she was very serious in her words and scratched his head in confusion of what to do.

"So what are you looking for anyway?"

"My buddy! She's gone! I HAVE TO find her!" Larisa was impatient with this conversation in general and simply ran off again. She didn't know what to do and simply ran around the place hoping to find a clue to it, but before long someone grabbed her arm and pulled her back. She almost fell flat on her butt again, but this time she was caught.

"What's with the senseless running through the halls?"

"I can't just sit around and do nothing while she's missing!"

"I thought you disliked running. You gave me that impression yesterday, hm." Miles tried switching the subject, but her determination pushed through once again and he was cornered. "But I suppose we can come up with a plan, but you have to promise to follow it."

Larisa noticed Lavarion pop through the wall and shook his head in disappointment and then she got called back into reality by Miles who was slightly worried. Lavarion simply patted her on the shoulder and shrugged saying he has no idea what to do. She looked around and just nodded promising him.


Although she wasn't happy with the plan because it was basically the same thing, somehow she ended up having Miles sit through classes with her. The flashback of how easily her father submitted to his request was amazing her still, but what she wasn't okay with was everyone's glares at their direction. Eventually she started ignoring them, but Miles began responding with his own gestures and provoking them further until finally one student rose up.

"Professor. May I ask why this person is allowed to disturb our class?"

"Disturb? My, that's quite an accusation, Miles is one of our most honorary students here!"

"But why is he in our class?"

"He was assigned as an escort to Larisa as she has caused multiple problems through out the month alone. He is under special permissions allowed to enter any class where Larisa is present as an observer."

"I'm sure I'm not as distracting as you may think, unless you for some reason enjoy paying attention to the very back of the class instead of the lesson itself." Miles smirked and immediately the regret of the question showed onto the girl's face as she sat back down. The class continued and he noticed Larisa was staring directly at him the entire time. "What?"

Larisa intensely watched him still, but he grew even more confused and asked again and finally got an answer.

"It's weird having class with you, even though this isn't your course or anything you want to learn, you wrote down so much and you even answered the teacher's questions. That's so cool!"

Miles felt flattered and responded, but this time they did receive a warning from the professor and the girl in the front simply stuck her tongue out towards them. Feeling a bit irritated by the fact that he got to watch that girl do that, he wanted to focus simply on the class itself, but it was near impossible as Larisa continuously asked him questions and he had to stop to explain over everything to her.

After class Larisa felt so much happier having spent the entire time with someone who actually was able to teach her and her not falling asleep through their explanations. She wondered if this is how she's gonna be studying now. Realizing it's lunch time, her face grew grim as she watched the professors gathering in a single direction. She sneakishly asked Lavarion to spy on the meeting and tell her what the meeting was about. She and Miles decided to go get something to snack on in the meantime and then assault her father with questions after.

Lavarion cautiously, despite never being visible to begin with, walked in with the rest of the mages and as he got in he wanted to slip through his hand to tell Larisa he's in, but somehow he was blocked from leaving. He realized he had no choice but to stay until the doors opened and hoped nothing happens to Larisa in the meantime. Lavarion scanned the room and saw five men seated at a round table, one of which was Larisa's father and the other...the man from the balcony! The evil one!

"Well, shall we begin this emergency meeting?" As the gentlemen nodded and allowed the Headmaster to continue, he rose up from his chair and showed a projection of Aerilaya and Keelai. "It was brought to my attention yesterday that a very unfortunate accident occurred on our campus grounds. A student who was assaulted by six others in self defense ended up delivering a fatal blow onto one of the attackers resulting in an almost instantaneous death. The question of what her punishment is to be, was originally supposed to be the topic of today's meeting, but by this morning I received news that the girl had been taken away during the night and is currently missing." the room grew silent.  

"This case seems to have grown out of control very quickly, are you sure the girl didn't simply stage her disappearance during the night as a way of avoiding arrest?" Silus spoke up and peeked interested in the others.

"Very true, the girl could've simply plotted the entire thing."

"The girl as I can see has a very destructive and rebellious behavior. All of her records show her getting into fight after fight, yet still somehow being allowed to stay inside the school?"

"I believe the Archmage's personal feelings are clouding his judgement and endangering the other students' lives by allowing this menace and now killer into our school grounds over and over."

Lavarion continued listening and noticed the anger grow in Larisa's father, but he soon grew calm and resolute and proposed a fair trial for the girl, but the meeting was interrupted by a knock on the door calling for Larisa's father and the meeting seems to had been finished in less than an hour. Lavarion finally exited the room and caught up with Larisa who was eating ice cream next to Miles who was trying to work on his own projects in his free time. Lavarion sped over and began explaining everything.


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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Tucker789 on Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:10 pm

33/1/1332 9:30

Aerilaya was in class with Kayn. Somehow, she’d imagined him being a much more interesting person, but at the moment he was fast asleep, hidden behind an illusion of himself taking notes.
It wasn’t a very good illusion, it repeated every few seconds, and anyone who actually watched it would see that- yet no one had noticed yet.
As for herself, she was utterly confused about the course. Due to their arrangement, Aerilaya had agreed to take up the same courses as Kayn, but that meant putting her in  a higher-tier class for illusion spellcasting. She hadn’t even taken a basic course yet, and everything the professor said went right over her head.
Giving up on attempting to understand the nonsense being thrown at her, she angrily shoved her notebook aside and glared at Kayn, noticing a slight dabble of drool coming out of his mouth. She’d rather be in herbology right now- because at least she knew how to make some decent potions and how to acquire the ingredients.
Her thoughts turned back to when she and Larry were kids, how they had tried to make an ‘invisibility’ potion, Larry insisted on drinking it so she could be invisible like her friend, but it turned her purple and gave her an upset stomach for days. But the little experiment is what got her interested in the trade, though she never found it to be as interesting as she had hoped.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the shuffling of students suddenly getting up. The teacher was going on about a test in the upcoming week, and Kayn suddenly snapped out of his stupor.
“Well, look who’s finally awake.” she said to him as he looked around.

“I wasn’t asleep, I was taking notes the entire time!” he replied as he slammed his very noticeably empty notebook closed, and got up. “But to be fair, I know all this stuff already. I’m only here so I can get to the higher classes, learn things I don’t already know.”
“Well I for one am completely lost in that class. Don’t know the first thing about illusion magic.”
“Yeah, you just know the right place to hit someone in order to kill them.”
Aerilaya stopped in the hallway, looking down at her feet and falling into a slight depression.
“I didn’t… I don’t..” she muttered, unable to get her words right.

Kayn felt a slight pang of regret, and quickly began to utter an apology, when suddenly he was struck from behind.
Aerilaya looked around Kayn to see who it was, and her spirits were suddenly lifted when she saw Larry sitting on the ground.
“Larry!” she exclaimed, suddenly overcome with the urge to run over and grab her friend in her arms- but then she remembered that larry did not recognize her, and she covered her mouth to prevent any more unwanted words from slipping out.

“Are you blind or something? Watch where you’re going…” he said as he turned around, then noticed who had run into him, and made the connection with Aerilaya’s outburst.
“Ah, you. Guess it’s not your fault you’re so short. If you need help looking on normal sized height levels, give me a call.”

“I do actually, help me!”
“So what are you looking for anyway?”
“My buddy, she’s gone! I HAVE to find her!”
Kayn and Aerilaya exchanged glances, as Larry gave a huff and ran off again. Aerilaya watched in disappointment as her friend ran off, and Kayn leaned in a bit to whisper in her ear.
“How does it feel to be completely invisible?”

She punched him in the arm and stormed off, following the trail Larry left behind- furniture knocked over, people collecting things that Larry had knocked from their hands. She was on a quest to find Aerilaya, but she didn’t seem to know how to go about it- she was running around aimlessly.
It wasn’t long before she lost track of the chaotic little girl, and she figured Larry was either off the school grounds or back in class- the former was more likely, as she figured Larry wouldn’t be able to sit still long enough in class without bolting out again.
She began trotting her way back to Kayn’s next class, another boring class dealing in charms and gimmicky spells- more boring stuff. She passed one of her own classes on her way-  conjuration level 3. Peering through the window, she noted her empty seat, and also noted one of the girls from the night before not too far away. Her mind was filled with all the things she wanted to do to that girl, and her friends- for getting her into this situation. Had it not been for them and their bullying, Aerilaya would never have been forced to act, leading to an escalating chain of encounters.

In all the ways she’d imagined the fight going down- for it did seem inevitable- she never thought it would end in death. She glanced back at the girl, and couldn’t help but notice steady streams of tears running down her face. She was overcome with feelings of guilt, and ducked out from the window to catch her breath, and slid down the wall. She looked down at her hands- scarred and calloused. She was a fighter, always had been, perhaps this is just how it was inevitably going to turn out.  She was on the verge of breaking out into tears herself when she caught the sound of footsteps rounding the corner. She forced the emotions down and looked up to see a Professor walking towards her.

“Why are you sitting in the hall at this time?” she asked, looking down at Aerilaya.
“I… I’m lost.” She lied quickly, hoping the professor would buy it.
“Ah, must be a new student? So many going in and out, I do not much approve of the headmasters loose policies for enrollment. Anyways, where are you heading?”
“Charms.. Charms 2.”
“Ah, you’re exactly one floor too high. Go down those stairs and make your way down the hall back in this direction, you’ll see it. It’s got a flowery door.”
“Thank you.” Aerilaya said, standing up.
“Oh, and what’s your name?” she asked as Aerilaya made her way down the hall.
“Me? Oh I’m Ae- er, Anna.”
“Anna, odd name for an elf, not that I judge. I’m Chandra, Pyromancies instructor, level 6.”
“Level 6? Thats…”
“Yeah, beyond mastery level. Don’t suppose I’ll be seeing you in my class in the future?” she whipped a strand of her long, crimson hair from her eyes.
Aerilaya saw on her hand was some sort of gauntlet, several valves and tubes connecting all over it. She eyed it for a second before responding.
“No, sorry, I study conjuration.”

“Ah, well if you’re ever interested in learning more- my class is next to empty. Most students either get burnt out by my rigorous lessons or just get burnt by their spells. Either way, not a big class.”
Aerilaya laughed at her little joke, and waved Chandra goodbye and made her way down the stairwell.

By now, any infatuation Aerilaya had for Kayn was gone. Spending several classes with him had already worn her thin. Watching him either sit in the back of class sleeping, or pulling pranks on people, or simply hearing the way he talked down to people made her annoyed. She missed Larry, her cute charm and quirky little behaviour was always endearing to Aerilaya.

“Hey Anna, wach this.” he whispered to her, as he motioned to a boy sitting a few rows ahead. He cast a spell on his pencil, making it disappear. Shortly after, the boy reached for it, to take a note- but couldn’t find it. He looked around his desk, underneath it, and anywhere nearby before sighing and pulling another one out.
“That’s the fifth one today!” Kayn whispered, stifling a laugh. He sat in his chair, chuckling to himself.

Aerilaya dropped her head to her desk and sighed. After a few seconds, she got up and made her way to the door.
“Where are you going, young miss?” the professor asked, pausing his lecture.
“Bathroom, I won’t be long.”
He nodded and continued his droning, and Aerilaya gave Kayn one more glance, saw him cast another spell, and she turned out of the room.
She had to see her friend, she couldn’t take it anymore. On her way down the hall, she thought up a quick plan.
Aerilaya knocked on the door to Larry’s class. Shortly after it was opened by the professor.
“I hope you have a good reason for this?”
“Yes. I’m here to find Lari- Larisa?” she feigned like she didn’t know the name “Headmaster wants to see her.”
“Ah, yes of course. One moment.” The professor turned around and called Larry over, Aerilaya could see her little head pop up, her hair all pink and glittery. She let out a chuckle as she saw this, but the chuckle faded as she saw Miles too. She tapped the Professor on the shoulder, who turned to look at her.
‘Just her, no one else.” she motioned to Miles following Larry out. The professor asked him to return to his seat- he raised his eyebrow and gave a huff, but complied. Larry shuffled out shortly after, and the door was closed behind them.

“So, what does dad want from me?”
“You’ll see soon Larry.” she said. Larisa stopped and looked at Aerilaya, but all she could see was Anna.
“You’ve called me that twice today…” she started.
Aerilaya pulled her out of the main hallway and down one that was less populated.
“Larry, It’s me. I know I don’t look like me, but its me, Aery!”

Larry stopped for a moment, turning her head to her right as if someone were talking to her- Aerilaya assumed it was her friend. Then she let out a squeal, then hopped in place several times before launching herself into Aerilaya’s unsuspecting arms.
“I knew you wouldn’t leave me!” she squealed again, wrapping her arms around Aerilaya and squeezing the life out of her. She eventually let go, allowing Aerilaya to catch her breath.
‘Why do you look different?”

“There was an accident, and someone tried to kill me.”
“I’m disguised now so I can continue to attend school to be with you.” She smiled at her friend, who returned it with a joyful smile of her own, but before she could continue, Larry’s smile disappeared and she looked grimly past Aerilaya.
“Ah, so there’s our little homicidal friend.” Miles said, appearing almost out of nowhere and putting his hand on Aerilaya’s shoulder.

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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Shogun Hidora on Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:49 am

24/1/1332 13:53

“Ah, so there’s our little homicidal friend.” Miles said, appearing almost out of nowhere and putting his hand on Aerilaya’s shoulder.
"I...I didn't mean to-"
"Is something the matter here?" interrupted a robed figure, walking towards them.
"Professor Quentin," Miles replied, taking his hand off Aerilaya's shoulder. "I believe you'll find that this girl isn't who she appears to be."
"Yes, I do sense an illusion here," Quentin replied, turning to Aerilaya. "You may want to step back." He chanted something, and then placed his hands on Aerilaya, who then vanished. "It seems you were correct, Miles. Nothing but an illusion."
"But I felt something when I-"
"Felt something you say? Sure about that?"
"Of course."
"Interesting. I'll have to look into this." Quentin replied, stroking his beard. "In the meantime, I suggest the two of you go back into your class, and speak nothing of this."
"Very well," Miles replied, turning back towards the room.
"But I really thought that..." Larisa said, a disappointed look on her face.
"Don't worry. We'll find her," Miles replied, as they walked back into the room, closing the door behind them.
"Now, as for you..." Quentin said, turning to Aerilaya. "I suggest you return to your class as well, and stop interfering with other classes." At this, the illusion covering Aerilaya reappeared. "Make sure to bring an extra pencil or two as well," Quentin smirked, and then disappeared.

"Well, you sure took your time going to the bathroom," Kayn smirked, as Aerilaya sat down.
"Oh shut up!" Aerilaya replied, swinging her fist at his arm, which simply passed straight through.
"You didn't seriously expect to be able to do that twice, did you? Then again, I suppose you didn't really think about it, did you? Just like you didn't think properly about going and disturbing other classes."
"Well, I didn't ask for your help, did I?"
"No, but I figured you'd try something stupid like that. I didn't go to all the trouble of breaking you out last night for you to just go and get yourself caught after only a day."
"I thought I could just go in and say hello to Larisa, and everything would be fine. I didn't expect that Miles would be there."
"Well perhaps you should learn to mind your surroundings a bit better. After all, they did mention it this morning. Speaking of classes, if you had bothered to read your timetable, you'll notice that you have a class with Larisa tomorrow anyway."
"But won't Miles be there tomorrow as well then?"
"Yes, but I can always get "Professor Quentin" to send him on an errand or something. That poor fool will do anything to try to gain approval. I'm surprised he hasn't literally tried kissing their-"
"Excuse me," a voice interrupted them. "Do you mind letting me borrow a pencil?"
"Don't have enough of your own already?" Kayn replied, gesturing to the boy's desk, which had eight pencils sitting on top. The boy seemed surprised, and went and sat back down at his desk, inspecting the pencils.
"Now, as I was saying, make sure you're careful. We had a deal, remember?"
"I suppose..."
"Don't tell me you're having second thoughts already? The fun part hasn't even started yet."


"Progress report?"
"We've finally breached the walls of the Trial. By my estimate, we should be somewhere around Floor 27."
"Excellent. Begin extracting arcane energy at once. First we'll use it to strengthen the barriers, then we'll begin storing it for our master plan."
"With all due respect, Master Silus, wouldn't it be better to start the incantation immediately, rather than wasting time and energy strengthening the barriers. The ritual alone will take weeks, even if we start immediately."
"That's precisely why we must first strengthen the barriers. That will ensure that no outsiders happen to disturb us while we work on completing the ritual."
"Of course. Very well sir."
"Then proceed as I have instructed. Make sure to be careful. We can't afford any accidents."
"Of course, my lord. For the Empire."
"For the Empire."
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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Spyduck on Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:29 pm

33/1/1332 13:47

Miles watched as Larisa exited the classroom. “Her father wants to speak with her alone? Now? Something is not right here.” He collected his things and left via the back door, waving an excuse to the teacher. He hurried to the corner of the wall where the corridors intersected and tried to spot Larisa before she had gotten too far, but to his surprise she stood just outside the classroom talking to the messenger. The two were huddled closely together but Miles could just barely make out their conversation.

“...someone tried to kill me.”
“I’m disguised now so I can continue to attend school to be with you.”
Suddenly something materialized from the shadows. Miles jaw dropped but he managed to stifle the gasp. It was him! Well not him, an illusory copy. Miles quickly withdrew his grimoire and instinctively flipped to his chapter on illusions. Whilst illusions took less energy than conjuration it was still a very draining and seldomly practised art for him. With a few words and motions he could feel the guise of the professor of numerology blending with that of his own. Miles quickly scribbled down some words on a piece of paper and rounded the corner, just as he heard a comment that angered him greatly.
 “Ah, so there’s our little homicidal friend.”
"I...I didn't mean to-"
"Is something the matter here?" interrupted a robed figure, walking towards them.
"Professor Quentin," Miles replied, taking his hand off Aerilaya's shoulder. "I believe you'll find that this girl isn't who she appears to be."
"Yes, I do sense an illusion here," Quentin replied, turning to Aerilaya. "You may want to step back." He chanted something, and then placed his hands on Aerilaya, who then vanished. "It seems you were correct, Miles. Nothing but an illusion."
"But I felt something when I-"
"Felt something you say? Sure about that?"
"Of course."
"Interesting. I'll have to look into this." Quentin replied, stroking his beard. "In the meantime, I suggest the two of you go back into your class, and speak nothing of this."
"Very well," Miles replied, turning back towards the room.
"But I really thought that..." Larisa said, a disappointed look on her face.
"Don't worry. We'll find her," Miles replied, as they walked back into the room, closing the door behind them.
"Now, as for you..." Quentin said, turning to Aerilaya. "I suggest you return to your class as well, and stop interfering with other classes." At this, the illusion covering Aerilaya reappeared. "Make sure to bring an extra pencil or two as well," Quentin smirked, and then disappeared.

Miles hugged the wall as he rounded the corner, he had managed to slip the piece of paper into Aerilaya’s pocket, telling her to come to his office just before the bonding class that evening. Now he snuck over to the back door again, peeking in at the desk Larisa and the phony was sitting at. She hadn’t seemed to notice the switch, but at this range he could easily talk with her non-verbally. Miles sent a few testing prods with his mind before she noticed.
“Come out the back door, that Miles is a fake.”
It took a few minutes but soon she poked her head out of the door, noticing the other Miles waiting for her. She was surprised but not as surprised as when he grabbed her and started dragging her to his office. Miles shoved her in there and then closed and locked the door.

“What the hell is going on here!” she yelled at him.
“Remember what I said about dopplegängers just a while ago?”
“They are real, breathing copies of people, normally created from the memories that other people have of the person and an artificial body. Also, that girl before, it was Aerilaya. I just couldn’t let the clone turn her in, or for her to keep speaking about her identity in the corridor.”
Larisa covered her mouth, thinking back to the Miles she had sat next to and the girl she had talked to just a few minutes before.
“Either way, we need some food before we start this lesson, what do you want from the cafeteria?”
Larisa took a moment to answer. “Ice cream.”
As Miles went to get something to eat lunchtime reminded her of the teacher meeting. Sneakily she asked Lavarion to spy on the masters for her.


Larisa was spooning ice cream into her mouth as Miles was lecturing her whilst reading another book at the same time.
“Now, time for repetition. What is a doppelgänger?”

The young witch tried to answer with her mouth full of dessert, “Ish an artifishal body inserted with memorish of a person or an outsider spirit.”
“What are the powers of a doppelgänger?”
“It’s stronger and more durable than a normal body, but it normally can’t use magic unless they use a spirit that can in creating it.”
“How do you recognize a dopplegänger?”
“You can scry the person you suspect of being one, lying to it about things it should know that are untrue, or have a continuously updated code of some sort.”
“Good, now let’s move on shadow clones.”
Before Miles could continue, Larisa silenced him. She listened to nothing for a while before exploding.
“It’s not fair! Silus and another teacher is trying to throw Aery in prison. My dad is defending her but it’s not helping!”

Miles rose from his seat.
“Have they concluded their meeting?”

Larisa shook her head glumly. “The meeting got interrupted, but my friend thought it was pretty decisive.”
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
Miles opened it slowly and saw the disguised form of Aerilaya on the other side.
“Quickly, come in.”
Aerilaya entered but before Miles could close the door, Kayn slipped in.

“So this is the office of the local bootlicker eh?”
“Good afternoon Kayn. It is good to see you. Thank you for turning Aerilaya invisible in the corridor earlier. You really saved our hides there.”
“I’ve done nothing to help you, unless making you seem dumb in front of your precious teachers was helpful, but I doubt that.” Kayn smirked at the older student.
“Well, that wasn’t me,” Miles corrected, “I believe it was a dopplegänger. I was there however, under an illusion.”
Aerilaya and Larisa were hugging each other in the corner of the room, but at the mention of the previous event Larisa decided to ask her friend, “Why is someone wanting you dead?”
Aerilaya slumped down onto a chair, “Keelai was the daughter of master Naiar, but I don’t know why he was working with Master Silus.”
“They probably needed a scape goat.” Miles interrupted. “Aerilaya, I’m sorry for how I handled the situation yesterday, the situation was just so bizzare. The scene reminded me of when my father…. never mind. It was unprofessional and hurtful, I’m sorry.”
“Can we stop this bleeding heart bullshit?” Kayn asked. “Aery promised to act as my girlfriend, and I have places to go, so chop chop.”
Both Miles and Larisa raised an eyebrow at this. Aerilaya tried to disappear into the upholstery of the chair. Miles shook of his questions and turned back to Kayn.

“Well, Aerilaya is supposed to go to the bonding class in a few minutes. Whilst Keelai and her cohort won’t attend, it hasn’t been rescheduled.”
“Who’s the teacher?” Larisa asked. Miles pointed to himself. Aerilaya protested,
“They want us to listen to bonding lectures from you? You’re just some bookworm, no offence.”

Miles smiled at this. “You guys don’t really keep up with the student body, do you? Trust me, I have a classroom booked.”
Kayne turned to the door, “Well I’m leaving, see ya losers.”
“That’s too bad,” Miles said. “We could have used your social expertise and tact.” Larisa giggled at the comment. “I promise that it’ll be fun. Certainly more fun than tricking first years in the library.” Kayn Shrugged at this and followed the group out of the office.


“So what are we waiting for?” Kayn asked, bored in minutes of entering the classroom.
“The supplies!” Milambert answered with enthusiasm.
Suddenly the door opened and a tall gangly man with red hair burst in, carrying a large sack over his shoulder. His red tailcoat billowed dramatically in the cross-breeze.
“Baron!” Miles shouted.
“Miles, me boy!” the man shouted back.
Baron put down the bag to greet Miles the right way, *high five, low five, pound it, indigo flash, and fingers into snakes*.
“Will you set everything up Baron, I gotta talk to Larisa before we begin.”
Miles pulled Larisa over whilst the others started unpacking the bag on the large table they had placed in the middle of the room.

“Is your friend here?”
Larisa Nodded.
“Could you ask him to spy on Silus tonight? After all this commotion they gotta have some sort of debreifing.”
Larisa Nodded again.
Miles and Larisa joined the others by the table which was now filled with snacks, beer, wine, magic drinks, and a large game board for corners. Miles shook his sleeves vigorously and his outfit turned into his own red tailcoat, shirt, and pants.
“I’d advise you youngsters to keep away from the alcohol, we have some Velafi twisters and mint-currant fizz if you’d prefer.” He then withdrew a deck of cards and a bag that made the clattering sound of small wooden tiles. “You’ve all played corners, right?”

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The Pandora Arc Empty Re: The Pandora Arc

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